Results from Marvellous Mere

Forget about the Election and just play golf this Spring!

Spaces at Dunham Forest pairs next Thursday 16th and Vale of Llangollen Titleist team of 4 event on Monday 20th April.

Maxitours Galvin Green Masters at The Mere

Masters fever was in the air as over 160 golfers enjoyed ‘Augusta like’ conditions at The Mere which is probably now the number one golf resort in the North.
Many thanks to Joe Gates and his superb staff for all their help today. Steve the golf starter is also a legend and ensures everyone starts their round in good time and in good spirits.
Gail Hegarty hit her best shot of the day as she unleashed a four wood onto the 9th green but was horrified to see a wayward Maxitours competitor who was playing the 6th hole apparently pick up her ball and play it back onto the adjoining fairway. Playing partner and husband Chris was about to step in when on closer inspection talented Gail was delighted to find her missing ball was actually in the hole for a remarkable eagle.
Talking about remarkable birds ‘Chicken George’ Maclean supplies Europe’s supermarkets with just less than a million chickens a day. After a poor 36th place finish it was his teams turn to slaughter him after he ran out of batteries and played like a rotten egg.
After not playing much golf this Winter a rusty Richard Williamson was close to winning ‘nearest the bin’ on the 8th hole however with a little bit of Jack Nicklaus-like magic he rolled back the years and won nearest the pin with a majestic 7 iron into the 14th hole.
Chris Reade has been practicing throwing his clubs in his back garden in preparation for the coming golf season. Sure enough today the practice paid off, according to Paul Griffiths his playing partner, it was noticeable that Chris was definitely throwing his 8 iron a little bit further and more accurately than last season after he hit a particularly bad shot on the 14th hole..
In today’s event Hazel Grove’s Simon Conway(9) and Vince Coombs(16) continued their solid form finishing in fourth place playing alongside Simon’s young looking Dad Bill(11), and Mark Williams(8).
Despite protests about a recent handicap reduction before they teed off the aging Swinton Park Team of Frank Massey(11), Jimmy O’Reilly(8), Neville Dennis(16) and Jimmy Farrell(17) were delighted to record another podium finish as they enjoyed the best of the greens with an early start time.
Ashton on Mersey dream team Dave Hillier(9), Wayne Harris(9), Simon Lewis(12) and Pete Mellor(10) played late in the day so they could go to work this morning. Council worker Wayne Harris took his jobs even easier than normal and he looked particularly fresh as he skipped down the first hole. The relaxing morning paid off as they finished with an excellent 86 points earn 2nd place.
North Manchester Golf Clubs’ John Cottrell(10)and David Goodier(18) are a couple of pipe fitters and it was their clubs which were smoking today. They played great golf alongside Maxitour journeymen Mike ‘no fashion sense whatsoever’ McCurdy(9) and John Farrell(10). After a steady start the team picked up 8 points on the 10th hole after Cottrell and McCurdy made superb birdies and a strong finish on Mere’s famous closing holes saw them take first place. Great golf chaps.
Many thanks indeed to all who played in the biggest field of the season so far.
Thanks to Galvin Greens John Gallagher for his great support and don’t forget to download the new free Galvin app for the latest golf weather and golf fashion advice!
Yours in Golf,
Nearest the Pin 8th Nigel Milroy Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 14th Richard Williamson Dozen AD333s
2’s Sweep £152.50 3 Pro V1s or 6 srixon AD333s each
Danny Ritchie Bob Sutton Dave Bowers Jim Caldwell x2 Nigel Millroy Neil Higgins Andy Burns Simon Lewis Robert Leggett Dave McDougall Jim Hodges Sam Leach Dave Sarsfield Richard Williamson Paul Woodbine

