Results from Vale Royal

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Maxitours at Vale Royal

Vale Royal Abbey was the latest majestic setting for today’s Maxitours event. The course, staff and facilities were at the very high standard we expect from this five star venue. Congratulations to Manager Ian Embury and his team for a great job.

Steve Mattinson turned up to play with his wealthy Mere friends. He also produced one of the thickest wallets I have seen. Unfortunately for Steve on closer inspection his wallet is crammed full of receipts and he struggled to scrape together his entrance fee.

The early starters enjoyed the best of the weather conditions however the firm fast running greens and fairways made scoring tricky. Ian Lilley’s team narrowly missed out on a podium finish after an excellent back nine saw Hazel Grove housewife superstars Alan Clough(17), Geoff Haynes(6), Ray Stanier(21) and Trevor Harrison(9) finish fourth on 79 points.

Richard Blackwell(14) looks like a good golfer, dresses like a good golfer, swings the club like a good golfer and actually hits the ball like a good golfer. Despite this he is a deceptively bad player who rarely finishes in the prizes. Today his game came together as he joined up with the Bramall team of John Neale(18), John Lawson(19) and Andy Hamlett(10) to record 80 points and take 3rd place.

Another vastly underrated golfer is Alf Shillitoe (his mates think he is hopeless). Today the 18 handicapper inspired his team to a commendable 3rd place finish and he even managed to contribute with a couple of high quality pars. Gareth Winston(13), Neil Laurent(11) and Adam Thomas(16) completed the likeable quartet.

Today’s winners were ex Manchester United footballers Frank Stapleton(13) and Stuart Pearson (6) playing alongside Dave Wilson(6) and Kevin Hawkins(10). This team played with German like efficiency to record a solid 83 points and a first win on the Summer Tour this year, very well played chaps.

Many thanks to all players for your brilliant attendance and perseverance in the inclement weather conditions. I hope the rain didn’t spoil your enjoyment of this quality course.

Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 6th Dave Beavis Doz AD333s
Nearest the pin 10th Rob Platt Doz AD333s

2’s 6 pro V1s or a dozen AD3333s per 2 £127.50 Rob Platt, John Horsley, Tom Jarvis, Dave Wilson, Barry Jackson, John Stubbs

Vale Royal 04-Jul-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson, Dave Wilson, Kevin Hawkins 83 12 Galvin Green shirt each
2 Alf Shillitoe, Neil Laurent, Gareth Winston, Adam Thomas 80 10 Dozen Z Stars each
3 Richard Blackwell, John Neale, John Lawson, Andy Hamlett 80 8 Dozen AD333s each
4 Ray Stringer, Geoff Haynes, Trevor Harrison, Alan Clough 79 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Ian Lilley, Chris Norburn , Ged Bradshaw, Ciaran Bradshaw 79 4 Titleist Cap each
6 Paul Dalby, Barney Ross, Sam Maguire, Mike Campbell 78 2
7= Steve Morfitt, Rob Platt, Carl Mollart, Gary Youall 77
7= David Wilkinson, Derek Simpkins, Dave Simpkins, Dave Turner 77
7= Colin Baxendale, Kevin Chisnell, Mo Dar, Ross Sellors 77
10 Roger Percival, Peter Atherton, Tom Morrison, Ed Wilkinson 76
11= Frank Hindle, Richard Palmer, Keith Fitzhenry, Dave Westwood 75
11= Dave Stanhope, Jack Coleman, Steve Mattinson, Mark Hegarty 75
11= Dave Crowther, Bobby Emmett, Andy Kershaw, Dean Brady 75
14 Barry Jackson, Mike Rostron , Steve Tate, John Cripton 73
15= Chris Meikleham, Paul Millner, Lance Amison, Dave Benis 72
15= John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall , Dave Moore 72
15= Bob Sutton, Rachel Horsley, John Horsley, Dave Harlow 72
18= Simon Poucher, Ian Grogan, Brendon Leighton, Greg Brown 71
18= Graham Jackson, Mike Walker, Mark Cooper, Tony Lee 71
20= Ruel Spence, Jim Edwards, Brian Greenbank, David Wainwright 70
20= Chris Hegarty, Gail Hegarty, Malc Brownhill, Graham Brownhill 70
22 Steve Parle, Bernard Wood, David Smith, Gary Parle 69
23 Tom Jarvis, Len Hulme, John Miller , Alan Wilding 68
24 John Rigby, Jeff Andrews, Bob Sinclair, Dave Marchant 57
25= Gary Butler, Jason Waite, Chris Adams, Howard Baker 1
25= Lee Tilley, Pete Norbury, Dave Sarsfield, Gary Torr 1
25= Sam Leach, Bob Chester, Kevin Reeves, Andy Phillips 1
25= Eddie Ellis, John Pratt, Graham Aspinall, Ben Davies 1

Maxitours Pairs at Davenport

Thursday 10th July

9.58 Neville Dennis x4

10.07 Colin Roberts x4

10.16 Ian King x4

10.25 Phil Vokes x4

10.34 Ian Ainsworth x4

10.43 Dave Stanhope x4

10.52 Jack Coleman x4

11.01 Mick Mahon x4

11.10 Lewis Marland x2 Anthony Grimley x2

11.19 Richard Blackwell x2 Colin Baxendale x2

11.28 Des Kelly x4

11.37 Ben Alcock x2 Steve Hindley x2


11.55 Ian Broughan x2

12.04 Eddie Sterling x4

12.13 John Stubbs x4


12.31 Paul Woodcock x4

12.40 Pete Short x2 Ron Sloane x2

12.49 Russell Humphries x4

12.58 Ruel Spence x4



1.30 Dave Smith

1.39 Chris Ernill x4

1.48 Paul Baxter x4

1.57 Bernard Wood x4

2.06 Gary Parle x4

2.15 Steve Parle x4


2.33 Charles Herbert x4

2.42 Gary Garner x4

2.51 Dave Sarsfield x4