Full results from Marvellous Mere!

Dunham Forest 14th April room for 4 pairs
Conwy Pairs 19th April last few times
Knutsford Singles 21st April-spaces
Vale of Llangolen Friday 29th April- last few spaces
Vale Royal AM AM 6th May – nearly full
Bramall Park Pairs 10th May- filling fast

Maxitours at Marvellous Mere

At 7am the Mere course and driveway was underwater after some seriously heavy overnight rain. Less than two hours later the rain had stopped and the excellent Mere greens were incredibly fit for play as nearly 170 golfers enjoyed their first round of the golfing season.

Mere is an exceptional venue and the staff are incredibly accommodating. The green keeper and Ian Berry the golf manager were very helpful and their hard work ensured the day went ahead and was a huge success- many thanks chaps.

The course looks in great shape for the coming season however not all players made the most of the excellent greens.
‘That was the worst display of putting by four grown men I have ever seen’ reported a shell shocked Sam Leach.

Rory McIlroy missed the par 3 contest at Augusta yesterday. John Neale doesn’t usually have a lot in common with talented Rory but today he also decided to miss out the par 3 holes as he failed to score a single point for his team on them.

The aptly named David Leack has had a tough winter with all the rain and floods in Kendal. His team set off from the Lake District this morning in glorious sunshine but arrived in Cheshire as the last torrential downpour hit Knutsford ‘just our bl**** luck!’ said the Cumbrian. David was also ‘leaking’ plenty of shots on the course as any hopes of victory he had were washed down the drain.

After some excellent results recently Dave Harlow informed his team that he has been practicing in his back garden all week to maintain his high level of performance. ‘He needs a bigger back garden’ was the general consensus of the Knutsford men after a less than average 67 point haul.

Respected GP Dr Ed Cotton also loves a bit of Gardening and Golf to help him relax after a stressful week at work. Today he combined the two and disappeared more than once over hedges into gardens bordering the course as he searched for his wayward drives.

Graham Bates’ team struggled and they were hoping to destroy the evidence of their bad play by going home quietly without handing their card in. ‘Then that daft b****r got a two’ said Graham looking at Terry Paul ruefully.

Musician Phil Ashcroft has started playing great golf since he met his lovely new girlfriend Shan on the dating website ‘plenty of fish’. Today he wasn’t at his best and he left ‘plenty of his balls’ in the famous Mere.

In the Galvin Green Classic event the scoring was tough as well over ten teams failed to break par. After a pre-round tip the usually white knuckled Matt Jansen(11) was told to soften his grip when pitching. Things immediately improved for the Blackburn and England striker and he led his team into 5th place with some delicate little chips.

Wilmslow’s Jim Caldwell(10) works hard and plays even harder. The successful businessman is well into his seventies and visits the gym most days and enjoys at least three round of golf a week. All the hard work paid off with a fourth place finish as he teamed up with Bob Picthall(17), David Williams(21) and Ray Tuft(14) to score 81 points.

David Gill(16) had some stressfull moments as Chief Executive at Man United when he had to answer to the Glaziers and also had several run-ins with Sir Alex. He had to answer to Hale team mates Dave Wainwright(13), Brian Greenbank(6) and Martin Bramwell(9) today and they gave him the hairdryer treatment after he missed a costly two footer on the last to miss out on a maiden victory. To be fair to the football giant he played exceptionally well for the previous 17 holes and showed his class as he rolled in more than a few pressure putts.

Hazel Grove’s Simon Ashton(9) Mick Jones(10) Richard Booth(14) and Dan Moss(7) were out late and despite the tougher conditions the amiable quartet were absolutely delighted with 2nd place.

Winning for the first time this year was the likeable Grange Park team of Billy Rawsthore(6), Ray Tennant(4), Leigh Smart(1)and Andy Jackson(4). A steady front nine suddenly ignited as big Billy birdied the tough 13th and the team picked up 7 points to set up a strong finish. Well played chaps excellent golf.

Thanks to all players for your superb support, it was great to see the Maxwell team of my Dad, Father in Law Rob and legendary Uncle Trevor finish dead last. I knew I had great golfing genes…..