Mere 09-Apr-2015
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Jon Farrell, Mick McCurdy, John Cottrell, David Goodier 88 12 Galvin Green Insular top each
2 Dave Hillier, Wayne Harris, Simon Lewis, Pete Mellor 86 10 Galvin Green Shirt each
3 Neville Dennis, Frank Massey, Jimmy O’Reilly, Jimmy Farrell 84 8 Galvin Green Belt
4 Simon Conway, Mark Williams, Bill Conway, Vince Coombs 84 6 Galvin Green Umbrella
5 Jim Caldwell, John Kelsall, Bob Picthall, Nigel Milroy 83 4 Galvin Green winter hat
6 Paul Griffiths, Chris Reade, John Williams, John Allday 82 2 Galvin Green Cap
7= Neil Higgins, Chris Cyprus, Andy Burns, Steve Murray 82
7= Dave Bowers, Hugh Mullin, Paul Sherlock, Billy Blissett 82
9= Anthony Grimley, John McGowan, John Buckley, AN Other 80
9= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe, Neil Laurent, Kevin Seaton 80
9= Barry Jackson, Barney Hunter, Cameron Massey, Chris Lane 80
12= Phil Vokes, Kevin Hamilton, Mike Campbell, Peter Maxwell 79
12= John Dickenson, Dave McDougall, Arthur Gray, Steve Kirkby 79
14= Danny Ritchie, Andy Whittle, Carl Robinson, Phil Johnson 78
14= Joe Yates, Gary Nields, Alan Forber, John Longworth 78
16 Richard Williamson, Paul Woodbine, Paul Ward , Dave Goodwin 77
17= Joe Stanley, Bob Sutton, David Kelly, DavidArthur 76
17= Roger Percival, Martin France, Pete Atherton, Dan Percival 76
19= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnworth 75
19= Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Pete Norbury 75
21= Geoff Fryer, Peter Cross, Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough 74
21= Tim Handforth, Chris Brownhill, David Hess, Gordon Hamlett 74
23= Gail Heggarty, Chris Heggarty, Graham Brownhill, Malc Brownhill 73
23= Gary Garner, Phil Ashcroft, Tony Robinson, Pat Houston 73
25= Dave Parsons, Geoff Sherburn, David Moore, Chris Leonard 72
25= Bob Ellis, Jack Cowburn, Geoff Dale, Adrian Ollerton 72
25= Jim O’Driscoll, Kevin Hart, Bernie Rimmer, Harry Jewkes 72
28 Eddie Ellis, Graham Aspinall, Darren Jones, Anthony McManus 71
29= Ian King, Chris Wilde, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 70
29= Roy Ainsworth, Brian Ankers, Mike Verdon, Barry Simpson 70
29= David Smith, Chris Ernill, Bill Melia, Peter O’Driscoll 70
32= Max Henderson, Mike Hewitt, Jon Cunningham, Frazer Morris 69
32= Brian Hopkins, Steve Savage, Alan Pengelly, Steve Parton 69
34= Robert Leggett, Tony Bermingham, John Whitehead, Ian Gordon 68
34= Tom Jarvis, Tony Dagnall, Ron Heale, Ian Scott 68
36= John Hilditch, Darren Grant, Ben Luscombe, Peter Sutton 67
36= Eddie Sterling, Saj Hashmi, Sean O’Connor, George Maclean 67
38 Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Alex McLean, Bob Chester 66
39= Gary Bailey, Gary Hempstead, Geoff Allen, Jim Reynolds 65
39= Mick Taylor, Mark Smeeton, Ken Swarbrick, Gordon Warke 65
41 Capt Edmunds, Tom Wilson, Bernar Wood, Mike Birtwhistle 63
42 Ray Royle, Ian Nielson, Barry Taylor, Graham Coward 56

Start times at Dunham Forest Golf Club

Pairs event Thursday 16th April

8.00 Colin Roberts x4
8.10 Caldwell x2 Roy Clowes x2
8.20 Rob Platt x4
8.46 Colin Baxendale x4
9.04 Phil Vokes x4
9.13 Brian Greenbank x4
9.22 Gordon Hamlettx4
9.40 Simon Conway x2
9.49 Martin Firth x4
9.58 Neville Dennis x4
10.07 Ian King x4
10.16 John Hilditch x2 Anthony Grimley x2
10.25 Mick Mahon x4
10.34 Gary Garner x4
10.52 Chris Adams x4
11.00 Steve Johnson x4
11.09Tony Ramatowski x2 Simon Kaye x2
11.27 Steve Parle x4
11.45 Frank Stapleton x4
12.12 Jason Henderson x4
12.21 Ian Fairbrother x2 Dave Keen x2
12.30 Joe Yates x4
12.39 Blackwell x4
12.48 Brian Hopkins x4

12.57 Dave Goodier x4