Results from lovely Llangollen

Great upcoming Maxitours events
Ringway 29th October £22.50- nearly full
Prestbury 5th November £25 – nearly full
Wilmslow 9th November £25- nearly full
Mottram Hall 19th November £20 -nearly full
Sandiway 21st November £25- nearly full

Maxitours at the Vale of Llangollen
It has been a terrific sporting fortnight for the Welsh. Their team is in the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup, the football team qualified for The European Championships and Llangollen Golf Club hosted lots of talented English golfers in the Maxitours event today. Thanks to all the superb staff at the special venue for looking after us all so very well.

It was unanimously agreed that the Llangollen bacon baps were the best on tour.

The superb Autumn weather continued and Llangollen really was a picture. As I looked out of the Clubhouse window there was a wonderful variety of colours on display. There was also a wonderful variety of shots on display as Maxitours players struggled on the uphill par three 18th- perhaps the toughest closing hole on the Maxitours rota.

After play John Flowers was assessing if the view from the Clubhouse was the best in the country. It is absolutely stunning with the course sitting in the bottom of an ancient glacial valley surrounded by outstanding natural features. ‘Tytherington golf and leisure still gets my vote’ he decided ‘ that young mothers aerobics class was amazing’
The back nine plays a lot tougher than the front nine and this was proved when only 3 teams out of 24 scored more points on their closing 9. Peter Hamlett’s team went from ‘Cruising to losing’ as they followed up an opening 43 points with a depressing 33 point haul on the back nine.

Roy Ainsworth’s team lets him down most weeks, this time Brian Ankers was to blame. ‘If Brian putted properly we would won’ said the Lymm man.

Roger Percival(7) is known as ‘Monkey’ by his team mates due to his fondness for trees. Today he kept his ball firmly on the fairways as he helped his team to an impressive 83 points. Ed Wilkinson(6), Pete Atherton(11) and Dan Percival(11) were all on fire on the back nine until the testing final hole where they could only manage a single point. Ed Wilkinson absolutely loves a beer and was nearly in tears as his team punished him for the late slip up ‘We are not staying for a drink’ said his disappointed Captain, Percival.

The strange talking Onnerley and Market Drayton Golf Club team of Ian Cairns(18), John Mills(14), Bryan Kirkham(26), and Pete Bowers(14) scored a superb 83 points to finish in 3rd. They are 4 lovely retired guys and ex PR man Bryan Kirkham’s claim to fame is looking after Joan Collins for a day. ‘She looked like an old washer woman when I picked her up at the train station but she did scrub up well’ said the charming Staffordshire man.

Formby Hall Vice- Captain Dave McDougall(11) teamed up with Jay Grant(21), Arthur Gray(21) and John Dickenson(22) They were delighted with 2nd place as they also scored 83 points. ‘I love this place’ said an emotional Dickenson as the likeable scousers team recorded their best finish of the year.

Taking the honours was Paul Woodbines(6) team of Kristian Oakes(10), Pete Keena(11) and Dave Goodwin(9). These are brilliant guys who love their golf. Woodbine is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and he has a great swing but has a fondness for thinning his chips. When he shouts ‘fore’ his team jump. Today ex international snooker and pool star Oakes also did some damage and he saw a few putts come in off the cushion as the team took a one shot win. Well played chaps I am really delighted for you.

Thanks to Rob Weston for collecting the cards late in the day. Not only is he a top golfer but he has he produced a lovely daughter and he is also very helpful to his son-in -law.

Thanks to everyone who supported this event, yours in golf, Tim

N Pin14th Ed Wilkinson(Legend) Dozen AD333s
N Pin 18th Ian Cairns Dozen AD333s

2’s £132.50 10 pro v1s or 24 srixon AD333s Steve Foxcroft(full seven iron into the par 4 5th hole-congratulations world class shot ) EdWilkinson John Mills Dave Stanhope

