Results from Majestic Vale Royal Abbey

Fantastic new Winter Tour schedule released on Tuesday!!!

Next Thursday ‘The John Hilditch Classic’ at Dunham Forest -last few spots!

Results from beautiful Vale Royal Abbey.

Vale Royal was the ever popular venue for today’s Maxitours event.

Top manager Ian Embury and his class team gave us five star treatment and we were also ‘inundated’ with compliments about the quality of the course and the stupendous greens as players handed their cards in. I had heard reports that Vale Royal has been immaculate all summer and it seems today was no exception. Many thanks to everyone at the Club for all their hard work.

The glorious autumnal weather only added to the event and a great day was had by all.

Millionaire Joe Kirwan looked much smarter than he did at Clitheroe last week when he was seen wearing his recently purchased £8 JD Sports green golf trousers. The ‘pants, pants’ were briefly mentioned in my report last week and they have been the subject of much hilarity at his home club Bramall for the last seven days. He told me in the strictest confidence that to avoid further embarrassment they are to be ‘deported’ to his luxury villa in Spain next month. Sorry Joe.

As autumn slowly arrives it is the time of year when house spiders start to come indoors. As I washed one down the plug hole recently Kenny Chinns golf swing sprang to mind for some reason. Today the long legged seventeen handicap golfer teamed up with good friends Trevor Kenny(5) and Kishor Vadgama (17) and they were delighted to secure 3rd place with 84 points.

Brian Greenbank loves Abbeys and he has had a great week. On Sunday night he enjoyed settling down drinking cocoa and watching Downton with his wife as the new series returned. The likeable Hale member also played some majestic golf at Vale Royal. ‘I am very, very, Abbey with my performance’ he said as he handed the team card in. Playing partners Dave(13) and Mike Wainwright(20) and Matt Nelstrop(13) completed the talented team who were delighted with a season-best second place.

Taking first place and earning their first ever Maxitours victory was the Ashton on Mersey team of Paul Donnelly(8), Damien Clayton(11), Ian Thompson(8) and John Veitch(15). A poor start saw the team collect just five points after the opening two holes. Donnelly and his team then relaxed and had a wonderful back nine. Two birdies on the last gave the top lads an unlikely first win. Well played chaps, terrific!
Many thanks to everyone who played today, your support is really appreciated.

Whilst I was enjoying my invitation to The Knutsford Captains away day at Fixby, my good friend and respected PGA Professional Matthew Turnock kindly ran today’s event for me, thanks Matt.
I know that VW have had a bad week, however after a three course meal and plenty of red wine on the drive back from Huddersfield late last night there were a few faulty Emissions coming from some of our older members sitting near the back of the coach.

A gold cigarette lighter was lost on the 9th fairway – if you found it please call 07944 947581.

Nearest pin 10th Gavin Spencer Dozen AD333s
Nearest pin 16th Joe Shelley Dozen AD333s

2’s POT £157.50 8 pro V1s or 18 srixon AD333s – Brian Greenbank, Richard Palmer, G. Barrett (2 on par 4 3rd), Bill Willocks, Ted Ellis, Brian Hopkins (2 on par 4 3rd)

Vale Royal 24-Sep-2015
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Paul Donnelly, Damien Clayton, Ian Thompson, John Veitch 85 12 FJ Contour shoes each
2 Brian Greenbank, David Wainwright, Matthew Nelstrop, Mike Wainwright 84 10 Dozen z stars each
3 Trevor Kenny, Keneth Chinn, Kishor Vadgama, A N Other 84 8 Maxitours sweater each
4 Gary Neiles, Phil Holse, John Longworth, Alan Forber 83 6 Dozen AD 333s each
5 Tom Butler, Darren Sumner, Ian Marchant, Paul Ridgeway 83 4 Srixon Cap each
6 Brian Hopkins, Neil Worthington, Andrew Bastow, Steve Marsh 83 2 FJ Socks aech
7= Paul Higgins, Alan Cowling, Les Jones, Dave Skidmore 82
7= Ian King, Joe Kirwin, Simon Hemsley, Darren Whittaker 82
9= Neil Laurent, Gareth Kershaw, Gareth Winston, Robert Laurent 79
9= Sam Leach, Bob Chester, Kevin Reeves, Jim Hodges 79
11 Simon Poucher, Vic Nilsen, Brendan Leighton, Campbell 78
12= G. Barrett, J. Cunningham, G. Beresford, P. Bailey 77
12= John Allman, Jamie Hughes, R. Bloomer, Mick 77
12= David Smith, Terry Smith, Mike Taylor, Stewart Cragg 77
15= Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 76
15= Keith Haddaway *, Gary Christian, Nigel Dibble, Phil Bird 76
17= J. Pryce, J. Henderson, Ron Clark, Pete Smith 75
17= I. Walters, S. Johnson, R. Massey, J. Harrop 75
17= Tom Wilson, Rodney Mills, Bill Melia, other player 75
20= Gary Whittaker, Gavin Spencer, Joe Shelly, Bernie McDonald 74
20= Paul Rudkin, Chris Wrighton, Kevin Archer, Mike Shelley 74
22= Lewis Marland, Nick Ford, Kevin Seaton, Alf Shillitoe 73
22= Terry Paul, Bill Willocks, Peter Booth, Graham Bates 73
24= Graham Littler, Doug Botterill, Jim Doran, Andy Evans 72
24= Bill Parkinson , Alan Brough, Ken Swarbrick, Chris Ernill 72
24= Tom Dobbins, Ted Ellis , Gary Parle , Steve Parle 72
27 David Leak, Roy Parker, Ian Grant, Paul Baker 68
28 Wayne Coleclough, Gareth Monk, Malcolm Spark, Damian Defeany 66
29= Colin Baxendale, Ross Sellors, Kevin Chisnell, Mo Dar 65
29= Doug Edmunds, Dave Edmunds, Iain Neilson, Andy Moon 65
31 Jack Clarke, Rodney Barlow, Chris Dykins, Bernhard Wood 57

The John Hilditch Classic Pairs at Dunham Forest
Thursday 1st October

8.00 Colin Roberts x4
8.09 Jim Caldwell
8.45 Ian King x4
8.54 Colin Baxendale x4
9.03 Brendon Lieghton x4
9.12 Pete Cotton x2 Stuart Royle x2
9.21 Dave Stanhope x4
9.30 Dave Bentley x4
9.39 Mick Mahon x4
9.48 Ian Ainsworth x4
9.57 Neville Dennis x4
10.06 Peter Cross x4
10.15 Lewis Marland x2 Nigel Dibble x2
10.24 Jason Henderson x2 Paul Robinson x2
10.33 John Hilditch x4
10.42 Simon Conway x2 Anthony Grimley x2
10.51 Chris Adams x4
11.00 Ian Lilley x4
11.09 Paul Wrigley x4
11.18 Frank Stapleton x4
11.27 Ian Cairns x4
11.36 Brian Greenbank x4
11.54 Rob Weston x4
12.12 Roger Percival x4
12.21 Richard Blackwell x2 Ian Ritchie x2
12.30 Eddie Ellis x4
12.39 Andrew Burns x4
12.48 Steve Parle x4
12.58 Brian Hopkins x4