Results from Knutsford

Three weeks of dry weather forecast!!

Spaces at Conwy pairs this Monday- quality links course
Room for just 1 team at Old Worsley Thursday 24th June

Vale Royal Friday 4th July and Davenport Thursday 10th filling fast!

Maxitours at Knutsford Golf Club

Glorious sunshine and a gentle breeze greeted today’s players at leafy Knutsford Golf Club today. Mark Dingle and his hard working team are fast becoming recognised as some of the finest green keepers in Cheshire.

Everyone was very complimentary about the condition of the golf course. ‘Those greens were really good it was a shame it took my team five shots to reach them’ commented Richard Palmer.

‘I wish our greens were like those’ complained one of today’s players who will remain nameless, ‘our green keeper just bought a new machine to improve the greens at our course -its a digger.’

Ben Luscombe tried to cheer himself up before play today. ‘I am afraid my handicap is only 18 but did you know the average british handicap is 22?’ Unfortunately Ben’s game was well below average today as he let his more talented team down.

Warren Loynes loves nothing more than watching period dramas with his wife on Sunday evenings. He really enjoyed pressing the button on the bar to attract the stewardess from her living quarters ‘Its like Downton Abbey in here’ he happily declared. The rest of his team also had fun pressing the buzzer as they got sozzled in the post round afternoon sun.

In today’s event Scoring was very average considering the excellent conditions. There was a solid performance from the Hazel Grove team of Ian Ainsworth(12), Terry Davison(9), Alan Clough(17) and Geoff Haynes(6) who were delighted to finish in 3rd place with 78 points.

Barry Jackson(4) and his Ashton on Mersey side of Dave Beavis(20), Lance Amison(11) and Steve Tate(24) were also shocked to finish second. ‘my team were hopeless out there’ said a stunned Jackson.

Taking todays honours was Mr nice guy Dave Stanhope(12) playing alongside his pal Jim Wardle(10). Bizarrely, with the world cup starting in Brazil tonight these two actually met playing keepy-up football on a beach in Cornwall. The other two members of the team were Knutsford members Joe Stanley(6) and Phil ‘please don’t tell anyone I missed a 9 inch putt on the 15th ‘ Smeathers(7). Joe gave his team a real boost when he made a birdie on the 9th after driving the green on the 307 yard hole.

Well played chaps, very good golf.
Thanks to all who played today. Yours in golf, Tim
Come on England!!!!!!

Nearest the Pin on 9th Joe Stanley Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin on 14th Pete Maxwell Dozen AD333s
2’s Steve Maddox, Jim Reynolds, Dave Beavis, Pete Maxwell £57.50 4 pro v1s or 9 srixons

Knutsford Golf Course 12-Jun-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Phil Smeathers, Dave Stanhope, Joe Stanley, Jim Wardle 82 12 Galvin shirt each
2 Barry Jackson, Dave Beavis, Lance Amison, Steve Tate 78 10 Maxitours shirt each
3 Ian Ainsworth, Geoff Haynes, Terry Davison, Alan Clough 78 8 Titleist cap each
4 Anthony Grimley, Archie Tahir, Bash Majeed, John Buckley 76 6
5 Ben Luscombe, Geoff Underhill, Barry Simpson, Warren Loynes 76 4
6 Gary Bailey, Gary Hemstead, Steve Maddox, Jim Reynolds 76 2
7= Steve Korab, Wayne Andrews, Nigel Fairhurst, John Berry 75
7= Steve Johnson, Gary Cryer, Carl H-Jones, Wayne Colclough 75
7= Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Russell Hollis, Darren Jones 75
10 Colin Roberts, Jeff Andrews, Bob Sinclair, Dave Marchant 74
11 Neil Laurent, Alf Shillitoe, Lewis Marland, Adam Thomas 72
12 Frank Hindle, Richard Palmer, John Farnworth, Tony Wilson 70
13 John Stubbs, John Royle, Steve Boland, Simon Maxwell 67

Conwy Golf Club Start times

10.07 Jim Caldwell x4


10.24 Ian King x4

10.36 Nigel Oakes x4


10.54 Dave Stanhope x4

11 03 Colin Baxendale x2 Dave Stanhope x2

11.12 Archie Tahir x2 Iain Bartholomew x2

11.21 Bob Sutton x4


11.39 Jack Coleman x4


11.57 Steve Parle x4

12.06 Rob Weston x4

12.15 Ian Ainsworth x4


12.33 Mike Dobson x4


12.51 Des Kelly x2


1.09 Andy Stubbens x4

1.18 John Stubbs x4

1.27 Ben Allcock x2 I Greenough x2


1.45 Gary Garner x4

1.54 Dave Hillier x4

2.03 Dave Hillier x4