Results from the ETIQUS Masters at Dunham Forest

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Dunham Forest Pairs Thursday 27th November

Results from the Gary Butler sponsored ETIQUS Masters at Dunham Forest

Dunham Forest was once again presented to an incredibly high standard for today’s Maxitours event. Thanks to Mike and Leslie Saxon in the Clubhouse and Paul Dennis in the pro shop who were as tremendous as ever to deal with.

Nigel Oakes and Andrew Thompson had a great day. They were partnered with Karl and David Henshall Jones whom they had never met before. ‘Can we play with those two again?’ they requested after their round. ‘They are two really nice guys and great blokes to play with, and we are also much better than them.’

Eddie Ellis always looks smart on the golf course with his vast array of the latest Galvin Green outfits. His mates say he is ‘cleverly disguised as a good golfer’. Today he actually played like a tour pro for a short period when he started with two fours to be under par after two holes on the Dunham Course.

Barney Ross took an interest in the lovely ETIQUS watches on display after his erratic round today ‘have you got one with a compass?’ quipped his straighter hitting playing partner Kevin Hamilton.

Brian Hopkins completed the first ever Maxitours Nearest the Pin double when he played two terrific shots into the 8th and 18th greens. With over one hundred players the odds of winning both prizes at the start of play are around 10,000-1. Brian was so delighted with his achievement he decided to miss both of his three foot putts.

In today’s event Keith Spencer and Colin Mattison had a career best 4th place finish after scoring 44 points. Keith had an outer body experience when he birdied two of his first six holes.

Richard Palmer and John Farnsworth continued to surprise many people with their recent good form and they finished in third place also with 44 points. Phil Vokes and Paul Dalby from Didsbury notched up five birdies between them and this was good enough to give them second place in a card play-off after a strong finish.

Poulton Parks Phil Lockett and Pete Hall took the honours today with a magnificent 46 points. They scored 25 points in a sensational front nine Hall’s birdie on the 16th helped to ease their nerves on the back nine.

Thanks to Karen Gallagher for helping me to run the event this morning whilst I was busy spending my prize money after taking nine shots on the last hole at Davenport in the Cheshire Open.

Many thanks to today’s main sponsor Gary Butler with his ETIQUS range of distinctive timepieces for golfers. They’re already starting to appear on the wrists of dedicated golfers across the UK including a growing number of PGA Professionals. The initial range which includes 17 men’s watches will completed later this month with the addition of the first 7 watches for Ladies. So if you’re already struggling to think of that Christmas or Birthday gift for the golfer in your life check out – if you do want to purchase one enter promo code TPM71 at check out for free delivery.

2’s £145 3 pro v1s or 6 srixon AD333s Phil Vokes x2 Dan Benson Peter Maxwell Pete Hall Richard Palmer Ruel Spence Tony Stevenson Austin McBride Dave Murray x2 Kevin Reeves Andy Hockehull

Dunham Forest 13-Oct-2014
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Pete Hall, Phil Lockett 46 12 ETIQUS Watch each
2 Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby 44 11 Dozen Pro V1s each
3 Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 44 10 Maxitours Windcheater each
4 Keith Spencer, Colin Mattison 44 9 ETIQUS Umbrella each
5 Kevin Hamilton, Barney Ross 43 8 Dozen AD333s each
6 Dan Benson, Carl Kennedy 43 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 Austin McBride, D Murray 42 6 6 ETIQUS pro V1s each
8 Ian Fairbrother, Phil Myers 42 5 Titleist cap each
9 Gareth Winston, Mike Sayers 42 4 Titleist cap each
10 Mark Marshall, Charles Herbert 42 3 6 AD333s each
11 Bob Chester, Kevin Reeves 42 2
12 Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe 41 1
13= Greg Brown, Brendan Leighton 41
13= Nigel Oakes, Andrew Thompson 41
15= Tim Handforth, Jim Reynolds 40
15= Aiden Hoosen, Neil Quigley 40
17= Alan Clough, Ian Ainsworth 39
17= Richard Blackwell, Kurt Kershaw 39
17= Dave Stanhope, Phil Smeathers 39
17= Mo Dar, Kevin Chisnell 39
17= Geoff Sherburn, Dave Moore 39
17= Eddie Ellis, Tony Stevenson 39
23= Colin Baxendale, Ross Sellors 38
23= Peter Maxwell, Steve Boland 38
23= Andy Bethell, Andy Hockenhull 38
23= Jim Griffiths, Bill Lucas 38
23= John Stubbs, Keith Coxon 38
28= Ian King, Darren Whittaker 37
28= Tony Bishop, Pat Keenan 37
28= Brian Keen, Dave Sprott 37
28= Des Kelly , Nick Fletcher 37
28= Pete Short, Dave Buckley 37
28= Alan Pengelly, Bri Hopkins 37
28= Graham Aspinall, Ben Davies 37
35= Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright 36
35= Dave Antrobus, John Anderton 36
35= Jim Caldwell, John Kelsall 36
35= Simon Conway, Mark Williams 36
35= Simon Poucher, Jan Jagielka 36
35= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 36
35= Ben Luscombe, Geoff Underhill 36
42= Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer 35
42= Sam Leach, Alex McClay 35
42= Stan Williams, Dave Batherlay 35
42= John Royle, Andy Royle 35
46= Arthur Jowell, Geoff Haynes 34
46= Steve Foxcroft, Tony Andrews 34
46= John Heaton, Joe Heaton 34
49 Rob Weston , John Horsley 30
50 Chris Leonard, Paul Boulter 29
51 Dave Jones, Carl Jones 28
52 Jimmy Edwards, Ruel Spence 25

Start times at The Mere Golf Resort

Thursday 23rd October ‘The Galvin Green AM AM’

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8.00 Dave Stanhope x4
8.15 Colin Roberts x4
8.26 Jim Caldwell x4
8.34 Mike Saxon x4
8.43 Ian King x4
8.52 Phil Vokes x4
9.00 Ian Lilley x4
9.10 Gary Butler x4
9.18 David Bentley x4
9.27 Mick Mahon x4
9.38 Anthony Grimley x4
9.47 Ian Ainsworth x4
9.56 Lewis Marland x4
10.05 Neale Lauraent x4
10.14 Iain Bartholomew x4
10.23 Richard Blackwell x4
10.32 Roy Ainsworth x4
10.41 John Broadhurst x4
11.50 Bob Sutton x4
11.00 Phil Dermott x4
11.08 John Stubbs x4
11.17 Ed Wilkinson x4
11.26 Ben Luscombe x4
11.35 Russell Humphries x4
11.44 Steve Johnson x4
11.53 Simon Hemsley x4
12.02 Sam Leach x4
12.11 Brian Greenbank x4
12.20 Ian Gauden x4
12.29 Jim Rymer x4
12.38 Steve Ballard x4
12.47 Dave Thomas x4
12.56 Eddie Ellis x4
1.05 Dave Hillier x4
1.14 Dave Hillier x4
1.23 Dave McCallum x4
1.32 Steve Latchford x4
1.41 Charles Herbert x4

1.50 Danny Ritchie x4