Vale of Llangollen 16-Oct-2015
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Paul Woodbine, Pete Keena, Dave Goodwin, Kristian Oakes 84 12 FJ shoes each
2 John Dickenson, Dave McDougall, Arthur Gray, Jay Grant 83 10 Maxitours sweater each
3 Ian Cairns, Bryan Kirkham, John Mills, Pete Bowers 83 8 Oakley shirt each
4 Roger Percival, Dan Percival, Peter Atherton, Ed Wilkinson 83 6 Dozen AD333s
5 Tom Butler, Ian Acton, Kevin Sharratt, Ian Marchant 81 4 Titleist cap each
6 Dave Stanhope, Phil Smeathers, Dave Antrobus, John Buckley 81 2 FJ Socks each
7= Matt Cheffins, Eddy Sterling, Saj Hashmi, Andy Knee 81
7= Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, Chris Marshall, Andy Hamlett 81
9= Grahame Barratt, Gary Hobson, Bryan Hobson, Paul Bayley 80
9= Roy Ainsworth, Peter Heald, Brian Ankers, Keith Edwards 80
11 Rob Weston, Tony Andrews, Steve Foxcroft, Trevor Webb 79
12= Steve McDermott, Paul Crisp, Liam Rex, John Aikenhead 78
12= John Royle, John Stubbs, Guy Hall, Dale Wallace 78
14= Colin Roberts, Geoff Andrews, John Waggett, Mike Hindley 77
14= David Kelly, Eddie Ellis, Dave Harlow, John Atkin 77
16 Pete Hamlett, Ivan Westcote, Ian Simcott, David Hess 76
17 Sam Leach, Bob Chesters, Jim Hodges, Kevin Reeves 74
18= Colin Baxendale, Phil Wise, Mo Dar, Kevin Chisnall 72
18= Jack Coleman, Neil Jones, Anthony Bloor, Steve Mattinson 72
18= Mike Fenton, Dave Griffiths, Steve Owen, Don Milligan 72
21 Peter Norbury, Rob Norbury, Mike Norbury, John Barnes 69
22 Geoff Allen, Gary Bailey, Steve Maddox, Jim Reynolds 68
23 Tim Spencer, Ron Sloane, Mark Saxon, Trichard Banks 63
24 Dave Bentley, Mark Hagerty, Dave Thomas, Roger Metcalfe 62

Stockport Pairs Monday 19th October £25
9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Ian King x4
9.19 Simon Conway x2 Hetash Patel x2
9.27 Graham Bates x4
9.36 John Berry x2 Phil Lockett x2
9.45 Adam Hart x2
10.03 Mick Mahon x4
10.21 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.30 Jason Henderson x4
10.39 Kevin Hart x4
10.48 Gareth Winstone x4
10.57 Dave Thomas x2 Steve Cuthbert x2
11.06 Steve Johnson x4
11.15 Colin Baxendale x4
11.24 Rob Platt x4
11.33 Paul Wrigley x4
11.42 Lee Jevons x2 Mike Sandell x2
11.51 Russell Humphries x4
12.00 Ron Sloane x4
12.09 John Hilditch x4
12.18 Ian Buxton x4
12.27 David Kelly x4
12.36 Dave Parsons x4
12.45 Brendan Leighton x4
12.54 Ben Harris x4
1.03 Carl Bolus x4
1.12 Steve Aspinall x4
1.21 Kenny Hackersx4
1.30 Ray Jones x4
1.39 Richard Blackwell x2 John Royle x2
1.57 Brian Hopkins x4

Mere Golf Club Galvin Green AM AM Start times
Thursday 22nd October
8.40 Phil Vokes x4
8.49 Ian King x4
8.58 Dave McCallum x4
9.07 S Royle x4
9.16 Mark Birtwistle x4
9.25 Mike Saxon x4
9.34 David Hess x4
9.43 Brian Greenbank x4
9.52 Warren Newton x4
10.01 Mick Mahon x4
10.10 Lewis Marland x4
10.19 John Hilditch x4
10.28 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.37 Neil Higgins x4
10.46 Chris Adams X4
10.55 Anthony Grimley x4
11.04 Peter Cross 4
11.13 Koos Alders x4
11.22 Paul Wrigley x4
11.31 Paul Robinson x4
11.40 Ian Lilley x4
11.49 Graham Littler x4
11.58 Sam Leach x4
12.07 David Kelly x4
12.16 Nigel Oakes x4
12.25 Ian Buxton x4
12.34 John Dickenson x4
12.43 Gav Dixon x4
12.52 Richard Blackwell x4
1.01 Dave Sarsfield x4
1.10 Roger Percival x4
1.19 Dave Thomas x4
1.28 Barry Jackson x4
1.37 Ian Broughan x4
1.46 Brian Hopkins x4
2.04 Dan Huffman x4