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*Limited Spaces for teams of 4 tomorrow afternoon at Sandiway*

Maxitours at Stockport www.designerradiatorsdirect.com AM AM

Day one of the fantastic two day AM AM at Stockport and Sandiway saw well over 100 competitors playing the superb Stockport Golf Club in lovely warm bright conditions.

Overnight rain had left some Saharan sand deposits on players cars which arrived from the African desert on the warm Southerly wind. Iain Perkins added a bit more sand to the atmosphere as he struggled to get out of the bunker on the 16th.

Head Golf Pro Gary Norcott advised us before play that there may be the odd wet patch on the course but Maxitours players found the exact opposite and they were very impressed with the Cheshire gem. Big Jim Driscoll said that there were no occasions when he saw any casual water. ‘He’s carrying so much weight on a dry day he can take his normal stance in the car park and water comes over his shoes’ remarked playing partner Frank Massey.

In today’s event the benign conditions saw some excellent golf. Colin Lynch usually only gets a Maxitours mention due to the fact he has a salmon pink Ferrari, his Lambourghini driving son sponsored today’s event and this inspired the cheerful Lancastrian to play some of the best golf of his career. Teaming up alongside Lewis Birch and Adam Swarbrick they took the daily prize with a solid 85 points.

Talented Colin is with another team tomorrow and so unfortunately he is ineligible for the main 36 hole prize.

In pole position is the Des Kelly team from Poulton Park with 84 points, Dave Blood’s team from Denton is in second place with 82 points. Swinton Park ’s Pete O’Neill and Eddy Sterling from Wychwood Park have ordered their teams to have an early night as they are just four shots off the early pace.

Colin Roberts Alsager team (76 points) face a sleepless night as they attempt to win the seniors prize tomorrow.

Bob Sutton and Ron Sloanes teams nearly made Maxitours history by failing to make the cut but due to the new Maxitours 20 shot rule (within 20 shots of the leaders) they narrowly made the grade.

2’s sweep £115 6 pro V1s or dozen AD333s each

Phil Vokes Barney Ross Alan Baxter Alan Clarke Graham Johnson

Stockport 31-Mar-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Jonathon Lynch, Colin Lynch, Lewis Birch, Adam Swarbrick 85
2 Des Kelly, Phil Lockett, Pete Hall, Hitash Patel 84 36 hole
3= Dave Blood, Andy Sandham, Pete Hood, Mike Grainger 82 36 hole
3= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Paul Dalby, Paul Sherlock 82
5= Eddy Sterling, Mark Brooks, Saj Hashmi, Gary Nixon 80 36hole
5= Pete O’Neill, Steve Bailey, Dave Torkington, Bob Sinclair 80 36 hole
7= Warren Newton, Mickey Gray, Matt Jansen, 79
7= Chris Hegarty, Paul Bennett, Graham Brownill, Malc Brownill 79 36hole
7= Jim Driscoll, Frank Massey, John Reilly, Max Baxendale 79 36hole
7= George Madison , Mark Findlow, Chih Hu, Shushil Aggarwal 79
11= Iain Perkins, Chris Jones, Bernard Fee, Russell Humphries 78 36hole
11= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Tony Wilson, Frank Hindle 78 36 hole
11= Simon Ellery, Kevin Shannon, Kevan Porter, Graham Johnson 78 36hole
11= Chris Fisher, John Hilton, Ron Jolley, Dave Lomax 78
15= Blair Marriott, Mike Spencer, Ian King, Darren Whittaker 77 36hole
15= Pete Short, Paul Kennedy, Mike Andrew, Martin Callahan 77 36hole
15= Moby Rawthore, Cath Rawthore, Pete Moores, Gemma Clowes 77
15= Colin Roberts, Bob Sinclair, Jeff Andrews, Dave Marchant 77 36hole senior
19= Neil Laurent, Gareth Winston, Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe 76 36hole
19= Duncan Cheslett, Alan Clarke, Simon Maxwell, Rehan Asuraf 76
19= Mike Wilson, Garry Smith, Gary Conroy, Glynn Brody 76
22= Geoff Haynes, Terry Davison, Alan Clough, Ian Ainsworth 75 36hole senior
22= Alan Baxter, Mike Clewley, Rueben Fielding, Dave Cheetham 75
24 Richard Blackwell, Dennis Lawless, Paul Burrows, Tony Jennison 74 36hole
25= Stuart Pearson, Dave Wilson, Dermott O’Carroll, Frank Stapleton 73
25= Barry Jackson, Dave Beavis, Steve Tate, Bob Weir 73 36hole
27 Roy Bramwell, Mark Freeman, Graham March, Phil Okilll 71 36hole senior
28 Bob Sutton, Dave Arthur, Jonty Geake, Dave Harlow 66 36hole senior
29 Ron Sloane, Glynn Foden, Frank Holt, Laurence Smith 65 36hole senior