Results from Dunham Forest

Great upcoming events!

Knutsford AM AM Thursday 12th June- nearly full

Conwy Pairs Monday 16th- some spaces

Old Worsey AM AM 26th June – room for just 1 team!

Vale Royal AM AM 4th July –nearly full!

Maxitours at Delightful Dunham Forest

A superbly manicured Dunham Forest provided the setting for today’s Maxitours event. The overnight rain subsided and in the afternoon sunshine cracked the flags to ensure an enjoyable day’s golf was had by all.

Scotsman Ray Jones needs to work on his positive mental attitude to improve his game. Before he went out today he set the tone for his average round. ‘It’s the middle of June and it’s no’ stopped raining this Summer, the nights will be a drawing in soon.’

Mick Mahon and Frank Hindle surprised many people with their runners up finish at Sandiway last week. Today as they arrived in the clubhouse they were both actually smiling and looking forward to their golf. Unfortunately after a solid first hole their usual golf game came back to haunt them and finished in second to last place.

Matt Nelstrop struggled on his approach shots into the par threes today as he missed every green. The jovial and lucky Hale member then managed to thin a couple of chips which rattled the flag and fell into the cup as he recorded a brace of 2’s.

In today’s event the pure and receptive greens together with slightly forward tees ensured scoring would be good.

Dave Crowther(12) and Andy Kershaw(5) are both from Yorkshire, despite this they are both great blokes. Today short armed Dave struggled to get his tees out of his very deep pockets on the first tee however a birdie to start the round set the tone as the strange speaking duo finished 4th with 44 points.

John Stubbs(18) and John Royle(17) from Sale GC finished as top seniors and they were also 3rd overall after they scored an impressive 44 points. Accountant Royle played wonderful golf and he is becoming known as the Bernard Langer of Maxitours. Like the talented German he is younger than he looks, he has a disciplined golf game and more impressively he overcome a serious bout of the putting yips to become one of the most respected old players in the Manchester area. He also eats his fair share of Frankfurter sausages and German beer.

Second place went to the on form Andy Stubbens(6) and Andy Hockenhull(16) from Tytherington. They had a great front nine however the tougher closing holes saw them just hanging on to second place.

Taking the honours today with an embarrassing 50 point haul was Eddie Sterling(6) and Saj Hashmi(12). These two are great guys and Saj had the best round of his life as he went to the turn in 2 under par. He then tightened up under the intense pressure but fortunately he could rely on playing partner Eddie to birdie the 12th and then hole his approach on the par 5 13th for a net albatross to earn another 5 points. In defense of the Wychwood pairs ridiculous score they have struggled in their previous few Maxitours outings this year. Unfortunately today’s world class performance sees a severe general play handicap reduction for them both. Great golf chaps, very well played.

Many thanks to everyone for your support as once again today over 100 Maxitours golfers enjoyed playing a top Cheshire course presented in wonderful condition.

Nearest the Pin 8th Andy Stubbens

Nearest Pin on 18th TBC

2’s £102.50 5 pro v1s each Pete Hamlet Andy Stubbens Bri Hopkins Matt Nelstrop x2 Roger Percival

Dunham Forest 05-Jun-2014
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Eddie Sterling, Saj Hashmi 50 12 Taylor made cart bag each
2 Andy Stubbens, Andy Hockenhull 45 11 Dozen Pro V1s each
3 John Royle, John Stubbs 44 10 FJ Shirt each top seniors
4 Dave Crowther, Andy Kershaw 44 9 Dozen AD333 Tour
5 Martin Firth , Andy Bethell 43 8 Puma Shirt each
6 Tony Ramatowski, Pete Waterhouse 42 7 Maxitours Shirt each 2nd seniors
7 Alex Elliott, Ashley Elliott 42 6 Puma Shirt each
8 Mark Graham, Kevin Morgan 41 5 Maxitours Shirt each
9 Ollie Clayton, Ian Thompson 40 4
10 Ian King, Darren Whittaker 40 3
11 Nigel Dibble, David Mason 40 2
12 Paul Clay, Pete Cleaver 40 1
13 John Riley, Dave Torkington 40
14= Barry Ecclestone, Ray Jones 39
14= Dave Antrobus, Giles Terry 39
16= Richard Palmer, Tony Wilson 38
16= Guy Hall, Keith Coxon 38
16= Jack Coleman, Anthony Bloor 38
16= Stuart Coupe, Mike Johnson 38
16= Bernard Wood, Dave Smith 38
16= Mark Simister, Pete Hamlett 38
16= Barry Jackson, Barney Hunter 38
23= Tom Hannon, Peter Ferneyhough 37
23= Brian Greenbank, David Wainwright 37
23= Dave Stanhope, Dave Harlow 37
23= John Hughes, Mark Robinson 37
23= Matt Cheffins, Steve Travi 37
23= Stuart Pearson, Kevin Hawkins 37
23= Jeff Wealands, Dave Wilson 37
23= Brian Hopkins, Mike Powell 37
31= Richard Blackwell, Pat Keenan 36
31= Roy Ainsworth, Brian Ankers 36
31= Chris Makin, Mickey Gray 36
31= Warren Newton, Matt Jansen 36
31= Mo Dar, Kevin Chisnell 36
31= Brendan Leighton, Jonathon Tugwood 36
31= Ian Waddington, Ian Murray 36
31= Lee Tilley, Billy Coleman 36
39= Steve Tyrell, Kevin Fahy 35
39= Matt Nelstrop, Ian Ponter 35
39= Anthony Grimley, Bernard O’Shaunessy 35
39= Mike Gauden, Steve Mattinson 35
39= Steve Parle, Gary Parle 35
44 Dave Sarsfield, Pete Norbury 34
45= Neville Dennis, Frank Massey 33
45= Roger Percival, Josh Brand 33
45= Andy Baguley, Lee Edmondson 33
45= Ray Massey, Cameron Massey 33
49= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 31
49= Simon Poucher, Gordon Stow 31
49= Chris Meikleham, Gary Temple 31
52 Dave Beavis, Steve Tate 29

Knutsford AM AM £20

Thursday 12th June

The course is truly immaculate!

9.10 Colin Roberts x4

9.20 Ian King x4


9.38 Anthony Grimley x4

9.47 Steve Korab x4

9.56 Dave Stanhope x4

10.05 Phil Vokes x4

10.14 Bash Majeed x4

10.23 Steve Johnson x4

10.33 Mick Mahon x4

10.41 Lewis Marland x4

10.52 Ian Ainsworth x4

1.10 Max Henderson

1.19 Andy Stubbens x4

1.28 John Stubbs x4

1.37 Charles Herbert x4

1.46 Roy Ainsworth x4

1.55 Gary Garner x4

2.04 Danny Ritchie x4

2.15 Chris Meikleham x4