Results from dry Dunham

Maxitours at incredibly dry Dunham Forest

Yesterday’s torrential downpour left many local courses closed. Free draining Dunham Forest was well and truly open for business and the green keepers were up early hand cutting the excellent greens and preparing the bunkers. Many thanks for all their efforts. Top Head green keeper Chris leaves later this month to run a family business and he has done a remarkable job over the past eight years. Thanks to him Dunham is now rated as most definitely one of the premier courses in the North West.

Thanks also to Mike and Leslie Saxon who run a tight ship and produce some quality food. Pro Paul Dennis is also a pleasure to deal with.

Last week at Ringway John Royle was in the greenside bunker on the 16th.After a less than graceful swing he double hit the ball which then hit the top lip of the bunker and rebounded to hit him on his head. The four shot penalty took some adding up for the extremely likeable accountant. Today John and partner (the also very likeable) Dave Parsons were once again left counting the cost of a bad finish as they picked up just 4 points on the three tough closing holes to miss out on the prizes.

In today’s event the scoring was once again incredibly close.
Local estate agent John Hilditch (11) says he is sitting down with his wife tonight and having a selection meeting after he found a great new best friend in Clive Evans(9). The talented single figure handicapper stood in for regular partner Iain Bartholomew and was he just three over par today. ‘It’s nice to be back in the prizes’ added the wealthy Hale man after he finished in a season best 7th place.

Most of us have sat on one of Keith Tunstalls toilets in our lives. The ‘twyfords sanitory caster’ from Stoke on Trent has made plenty of toilet basins over the years. Today it was his hopes and dreams that were’ flushed’ away as his 43 points saw him closely ‘brush’ the major prizes. Jovial publican Terry Rathbone was his partner who had the smile ‘wiped’ off his face after poor finish followed their great start.

Andy Sandham(6) and Jack Meredith(9) live in the shadow of their more successful pals Jim Cox and Dave Blood. As the Spring heat wave hit South Manchester the Denton men had their very own day in the sun. ‘We were just relieved not to lose a fiver to those two’ said Sandham. Their 44 points was good enough for 3rd place.

Stuart Pearson(5) and Frank Stapleton(12) both played really well and were disappointed to narrowly miss out on first place as they also scored 44 points and lost out on a card play-off. ‘That would have been my biggest sporting achievement since I won the FA Cup with United’ said an upset Stapleton.

Taking the honours today for the first time were two top seniors from Lymm. Retired Architect Graham Littler(19) and Brian ‘had more jobs than hot dinners’ Hitchen(13) were both surprised and delighted to take top spot. Graham held his nerve with two excellent pars on the tough closing holes to overtake their closest competitors in some style. Well played chaps, I am really delighted for you.

Thanks for your 100% attendance. It is really appreciated. Yours in golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 15th hole Chris Adams Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin in two 18th hole Matt Spencer Dozen AD333s

2’s sweep ¬£152.50 3 pro v1s or 8 srixon AD333s
Simon Burgess Stuart Pearson x2 Paul Sherlock Mark Redfern Barney Ross Phil Vokes Jan Jagielka Martin Routley Chris Adams Roger Percival Andy Walmsley Dave Parsons Steph Hamilton Ray Tennant

Dunham 10-Mar-2016
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Graham Littler, Brian Hitchen 44 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Stuart Pearson, Frank Stapleton 44 11 Dozen Pro v1s each
3 Andy Sandham, Jack Meredith 44 10 Footjoy shirt each
4 Ian King, Darren Whittaker 43 9 Sunice shirt each
5 Paul McFee, John Bancroft 43 8 Sunice shirt each
6 Martin France, Pete Atherton 43 7 Dozen Wilsonsoft feel each
7 Clive Evans, John Hilditch 43 6 Titleist cap each
8 Alan Jones, Lee Wolstenholme 43 5 Taylor Made pitch repairer each
9 Geoff Gable, Neil O’Ryan 43 4 Footjoy socks each
10 Keith Tunstall, Terry Rathbone 43 3 Footjoy socks each
11 Gary Conroy, Mike Wilson 43 2
12 Mickey Gray, Al Demmy 43 1
13 John Royle, Dave Parsons 43
14= Richard Palmer, John Farnworth 42
14= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross 42
14= John Clarke, Mark Redfern 42
14= Roy Ainsworth, Barry Simpson 42
14= Mike Spencer, Matt Spencer 42
14= Dave Wilson, Kevin Hawkins 42
14= Steve Hall, Chris Adams 42
14= Ray Tennant, Leigh Smart 42
14= Dai Jones, Paul Kinder 42
23= Dave Blood , Jim Cox 41
23= Paul Sherlock, Steve Latchford 41
23= Warren Newton, Matt Jansen 41
23= Eric Gregory, Steve Aspinall 41
23= Brendan Leighton, Martin Routley 41
23= Peter Daniels, Joe Tyson 41
23= Joe Yates, Keith Boothroyd 41
23= Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett 41
31 Alan Forber, John Longworth 40
32= John Horsley, Dave Harlow 39
32= Dave Marchant, Jeff Andrews 39
32= Les Russon, Ken Clarke 39
32= Simon Burgess, Steve Merricks 39
32= Trevor Foster, Andy Walmsley 39
32= Dale Beaghan, Pete Ledger 39
32= Roger Percival, Dan Percival 39
32= Sam Leach, Bob Chester 39
32= Steph Hamilton, Ian Quirk 39
32= Billy Rawsthore, 39
42= Simon Poucher, Jan Jagielka 38
42= Sean Bate, Darren Jones 38
42= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 38
42= David Kelly, Bob Sutton 38
42= Lewis Marland , Alf Shillitoe 38
42= Mark Williams, Stuart Royle 38
42= Paul Allen, Paul Wild 38
42= Peter Jones, Terry Chaplin 38
42= Brian Greenbank, Matt Nelstrop 38
42= Marc Morris, Koos Alders 38
42= John Hilton, Ron Jolley 38
53= Jody Kerner, Tony O’Neill 37
53= Andy England, Rob Caruana 37
53= Paul Browne, Dale Wallace 37
53= John Jones, Dave Moore 37
53= Carl Watterson, Warren Simister 37
58= Jim Hodges, Kevin Reeves 35
58= Paul Bishop, Carl Kennedy 35
60 Keith Allen, Munroe Donald 34
61= Dave Wainwright, Martin Bramwell 33
61= John Stubbs, Guy Hall 33

Caldy start times Thursday 17th March
11am Shotgun
1a David Kelly x4
1b Ian King x4
2 Martin Cox x4
3 Chris Adams x4
3b Steve Aspinall x4
4 Richard Williamson x4
5b Pete Cotton x4
6 Gary Bailey x4
7a John Berry x4
7b Gary Smith x4
8 Barry Jackson x4
9 Leigh Smart x4
9b Ian Acton x4
10 Pete Birtwistle x4
11 Roy Ainsworth x4
11b Les Russon x4
12a John Stubbs x4
12b Roger Percival x4
13 John Dickenson x4
14a Phil Vokes x4
14b Paul Wrigley x4
15 Brian Hopkins x4
16a Lewis Marland x4
16b Mick Fenton x4
17 Rob Weston x4
18a Colin Roberts x4
18b Richard Blackwell x4

Graham Bates x2