Results from Sandiway

Results from Sandiway

As I am a family holiday the report is briefer than usual. Many thanks to all who played. Apparently once again the weather was much better than forecast so a dry day for everyone and sunshine from midday.
Big thanks to Karen Gallagher for running the event so smoothly- she assures me that their were Lots of good comments about the course & as usual all the staff were very helpful.

Karen is normally very professional however the results she sent through show Mick Mahon and Frank Hindle taking second place on 42 points. This must surely be a clerical error?

Sandiway is a great test and despite excellent conditions this tricky course kept winning scores in the low 40’s which is a testament to the superb design and testing greens.


1.B Alcock (7) and A Barber-Bennett – 43 points Cleveland wedge or rescue each
2.M Mahon (21) and F Kindle (14) – 42 Points, Cleveland carry bag each
3.G Sutcliffe (6) and P Wrigley (6) – 42 Points, Dozen Srixon z stars each
4.J Stanley (6) and I Brougham (5) – 42 Points, Dozen Srixon z stars each
5.D. Thompson (17) and N Parnaby (10) – 40 Points Maxitours shirt each
6.G Butler (10) and J Waite (10) – 40 Points Maxitours shirt each
7.J Stubbs(18) and J Royle(16) -39 points Maxitours shirt each

8.M Fenna and L Normanton -39points Dozen AD333s each

9.S Boland and P Maxwell-39points Dozen AD333s each

10.M Saxon and N Dhand-38 points Dozen AD333s each

Nearest pin in 2 on 8th – Jim Hodges Dozen AD333s
nearest pin on 18th – Mike Saxon Dozen AD333s

2’s Three pro v1s or 6 AD333s per 2

G Butler on 3rd
Everett on 13th
A Tahir on 18th
D Kelly & D Fellows ( playing together) both had 2’s on 3rd
Normanton 2’s on 11th & 18th
A Barber Bennett on 11th
P Cooney on 13th
D Ritchie on 11th

D Thompson 18th

John Hillier 18th

(total 2’s money was £105)

Start times for next Thursday 5th June

Please give me at least 3 days notice if you are unable to play thank you.

8.00 Neville Dennis x4


8.18 Ian King x4

8.27 Phil Vokes x4


8.45 Simon Poucher x4

8.54 Colin Baxendale x2 Simon Conway x2

9.03 Mick Mahon x4

9.12 Archie Tahir Roy Ainsworth x2

9.21 Richard Blackwell x2 Anthony Grimley x2

9.30 Dave Blood x4

9.39 Dave Stanhope x4

9.48 Ian Ainsworth x4

9.57 paul Woodcock x4

10.06 Gary Garner x4

10.15 Andy Stubbens x4

10.24 John Stubbs x4

10.33 Tony Ramatowski x2 Lewis Marland x2

10.42 Brian Greenbank x4

10.51 Charles Herbert x4

11.00 Jack Coleman x4


11.18 Paul Wrigley x4

11.27 Sean Kirby x4


11.45 Frank Stapleton x4

11.54 Steve Parle x4


12.12 Jim Rymer x4

12.21 Chris Meikleham x4

12.30 Dave Crowther x4

12.39 Dave Hillier x4

12.48 Mark Simister x4

12.52 Lee Tilley x4

1.00 Lee Tilley x4