Results from free draining Ringway

Great upcoming Maxitours events
Vale Royal Weds 16th Dec- full
Caldy Thurs 7th Jan – room for 2 teams
Vale Royal Weds 13th Jan – last few spots
Ormskirk Thurs 21st- last few spots
Fairhaven Tuesday 26th -last few spots

Maxitours at the excellent and rain-free Ringway Golf Club

Ringway Golf Club kindly hosted today’s Maxitours event. There was an Incredible amount of overnight rain which caused flooding throughout the North West. I knew the event might be in doubt when half the car park was underwater when I arrived but the head green keeper was very optimistic that the free draining course would remain open!

Highly qualified Richie is a pleasure to deal with and he was very keen to not to disappoint our players. Right on cue the rain stopped at 11am and our players had a superb dry day on this great course which was one of the very few to be open in Manchester .

Thanks to all the staff for their wonderful hospitality, Ringway really make us feel very welcome indeed. The club has had some terrific Golf professionals in its long history and the trio of Tom Bruce, Alex Robertson and Nick Ryan will have served the club for a total of 100 years when Nick retires in February. We will miss his terrific service when Maxitours returns to Ringway in March. All the best Nick – a real legend and terrific role model.

The Knutsford Golf Club team have played in many events and been very supportive towards me throughout this season. Last week I felt guilty after they had a long walk to their nominated tee so I moved them to the first tee last night as a Christmas treat. I told their skipper Dave Kelly and his chums John Atkin and Dave Harlow the good news as they checked in. Unfortunately I forgot to tell their 4th member Stuart Blake. During your round today you may have spotted the likeable but lonely Geordie trudging for several miles around the Ringway Golf course scratching his head as he searched for his team.

Scoring was incredibly tight in the Am Am event as 4 teams shared second place with 84 points.

My old school PE teacher Pete Holmes from Macclesfield told me off on more than one occasion in the 1980’s for forgetting my white sport socks. I was delighted to see him finish in 5th place today and I took great pleasure in presenting him with a pair of black FJ socks for his efforts.

Mark Birtwistles Clitheroe team also had 84 points however a poor back nine relegating them into 4th place. Paul Nightingale(6), Mark Jones(12) and Alex Ashworth(10) completed the team.

High Legh’s Dave Stanhope(10), Dave Thomas(16), Mark Hegarty(13) and Tony Taylor(5) were ‘High Legh’ unlikely to win anything before they teed off after several recent poor performances. ‘We all played well’ said the ‘High Legh’ delighted nice guy Dave Stanhope as his team took 3rd place.

Second place went to top Saddleworth businessmen Dave Rhodes(16), Pete Norbury(18), Lee Tilley(11) and Dave Sarsfield(18). The four good pals are minted and they went to Barbados with their wives last week to prepare for today’s event. They were delighted to take runners up spot.

First place went to Paul Dalby(4), Phil Vokes(4), Steve Latchford(7) and Barney Ross(6). These guys play each week and are out in Manchester on their very own ‘Christmas Maxitours night’ out tonight. They could be seen playing some very good golf in some very bad Christmas sweaters. Their 86 points was good enough for their first win since March. Well played chaps.

Thanks to everyone for completing your round in just over 4 hours- terrific.
Nearest the Pin 13th Graham Kaye Dozen AD333’s
Nearest the Pin 16th Barry Jackson Dozen AD333’s
2’s £132.50 6 pro v1s or 14 Srixon AD333s each Mark Brierley Tony Andrews Andy Jackson Andy Collier Barry Jackson Johnny Barton John Morsfield

Ringway 10-Dec-2015
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Barney Ross, Steve Latchford 86 12 Ashworth Top each
2 Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Lee Tilley, Pete Norbury 84 10 Maxitours sweater each
3 Dave Stanhope, Tony Taylor, Mark Hagerty, Dave Thomas 84 8 Sunice/Maxitours Shirt each
4 Mark Birtwistle, Mark Jones, Paul Nightingale, Alex Ashworth 84 6 Taylor Made divot tool
5 Pete Tinkler, Pete Holmes, Rod Price, Mark Brierley 84 4 FJ Socks each
6 Joe Kerner, Dave Rolands, Andy Collier, John Morsfield 83 2
7 Sam Leach, Chris Walley, Jonny Barton, Mike Barker 82
8= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Paul Chapman, Dave Harrison 81
8= Steve Aspinall, Alan Drew, Alan Simpson, Peter George 81
10= Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer, Simon Hemsley 79
10= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Martin France, Pete Atherton 79
10= Richard Blackwell, Gary Smith, Andy Hamlett, John Hilton 79
13 Barry Jackson, Ray Massey, Graham Kaye, Bob Weir 78
14 Jim Caldwell, Nigel Milroy, Simon Maxwell, Stuart Hall 77
15 Graham Littler, Jim Doran, Pete Daniel, Joe Tyson 76
16= Ben Luscombe, Bill Rotherer, James Eadie, Martin Young 75
16= Rob Weston, Tony Andrews, Steve Foxcroft, Trevor Webb 75
16= Barie Simpson, Mark Morris, Martin Cox, Koos Alders 75
19= David Kelly, Dave Harlow, Stuart Blake, John Atkin 74
19= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnworth 74
21 Leigh Smart, Andy Jackson, Ray Tenant, Billy Rawsthore 73
22 Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough, Geoff Haynes, Bernard McDonald 69

Vale Royal
Weds 16th December 11am shotgun start
1a David Kelly x4
1b Lewis Marland x4
2a John Hilditch x4
2b R Blackwell x4
3 Barry Jackson x4
4 Mark Birtwistle x4
4b Gav Dixon x4
5a Dave Thomas x4
5b Richard Taylor Carr x4
6 Bob Mottershead x4
7a Neil Higgins x4
7b Neil Higgins x4
8a Chris Adams x4
9a Dave Parsons x4
9b Dave Sarsfield x4
10a Ian King x4
11a Jim Caldwell x4
11b John Stubbs x4
12a Richard Williamson x4
12b Mick Mahon x4
13 Bev Crute x4
14Roger Percival x4
14b Frank Stapleton x4
15a Dave Blood x4
15b Phil Vokes x4
16 Steve Johnson x4
17 Phil Dermott x4
18a Trevor Foster x4
18b Brian Hopkins x4
Leigh Smart x4
Mark Simister x4
Kenneth Chinn x4
Liam Harrison x4