results from dry and sunny Dunham Forest

Great Upcoming Maxitours events!

Last few spaces at Llangollen this Monday 20th April ! This course in Spring sunshine is amazing!

Conway 27th April FULL!
Knutsford singles 30th April- Spaces
Prestbury Belding Classic Pairs 7th May – Full
Pleasington Etiqus Masters Pairs 14th May-filling fast
Hopwood AM AM 21st May-filling fast
Ringway Taylor Made AM AM 28th May-filling fast

Maxitours at Dunham Forest

Superb Spring weather greeted over 100 players in today’s Maxitours event at Dunham Forest.

There were very complimentary comments about the quality and condition of this superb tree lined course from players as they handed their cards in, many thanks to the green keepers for their hard work. Thanks to Mike and Leslie Saxon for their outstanding hospitality and also new Club Professional Paul Dennis who is very highly respected by his peers.

Dave Jones loves Dunham and he turned up early and treated himself to coffee and a selection of biscuits. He was delighted with the assortment and went straight to the jam filled one with a happy face on the front. Unfortunately that was the closest to a smile he got all day after he finished in a very average 28th position.

Dave Wilson also loves Dunham but he prefers playing the course in Autumn rather than Spring. Last year after some wild drives he knocked down a few branches and gathered a terrific collection of conkers on the way round.

Anthony Grimley tried to smarten up his appearance today but failed badly when looked like he had stolen his mums old deckchair with his new checked pants. Unfortunately in true deckchair fashion after a very promising 23 points going out he totally collapsed on the back nine.

In today’s event Miguel Jimenez lookalike Joe Yates(14) and Gary Nield(5) from Lymm Golf Club had a season best top five finish with a very good 44 points. They celebrated in true Spanish style with a San Miguel or two in the Mediterranean sunshine. Low handicappers Phil Vokes and Paul Sherlock set the early pace with 45 points and their gross betterball was a highly impressive five under par!

Fresh faced Jordan Spieth says he is still in shock after filling his lifetimes ambition when he won the Masters last week. He is the new US golf superstar. Fresh faced John Cottrell(9) could be the new Maxitours superstar after two strong performances to start the season. It is his partner Dave Goodier(17) who is in shock as he has never seen him play as well. Their 45 points saw them take 3rd place on a card play-off.

Manchester United legends Frank Stapleton(13) and Stuart Pearson(5) have seen their form mirror that of the super reds and their improvement in recent weeks culminated in a wonderful 46 points today. Pearson scored three impressive birdies on the tough back nine as he showed his sporting class.

Moaning Lancastrian Frank Hindle(14) was at it again before he went out to play. ‘I don’t know why I’m bothering playing today, I’ve got terrible gout in my big toe and my partner Mick Mahon(22) has got a bad back.’ Things improved greatly on the course as the likeable duo had a career best 47 points to take first place with some brilliant golf. Frank from Blackburn blames his gout on his liking for Eccles cakes rather than a bottle of red wine each night. ‘It’s the raisins rather than the grapes.’ He claimed munching on a celebratory fruit scone in the clubhouse after his round.

Well played chaps, great golf!
Thanks to everyone for your support despite the Easter holidays!
Roll on Summer.
Yours in golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 8th John Farrell Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin in 2 on 18th Pete O’Neill Dozen AD333s

2’s £120 3 pro v1s or 6 Srixons each Phil Vokes Frank Stapleton Stuart Pearson Kevin Hamilton Archie Tahir John Farnworth Terry Haywood John Safill Alan Forber Gary Nield Alan Smith Alan Pengelly

Dunham Forest 16-Apr-2015
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 47 12 FJ Shoes each
2 Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson 46 11 Galvin Shirt each
3 Dave Goodier, John Cottrell 45 10 Sunice shirt each
4 Phil Vokes, Paul Sherlock 45 9 Sunice Shirt each
5 Joe Yates, Gary Nield 44 8 FJ Shirt each
6 Archie Tahir, Fizz Ahmed 43 7 FJ Shirt each
7 Frank Massey, Pete O’Niell 43 6 Dozen AD333s each
8 Kevin Hamilton, Steve Boland 43 5 Titleist cap each
9 Colin Baxendale, Peter Booth 42 4 Titleist cap each
10 Richard Palmer, John Farnworth 42 3
11 Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 41 2
12 Tony Ramatowski, Pete Waterhouse 41 1
13= Alan Frazer, Alan Smith 41
13= Jim Caldwell, Peter Maxwell 41
13= Paul Waring, Ron Clarke 41
13= John Buckley , Anthony Grimley 41
17= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 40
17= Dave Wainwright, Jason Wright 40
17= Iain Bartholomew, John Hilditch 40
17= Bernard Wood, Gordon Warke 40
17= Simon Kaye, Roger Petit 40
17= Chris Adams, Terry Haywood 40
17= Dave Herbert, Ian Fairbrother 40
24= Roy Mills, David Hess 39
24= Ian King, Chris Wilde 39
24= Simon Bolam, Paul Allen 39
24= Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison 39
28= Gary Youall, Carl Mollart 38
28= Gordon Hamlett, Chris Brownhill 38
28= Roy Clowes, Les French 38
28= Dave Jones, Roy Goble 38
28= Rob Rhodes, Neil Millar 38
28= Jimmy O’Reilly, Alan Liegh 38
28= Ben Harris, Colin Harris 38
28= Ron Jolley, John Hilton 38
36= Rob Platt, Steve Morfitt 37
36= Kevin Chisnall, Ross Sellors 37
36= Brian Greenbank, Richard Scanlon 37
36= Kit Parkington, Jimmy Caffrey 37
36= Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly 37
41= Bob Sinclair, Paul Towers 36
41= Jeff Francis, Bob Francis 36
41= John Waggett, Mike Hindley 36
41= Andy Dawson-Gerard, Colin Lynch 36
41= John Safill, Mark Wilcockson 36
41= Kevin Hawkins, Dave Wilson 36
41= Alan Forber, John Longworth 36
41= Jon Farrell , Mick Philbin 36
49 Jason Henderson, Pete Cleaver 35
50= Simon Conway, Mark Williams 34
50= Carl H-Jones, Steve Johnson 34
50= Steve Parle, Gary Parle 34

Vale of Llangollen start times
Monday 20th April

10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.09 Ian King x4
10.18 Phil Vokes x4
10.27 Colin Lynch x4
10.36 Mark Williams x4
10.45 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.54 Steve Latchford x4
12.00 Pete Short x4
12.09 Andy Whittle x4
12.18 Ian Acton x4
12.27 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.36 Steve Rimmer x4
12.45 Chi Hu x4
12.54 Steve Parle x4
1.03 Bob Sutton x4
1.12 Ray Massey x4
1.21 Steve Foxcroft x4
1.30 Ian Greenough x4
1.39 Mick Mahon x4
1.48 Martin Firth x4
1.57 Damien Clayton x4
2.06 Neil Ritchie x4
2.15 Steve McDermott x4
2.24 Vernon Jones x4
2.33 Ged Daly x4
2.42 Dave Buckley x4?
3.18 Richard Blackwell x4
3.36 Richard Williamson x4