Mere results and spaces at Sandiway on Tuesday!!!!

**Don’t miss this amazing venue-Spaces available for 2 or 4 players at perhaps Cheshire’s best course- Sandiway on TUESDAY 11am Shotgun!**
Maxitours at Majestic Mere

The final event in the sun blessed Maxitours Summer Tour saw over 150 golfers really enjoy The Mere Golf Spa and resort.

As well as a major tournament here was also a major Conference on in the impressive new hotel. The car park was so full parking even spilled out onto the golf course close to the first fairway. Unfortunately for Sam Leach this was the closest he got to the short grass all day as his team struggled into a lowly 30th place.

Maxitours regular Phil Dermott (6)is a linesman in the football league Championship and today he played alongside three highly paid premier league referees Mike Dean(7), Martin Atkinson(18) and Neil Swarbrick(19). He knew he was in for a long day when he accidentally teed up in front of the yellow markers on the first hole and Atkinson strutted over and drew a line with his magic foam to prevent him from overstepping the mark. The whole team made plenty of bad decisions as they finished in the middle of the field.

‘I absolutely murdered it out there!’ claimed Mark Knowle when he handed his card in ‘I’m not talking about the golf course, I killed a squirrel with my tee shot on the 16th’.

Lancastrian Danny Ritchie’s team was out near the end of the field and conditions were gloomy towards the last few holes of their round. Fortunately the Wigan Golf Club team still looked happy and they got out their miners helmets to finished strongly.

In todays event scoring was incredibly tight and the first SIX teams ALL scored 84 points!!!!

Simon Hemsley(7) from Bramall had a career best five birdies in his round today and his team were cruising to a first Maxitours victory for many years. The likeable Cheshire man then saw his world collapse after John Owen(9), Warren Newton(11) and Will Hudson(20) and himself all incredibly failed to score on the 17th hole. His teams hopes plummetted faster than the Tesco share price and they had to settle for 6th spot.

Chris Buckley(5), Mark Davin(3), Gordon Hamlett (10)and Gary Bailey(22) were inconsolable when they discovered they were one point short of success. ‘It’s all Gary’s fault’ was the general consensus in the clubhouse post mortom.

Phil Vokes(3) helped his Didsbury team reach 84 points and 4th place after a superb hole in one on the 14th hole. Incredibly Joe Gates Mere’s complex manager informed me that this was the 3rd competitive hole in one at Mere this week. Last Monday’s corporate day saw a new car and an all expenses Spanish holiday won on the same day. Wealthy Phil was overjoyed with his new rain hat.

Highly rated Dunham Forest steward Mike Saxon(3) brought along a handpicked team of his most talented members (Gareth Aspinall, Dave Thompson and Nicholas Abbott). They all played superbly and were delighted to finish in 3rd spot.

Retired Wirral solicitor Jim Rymer(20) played alongside respected Hoylake property magnates Rob Farnham(11) and Paul Lea(17) and the likeable John Dickenson(23). The team of very posh scousers have found some good form in recent weeks (after many years of very bad golf) and they were delighted with second place today.

Taking the honours today were Richard Blackwell(13), Tony Jennison(5) Peter Freeman(15) and Chris Marshall(12). My registration desk overlooks the 18th hole and there was much hilarity and rejoicing when Chris spectacularly holed his approach for an eagle and Tony then converted his birdie putt as the team picked up 8 points to take an incredible first place. Great golf chaps-congratulations!!
Many thanks to everyone for supporting the event so well, I really hope you had a great day on the Links.
Thanks also to John Gallagher from Galvin Green for his terrific sponsorship. Download the new Galvin Green App to look at the great new range!

