Results from humid Vale Royal

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Thurs 7th Jan Caldy Team of 4 AM AM
Weds 13th Jan Vale Royal Team of 4 AM AM
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Maxitours at humid Vale Royal.

The finest December days golf in Maxitours history saw over 100 golfers enjoy this superb golf course. In the final event of the year the temperature was in the mid teens.

‘It was great to see the sun!’ remarked pasty faced Neil Higgins when he finished his round.
‘There were daffodils coming up out there!’ said Graham Fernley who must have had too much to drink at the office party last night.
Even Frank Hindle couldn’t find anything to complain about.

Vale Royal just gets better and better and as many players were splashing around in mud on their home courses the firm Vale Royal fairways were enjoyed by today’s full field. Many thanks to everyone for your 100% attendance.

Paul Hodgson was delighted with the underfoot conditions. ‘Look my trousers are completely dry’ said the chirpy Wychwood man . ‘There’s lots of mud on them though’ spotted playing partner Dave Peake. ‘That’s been there for a few weeks’ explained the scruffy but very likeable social worker.

Gav Dixon from Staffordshire enjoyed the warm weather which is set to last for a few weeks. ‘They will be firing up the barbeques on Christmas day in Stoke.’ Predicted the Trentham man.

In today’s event excellent greens and a slightly shorter than usual course saw some low scoring. Even Steve Johnsons team scored 77 points and they are usually hopeless.

Frank Stapleton’s team took 5th slot with 85 points and this was narrowly beaten by Chris Adam’s Prestbury team who scored 86 points.

Third place went to Dave Sarsfield(18), Lee Tilley(10) Pete Norbury(18) and Dave Rhodes(16). Rhodes has had a terrible run of form over the past two seasons and he gets so down about his golf that his team bought him some velcro golf shoes as he couldn’t be left alone in the clubhouse after his round with his laces. Today he had the best round of his life and recorded SIX gross birdies. ‘It was a shame the rest of my team was so bad’ said the talented Oldham man.

Low handicappers Ed Wilkinson(6), Roger Percival(6) , Martin France(4) and Pete Atherton(11) are playing much better this year than previous seasons and once again they were near the top of the leader board with an impressive 89 points.

Taking the honours today was Denton’s Jim Cox(2), Ian George(6), Dave Collinson(6) and Steve Jenkinson(10) with a terrific score of 18 under par. Jim Cox’ only previous win was in the shortened nine hole event at Wilmslow and many people questioned his ability to win over 18 holes. In fact he was terrible over the back nine but Ian George and Dave Collinson were on fire as they came home in 48 points. Well played chaps great golf!

Happy Christmas to all my players and I hope you have enjoyed playing my events as much as I have enjoyed running them. I wish you all good health and plenty of golfing success in the New Year.
Thanks for your support. Yours in Golf, Tim.

Nearest the pin 10th Brian Hopkins Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 16th -sorry the marker is still out there!

2’s £135 Dave Goodwin Frank Hindle Dave Thomas John Ashcroft John Bent Phil Vokes Tim Hardy Brian Hopkins 6 pro vs 15 srixons per two

Vale Royal 16-Dec-2015
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Jim Cox, Ian George, Dave Collinson, Steve Jenkinson 90 12 Tommy Hilfiger shirt each
2 Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Martin France , Pete Atherton 89 10 Maxitours sweater each
3 Dave Sarsfield, Pete Norbury, Lee Tilley, Dave Rhodes 88 8 FJ Shirt each
4 Chris Adams, Greg Adams, Paul Allen, Steve Hall 86 6 Sunice shirt each
5 Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson, Dave Wilson, 85 4 Cleveland Winter mitts
6 Jim Caldwell, Bob Picthall, Steven Barlow, John Kelsall 84 2 FJ Socks
7 Mark Birtwistle, Garry Smith, Alan Jones, Mark Jones 83
8= Joe Kirwan, Simon Hemsley, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 82
8= John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall, Sam Poole 82 senior bonus: FJ Socks each
10 Trevor Foster, Peter Cross, John Ashcroft, Mark Patton 81
11= Gavin Dixon, Paul Hodges, Tony Coleman, Dave Peake 80
11= Phil Dermott, Carl Dermot, Geoff Parsley , Mark Riley 80
13= Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett, John Hilton, Ron Jolley 79
13= Mick Mahon, John Farnworth, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle 79
13= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Barney Ross, John Bent 79
16= David Kelly , John Atkin, Dave Harlow, Bob Sutton 78
16= Bob Mottershead, Rob Plant, Keith Workman, Tim Hardy 78
18= Lewis Marland, Kevin Seaton, John Seaton, Dave Pullan 77
18= Richard Williamson, Dave Goodwin, Paul Woodbine, Peter Keena 77
18= Ian Walley, Mark Steggies, David Winfield, Gerald Wend 77
18= Steve Johnson, Carl H-Jones, , 77
22= John Hilditch, John Pratt, Paul Smith, Simon Lawton 76
22= Dave Thomas, Mark Hagerty, Phil Carr, Mark Hazeldon 76
24= Dave Parsons, Goeff Sherburn, Paul Bolter, Dave Smith 75
24= Barry Jackson, Barney Hunter, Bob Weir, Paul Milner 75
24= Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly, Mark Taylor, Darren Bridge 75
27= Bev Crute, Dave Bentley, Tony Andrews, Trevor Nicholson 73
27= Richard Taylor -Carr, Rob Wood, Robert Wilson, Alan Daniel 73
29 Neil Higgins, Andy Burns, Steve Murray, Andy Lawman 67

Caldy AM AM Start sheet
Thursday 7th January 11am shotgunJohn Bent Phil Vokes

1a Colin Roberts x4
1b Ian King x4
2 Mick Mahon x4
3 Roger Percival x4
3b Barrie Simpson x4
4 Steve Aspinallx4
5 Richard Williamson x4
5b Les Penson x4
6 Paul Wrigley x4 tbc
7 John Berry x4
8 Mike Dean x4
9 Grahame Barratt x4
10 Dave Blood x4
10b Dave Sarsfield x4
11 Phil Vokes x4
12a Ian Ainsworth x4
12b Brian Hopkins x4
13a Trevor Foster x4
13b Lewis Marland x4
14 John Hilditch x4
15 R Blackwell x4
16a David Kelly x4
16bRoy Ainsworth x4
17 Dave Parsons x4
18 Chris Adams x4