Yours in Golf Tim

Nearest the Pin 8th John Clarke Dozen Wilson DX soft
Nearest the pin 14 Les Corner Dozen Wilson DX soft

2’s £245 5 pro v1s or 14 srixon AD 333s Trevor Watts Andy Jackson Mike Dean Kevin Hamilton Phil Vokes x2 Lee Tilley Hetash Patel Simon Taylor Les Corner Sam Leach Terry Paul Frank Stapleton Richard Booth

Mere 07-Apr-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Leigh Smart, Billy Rawsthore, Ray Tennant, Andy Jackson 84 12 Galvin Green Insula top each
2 Simon Ashton, Mick Jones, Richard Booth, Dan Moss 84 10 Galvin Green shirt each
3 David Wainwright, Brian Greenbank, David Gill, Martin Bramwell 84 8 Galvin Green shirt each
4 Jim Caldwell, Bob Picthall, David Williams, Ray Tuft 81 6 Galvin Green insula hat each
5 Matt Jansen, Simon Hemsley, Warren Newton, Dave Woods 81 4 Galvin Green insula hat each
6 Mick Mahon, John Farnworth, Frank Hindle, Munro Donald 81 2 Galvin Green cap each
7 Mike Dean, Pete Tomlinson, Mike Masser, Neil Swarbrick 80 Galvin Green cap each
8 Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Kevin Hamilton, Steve Latchford 78
9= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Pete Atherton, Martin France 77
9= Lee Tilley, Pete Norbury, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 77
11= John Dickenson, Dave Plant, Paul Lord, Bob Mottershead 76
11= Paul Wrigley, Tez Modlinski, Phil Myers, Jack Fallows 76
11= Colin Seddon, Tony O’Neill, Jody Kerner, Bob Montford 76
11= Andy Hall, Mick Fenton, Tom Fenton, Neil Shawcross 76
15 Dave Blood, Andy Sandham, Phil Hudson, John Clarke 75
16= Graham Littler, Jim Doran, Peter Daniels, Brian Hitchin 74
16= Mike McCurdy, John Farrell, Dave Goodier, John Cottrell 74
16= Martin Cullen, Ewan McCrea, Hetash Patel, Dave Vesty 74
16= Gary Neiles, Joe Yates, Alan Forber, John Longworth 74
20= Jonathon Hudson, Mike Hill, John Taylor, Paul Salt 73
20= Steve Aspinall, Barry Wilson, Adam Galvin, Simon Wilkinson 73
20= Gary Garner, Ray Twist, Phil Ashcroft, Ray Ward 73
23 Sean Bate, Andy Collier, Peter Chesworth, Peter Connelly 72
24= John Neale, John Lawson, Kenny Granell, Tim Peterson 71
24= Garry Smith, Mark Jones, Les Corner, Pete Buckley 71
24= Ken Ogden , Alan Ormesher, Paul Ogden, Simon Taylor 71
27 Steve Parle, Gary Parle, Gordon Warke, Dave Smith 70
28= Dave Thomas, Mark Hagerty, Ed Cotton, Julian Neald 69
28= Richard Blackwell, Andy Hamlett, Peter Freeman, Keith Potter 69
30= Jason Waite, Steve Pinnington, Steve Lowe, Vinnie Jordan 68
30= Ian Ainsworth , Geoff Haynes, Alan Clough, Alan Worthington 68
30= Sam Leach, Bob Chesters, Mike Barker, Alex McClay 68
33= David Kelly, Bob Sutton, John Atkin, Dave Harlow 67
33= Trevor Foster, Peter Cross, Dale Beaghan, Peter Ledger 67
35= David Leack, Peter Marshall, Charlie Sill, Brian Sill 65
35= Graham Bates, Martin Byatt, Terry Paul, Dave Beard 65
37 Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson, Dave Wilson, Mike Streeter 64
38 Colin Roberts, Geoff Andrews, Terry Rathbone, Keith Tunstall 63
39 Tom Jarvis, Ken Hulme, Mike Eardley, Ron Heald 61
40 Trevor Watts , Rob Weston, Peter Maxwell , J Maxwell Too bad to publish

8.00 Colin Roberts x4
8.16 Rob Platt x4
8.25 Mark Wheeker x2
8.33 Garry Smith x4
8.41 Bri Greenbank x4
8.49 Ian King x4
9.00 Jason Waite x4
9.08 Simon Hemsley x4
9.17 Phil Vokes x4
9.25 Dave Blood x4
9.34 Pete Short x2 Simon Cusick x2
9.43 Leigh Smart x4
9.52 Steve Foxcroft x4
10.00 Mick Mahon x4
10.10 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.19 Roger Percival x4
10.28 Paul Browne x4
10.37 Lewis Marland x2 John Hilditch x2
10.45 Pete Freeman x2 Ray Ward x2
10.54 Frank Stapleton x4
11.03 Steve Johnson x4
11.11 Trevor Foster x4
11.20 Steve Lamont x4
11.28 Martin Cullen x4
11.36 Pete Cotton x2 Mark Jones x2
11.44 Dave McCallum x4
11.52 Nic Hercules x2 Richard Blackwell x2
12.09 Steve Aspinall x4
12.18 Paul Wrigley x4
12.27 Jody Kerner x4
12.36 Graham Bates x4
12.44 Brian Hopkins x4
12.52 Tom Butler x2 Matt Cheffins x2
1.00 Lee Tilley x4