Nearest the Pin 8th Ian Gauden Galvin Green rain hat
Nearest the Pin 14th Phil Vokes Galvin Green rain hat

2’s £175 2 pro vs or 4 srixons Per 2. There was something in the Knutsford water as a record 24 twos and a hole in one saw even John Dickenson make a two alongside: Mike Saxon Paul Dalby Phil Vokes x2 Kevin Hamilton Joe Armitt x2 Gav Sutcliffe x2 Jon Farrell Richard Taylor Carr Phil Dermott x2 Dave Arthur Stuart Blake Joe Shelley Bri Hopkins alan Pengelly Danny Ritchie Phil Cooney David Rowley Martin Firth Andy Taylor John Heaton Steve Mattinson

Mere 23-Oct-2014
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, Peter Freeman, Chris Marshall 84 12 Galvin Green Insula top each
2 Jim Rymer, John Dickenson, Rob Farnham, Paul Lea 84 10 Galvin Green Shirt each
3 Mike Saxon, Graham Aspinall, Dave Thompson, Nicholas Abbott 84 8 Galvin Green leather belt each
4 Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Kevin Hamilton, Barney Ross 84 6 Galvin Green Mits each
5 Mark Davin, Chris Buckley, Gordon Hamlett, Gary Bailey 84 4 Galvin Green winter hat each
6 Simon Hemsley, Warren Newton, John Owen, Will Hudson 84 2 Galvn Green cap each
7= Jim Caldwell, Nigel Compsty, Bob Picthall, John Hulme 82
7= Gavin Sutcliffe, Brett Sutcliffe, Jon Farrell, Mike McCurdy 82
7= Ed Wilkinson, Scott Ashall, David Rowley, Mark Braithwaite 82
10= Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 81
10= Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Steve Smith, Barry Simpson 81
12 Danny Ritchie, Andy Hale, Phil Cooney, Carl Robinson 80
13= John Stubbs, John Royle, Keith Coxon, Guy Hall 79
13= Bill Gillings, Ian Gauden, Robin Meadowcroft, Keith Judkins 79
13= Joe Armitt, John Hilditch, James Eadie, Iain Bartholomew 79
13= John Stubbs, John Royle, Keith Coxon, Guy Hall 79
13= Danny Huffman, Pete Hamlett, Gary Hempstead, Mark Simister 79
18= Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, Phil Smeathers, John Anderton 78
18= Dave Bentley, Bev Crute, Dave Vaughan, Richard T-Carr 78
18= Adam Thomas, Gareth Winston, Neil Laurent, Robert Laurent 78
21= Phil Dermott, Mike Dean, Martin Atkinson, Neil Swarbrick 76
21= Dave Gavin, Joe Shelley, Eddie Ellis, John Pratt 76
21= Steve Mattinson, Harvey Mattinson, Mike Gauden, AN Other 76
21= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe, Kevin Seaton, AN Other 76
25= Bri Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Charles Herbert, Alan Smith 75
25= Ben Luscombe, Geoff Underhill, John Heaton, Joe Heaton 75
25= Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright, Al Kenny, Keith Spencer 75
28= Dave McCallum, Kevin Barker, Peter Smith, Mark Green 74
28= Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield, Phil Carr, Mark Hagerty 74
30= Sam Leach, Barry McGuigan, Pete Mills, Chris Walley 73
30= Martin Firth, Andy Taylor, Simon Gardner, Dean Abeal 73
32 John Bent, Steve Latchford, Dave Bowers, Hugh Mullen 72
33= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 71
33= John Horsley, Dave Arthur, Drew McCara, Stuart Blake 71
35= Anthony Grimley, Gary Christian, Neil Stelling, Nigel Dibble 69
35= John Broadhurst, Ruel Spence, Phil Tongue, Jim Griffiths 69

Sandiway start sheet

11am shotgun start

1a Colin Roberts x4
1b Ian King x4
2a Phil Vokes x4
2b Mick Mahon x4
3 Geoff Underhill x4
4 Steve Tyrell x4
5 Chih Hu x4
6 Lewis Marland x4
7a Roy Bramwell x4
7b Ian Greenough x4
8 John Hilditch x2 Ian Broughan x2
9 Ian Ainsworth x4
9b Dave Stanhope
10 Paul Crisp x4
11 Dave Parsons x4
12a Dave Blood x4
12b Chris Meikleham x4
13 Roger Percival
14 Richard Blackwell x2 Wayne Colclough x2
15 John Stubbs x4
17a Brian Hopkins x4
17bDick Perry x4

18 Steve Latchford x4