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Maxitours at Davenport Golf Club

Davenport was in lovely condition for today’s Maxitours event. Hard working Club Pro Tony Stevens runs a tight and very friendly ship and the staff, members, President and Captain all made us feel very welcome indeed.

John Stubbs was trying to be in positive mood before his round ‘my long game is hopeless but I think it’s slowly getting better, once that improves I really need to work on my short game’.

Ruel Spence and Jimmy Edwards have also struggled in recent events. They were delighted to finish in the middle of the field today. When Ruel was asked if his playing partner let him down ‘no, he was actually quite good in comparison to most weeks’ he commented.

The lovely Davenport course requires excellent course management and clever strategy. The narrow fairways and firm greens led to some very average scoring and a record low total of just 40 points was good enough for first place today.

Senior players enjoyed the fast running fairways and they featured strongly today. Young looking Ron Sloane(19) and the less fresh-faced Tim Spencer(18) called upon their many years of experience and kept the ball in play well to secure 5th position with 39 points.

Mike Delooze(10) ‘volunteered’ to play with the hung over Des Kelly(16). Des had an interesting night out in ‘The Warrington Gentleman’s Club’ yesterday and came on the card just twice with vital birdies on the tough 7th and 9th holes. Mike played some solid golf to drag them both into 4th spot.

Nice guys Alan Pengelly(14) and Brian Hopkins(6) were clear favourites to win today after an impressive outward 22 points on the tougher front nine. They capitulated towards the end of their tournament and picked up just six points on the closing four holes ‘It was just like watching Brazil’ chuckled compassionate playing partner Alan Smith.

Deep pocketed Yorkshire men John Snowdon(9) and Alan Robinson(3) from Chesterfield struggled on the front nine and thought that they ‘ad nowt t’ play for’ after failing to score on the 7th hole. However they relaxed and played some great golf on the back nine and were both surprised and delighted to take 2nd place.

Veterans Guy Hall from Sale and Stamford’s Ian Trow also moved through the gears on the back nine. Guy plays poorly most weeks however the greatest moment of his golf career came at Davenport last year when he surprised family and friends with a second place finish. Today the course brought back some great memories and he birdied both the 10th hole and under intense pressure he rolled another in on the 18th hole to snatch the winners spot. Great golf chaps, very well played.

Thank you to all who played today, your support is always appreciated. Yours in Golf, Tim

2’s 5 pro v1s or 10 srixons £87.50 Paul Kennedy Guy Hall Des Kelly Mike Delooze Alan Robinson

Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 2nd hole Mike Williams Dozen AD333s

Nearest the Pin on the 14th hole Mike Delooze Dozen Ad333s

Davenport 10-Jul-2014
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Guy Hall, Ian Trow 40 12 Cleveland rescue Club
2 John Snowdon, Alan Robinson 40 11 Footjoy sport shoes
3 Bri Hopkins, Alan Pengelly 40 10 Footjoy Shirt each
4 Des Kelly, Mike Delooze 40 9 Maxitours shirt each
5 Ron Sloane, Tim Spencer 39 8 Dozen AD333s each
6 Bill Melia, Stuart Cragg 38 7 Titleist Cap each
7 Rob Rhodes, David Watts 38 6 Titleist Cap each
8 John Broadhurst, Bill Lucas 37 5 FJ Socks each
9 Darren Whittaker, David Wells 37 4
10 Alan Frazer, Alan Smith 37 3
11 Steve Parle, Bernard Wood 37 2
12 Kevin Chisnall, Ross Sellors 37 1
13 John Riley, Jimmy O’Reilly 37
14= Phil Lockett, Pete Hall 36
14= Carl Kennedy, Dan Benson 36
14= Ian Broughan, Gary Furlong 36
14= Neville Dennis, Frank Massey 36
14= Steve Tyrell, Ray Jones 36
14= Ruel Spence, Jimmy Edwards 36
14= Ray Royle, Doug Edmonds 36
21= Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 35
21= Geoff Haynes, Terry Davison 35
21= Jack Coleman, Anthony Bloor 35
21= Anthony Grimley, Nigel Dibble 35
21= Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett 35
21= Simon Conway, Mark Williams 35
27= John Buckley, Neil Jones 34
27= John Rigby, Geoff Andrews 34
27= Colin Baxendale, Phil Wise 34
27= Russell Humphries, Bernard Fee 34
27= Tom Wilson, Chris Ernill 34
32= Ian Tinling, Dave Marchant 32
32= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 32
32= Frank Hindle, Dave Westwood 32
32= John Stubbs, John Royle 32
32= Tony Gee, Rodney Barlow 32
37= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe 31
37= Pete Short, Paul Kennedy 31
37= Roy Ainsworth, Russell Hollis 31
37= David Smith, Rodney Mills 31
41= Steve Hindley, Steve Higham 30
41= Ted Ellis, Ian Neilson 30
41= Tom Dobbins, Alan Brough 30

Ringway Taylor Made AM AM Thursday 17th July

9.00 Neville Dennis x4

9.10 Colin Roberts x4

9.19 Ian King x4

9.26 Phil Vokes x4


9.47 Simon Conway x4

9.57 Mick Mahon x4

10.06 Lewis Marland x4

10.15 Richard Blackwell x4

10.24 Dave Stanhope x4


10.42 Wayne Colclough x4

10.51 Bob Sutton x4

11.00 Tony Rains x4

11.09 Ruel Spence x4

11.18 John Hignett x4

11.27 Roy Ainsworth x4


11.45 Chih Hu

11.54 Jim Rymer x4

12.03 Mike Saxon x4

12.12 Mike Saxon

12.21 Simon Poucher x4

12.30 Frank Stapleton x4

12.39 Ed Wilkinson x4

12.48 Archie Tahir x4

12.57 Paul Lord x4


1.15 Bernard Wood x4

1.24 John Stubbs x4


1.42 Gary Garner x4

1.51 Dave Hillier x4

2.00 Dave Hillier x4

2.09 Barry Jackson x4

2.18 Lee Tilley x4


2.36 Bri Hopkins x4