Results from Wonderful Worsley

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Maxitours Wilson Classic at Worsley

A full field of Maxitours Competitors turned out for today’s Wilson sponsored Am Am at wonderful Worsley, there were no cancellations or ‘no shows’ so many thanks for your tremendous integrity and support.

Congratulations to the green staff for presenting the course to such a very high standard, there were plenty of compliments throughout the day from our players. Everyone at this lovely Club made us feel very welcome indeed

Paul Baxter blamed his poor performance today on his failure to adapt to the climate. ‘In the world cup it’s the South American teams doing well. It’s the South Manchester teams who’ll play well here today. I’m a lot better playing in cooler North Manchester latitude conditions’ explained the Hopwood man to anyone who was bored enough to listen.

After England’s ‘below par’ performance at this year’s World Cup travelling England fan Des Kelly cancelled his tickets. He wanted to stay well away from the beaches of Brazil but ended up in plenty of sand as his ball regularly found the bunkers at Worsley Golf Club.

Dave Antrobus is now known as the ‘Luis Suarez of Maxitours.’ For 99% of the time dieting Dave is a lovely mild mannered man, however when he gets the smell of a bacon sandwich he just can’t help himself and when he thinks nobody is watching he can often be found crazily chomping on a bap in the corner of the clubhouse.

Messi is starting to set the world Cup alight. Football experts have claimed his low centre of gravity helps him to turn makes him such a great player. Pie loving Rob Hand’s centre of gravity has got lower in recent years however this has not helped his golf and his team struggled to a 25th place finish.

In today’s event the fast running fairways and reachable par fives ensured some excellent scoring on this short but superbly designed course. Northenden’s Ian Broughan(5) and his team of Chris McKane(13), John Parkin(10) and Gary Furlong(4) finished 3rd with an excellent 87 points.

Ray Ward(15) and Geoff Cogswell(18) have not played much golf in recent weeks however the fast running fairways and a few lucky bounces helped the likeable Lancastrians into 2nd place alongside Gary Garner(6) and his green keeper son Jordan(16).

In last year’s Worsley event forgetful Keith Fitzhenry(14) could be seen opening his boot and scratching his head when he discovered he had left his clubs at home. He was delighted with himself when remembered to bring his clubs this morning. Today he did however forget what a bad golfer he usually is and was surprised to play some wonderful golf as he inspired his team to a marvellous 89 point haul and a first win of the year. Playing partners Richard Palmer(12), Mick Mahon(21) and Frank Hindle (14) have all spent years in the doldrums without any success however after much heartache and perseverance things have incredibly improved this season. (Are you listening Roy Hodgson?) Well played chaps.

Alsager’s Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair, John Rigby and Jeff Andrews were delighted to take the over 60’s title today with 84 points.

Many thanks to Wilson Golf for their kind sponsorship of today’s event.

2’s £122.50 3 pro V1s or 6 srixon AD333S John Stubbs Phil Ellerby Pete Hall Frank Hindle Paul Dalby Phil Vokes x2 Peter Maxwell Stuart Morgan Paul Lord John Smithies Gary Garner

Nearest the Pin 16th Gary Furlong Dozen Wilson Balls each
Nearest the pin 18th Stuart Morgan Dozen Wilson Balls each

Worsley 26-Jun-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, Keith Fitzpatrick 89 12 Wilson Carry Bag each
2 Gary Garner, Ray Ward, Geoff Cogswell, Jordan Garner 88 10 Wilson Tour wedge each
3 Ian Broughan, Chris McKane, John Parkin, Gary Furlong 87 8 Wilson umbrella each
4 Phil Vokes, Paul Sherlock, Paul Dalby, Kevin Hamilton 85 6 Wilson Shirt each
5 Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, Andy Hamlett, Paul Burrows 84 4 Wilson Shirt each
6 Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, John Anderton, John Buckley 84 2 Dozen Wilson balls each
7= Dave Marchant, John Rigby, Jeff Andrews, Bob Sinclair 84 1st Seniors: Wilson Shirt each
7= Ron Sloane, Tim Spence, Dave Jones, Pete Waters 84 2nd Seniors Doz Wilson balls each
9= Des Kelly, Phil Lockett, Pete Hall, Mike Delooze 83
9= Archie Tahir, Bash Majeed, Mo Rafiq, Nadim Anwar 83
11= Jim Daly, Eric Leach, Doug Dugmore, Colin Feasy 82
11= Gary Butler, Simon Goudsby, Chris Adams, Andy Youngman 82
11= Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Niall Lynch, Alan Smith 82
14= Neville Dennis, John Riley, Jimmy O’Reilly, Frank Massey 81
14= Chih Hu, Kevin Barker, Andy Townsend, Kevin Barker 81
14= Chris Ernill, Barry Taylor, Rod Barlow, Terry Day 81
17= Rob Weston, Trevor Webb, Tony Andrews, John Horsley 79
17= Paul Wrigley, John Wrigley, Mike McCurdy, Gav Sutcliffe 79
19= Colin Baxendale, Kevin Chisnall, Mo Dar, Phil Wise 78
19= Dave Smith, Ian Neilson, Bill Melia, Rod Mills 78
21= Jim Caldwell, Peter Maxwell, Andrew Ahern, Brice Brooks 77
21= Anthony Grimley, Bernard O’Shaughnessy, Neil Stelling, Nigel Dibble 77
21= Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Steve Collier, Adam Princep 77
21= John Stubbs, Guy Hall, Colin Clarke, Steve Lennon 77
25= Rob Hands, Dave Barker, Ian Tidswell, Keith Jackson 76
25= Dave Sarsfield, Dave Keen, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 76
25= Bill Parkinson, Paul Baxter, Rod Barlow, Terry Day 76
28= Peter Nolan, Duncan Cheslett, Phil Ellerby, Rodney Taylor 75
28= Paul Lord, Tony Rudge, John Smithies, Andy McDowell 75
30= Ruel Spence, John Broadbent, Jim Edwards, Bill Lucas 74
30= John Aikenhead, John Russell, Mike Parsons, Iadan Osman 74
32 Ted Ellis, Mike Taylor, Terry Harper, Bernard Wood 73
33= Terry Davison, Alan Clough, Geoff Haynes, Bernard McDonald 72
33= Ian Buxton, Denis Lawless, Stuart Ellison, Mike Tarrant 72
35 Doug Edmonds, Ken Swarbrick, Steve Parle, Gary Parle 70

Start times at Vale Royal FRIDAY 4th July

8.40 Rob Platt x4

8.49 Colin Roberts x4

8.57 Ian King x4

9.06 Phil Vokes x4

9.15 Neville Dennis x4

9.24 Colin Baxendale x4

10.30 Ian Ainsworth x4

10.38 Lewis Marland x4

10.46 Richard Blackwell x4

10.54 Brian Greenbank x4

11.02 Ruel Spence x4

11.10 Tom Jarvis x4

11.18 Mick Mahon

11.26 Steve Parle x4

11.35 Roger Percival x4

11.44 Gary Butler x4

11.51 Jason Waites x4

12.00 Ian Lilley x4

12.09 Chris Hegarty x4

12.18 Dave Antrobus x4

12.27 Frank Stapleton x4

12.36 Sam Leach x4

12.45 Barry Jackson x4

12.54 Chris Meikleham x4

1.03 Simon Poucher x4

1.12 Gary Garner x4

1.21 John Stubbs x4


1.39 Charles Herbert x4

1.48 David Wilkinson x4

1.57 Lee Tilley

2.06 Dave Crowther x4

2.15 Brian Hopkins x4

2.24 Dave Hillier x4

2.33 DaveHillier x4