Results from delightful Dunham

*Spaces at classic seaside links Conwy pairs on Tuesday (revised times below)
*Spaces at pretty parkland Knutsford singles on Thursday -individual players welcome (times below)
*Llangollen Friday 29th April , Vale Royal 6th May and Bramall 10th May – nearly full

Maxitours at delightful Dunham Forest

As other Manchester courses were once again closing for business due to more overnight rain the stunning Dunham Forest course was playing near its very best. The greens were tremendous and the course was incredibly dry.
‘I have played a few courses over the past month but that was by far the best- tell the green keeper I am very impressed’ remarked intelligent Jason Waite. Thanks also to Mike and Leslie Saxon who somehow manage to serve Michelin star food at golf club prices!

Larger than life characters Roy Ainsworth and Joe Yates were late entries for Dunham Forest and I knew there would be fun and games when I teamed them up with top premiership referee Mike Dean and his partner Pete Tomlinson. Apparently the revelry started on the 8th hole when Roy’s ball horseshoed out of the hole and Roy exclaimed ‘referee!’ After his round I asked Mike how his opponents had played. ‘They were nice blokes but they played so badly I nearly sent both them off after nine holes’ he replied with a wink.
After a better back nine Roy and Joe were delighted to narrowly beat their referee opponent on the final hole. ‘we won in Fergie time!’ chuckled Roy.

Keith Potter(8) is well into his seventies and when he checked in today I was impressed that he was still playing to a single figure handicap. He told me that he used to play off 2 in his youth. I then asked his even older playing partner Peter Freeman(15) if he had ever had a low handicap ‘no, I’ve always been bad’ he replied honestly.

Danny Willett played great golf in the last round to become the first English golfer to win the Masters after a twenty year wait. It has nearly been that long since Hazel Grove’s Geoff Haynes(7) won a Maxitours prize and he played some great golf alongside Bernard Langer ‘lookalike’ Alan Worthington(14) from Davenport. They scored 43 points to finish in 7th, well done.

Paul Wrigley(6) and Aiden Hoosen(1) from Hopwood had their best finish for a couple of years with an excellent 44 points to take 3rd place. ‘I did all the damage’ said modest Wriggers.

Second place went to Mark Wheeler(14) and Dave Murphy(10) from Upton-by-Chester. These two were regular but very unsuccessful Maxitours players four years ago before work got in the way of their golf. The break did them the world of good as they finished second on 45 points.

There was some great golf on the par fives with 69 year old Pete Cotton rolling back the years to reach the 11th in two, Les Penson also from Knutsford started his round with an eagle on the long 1st and then decided to relax for the rest of his round and let his partner Bev Crute do all the work. Classy Iain Bartholomew(4) eagled the 14th with a tap in. Martin France(2) from Lymm went one better when he eagled both the 1st and 11th holes on his way to victory. He teamed up with the much less talented Roger Percival(4) to take 1st place. – Great golf chaps, well played.

Thanks to everyone for your terrific support, yours in golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 8th Richard Powell Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin 18th Joe Kirwan Dozen AD333s

2’s £162.50 4 pro v1s or 10 srixons per 2 Roger Percival Martin France Dave Murphy Phil Vokes Billy Rawsthore Andy Jackson Matt Kevin Hamilton Simon Cusick Paul Wrigley Dave Goodier Dave Rhodes

Dunham Forest 14-Apr-2016
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Roger Percival, Martin France 45 12 Srixon cart bag each
2 Dave Murphy, Mark Wheeler 45 11 Ashworth wind sweater each
3 Paul Wrigley, Aiden Hoosen 44 10 Dozen PRO V1s each
4 Phil Vokes, Barney Ross 44 9 Footjoy shirt each
5 Ian King, Jack Hankinson 43 8 Sunice shirt each
6 John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 43 7 Sunice shirt each
7 Geoff Haynes, Alan Worthington 43 6 Sunice shirt each
8 Alan Simpson , Alan Drew 43 5 Sunice shirt each
9 Billy Rawsthore, Andy Jackson 42 4 Fj socks each
10 Dave Goodier, Dave Herbert 42 3 Fj socks each
11 Lee Tilley, Pete Norbury 42 2 Fj socks each
12 Paul Browne, Ted Barker 42 1 Fj socks each
13= Les Penson, Bev Crute 41
13= Warren Newton, Matt Jansen 41
13= Jason Waite, Steve Lowe 41
13= Dave Wainwright, Paul Simpson 41
13= John Hilton, Richard Blackwell 41
13= Dale Wallace, Steve Berg 41
13= Julian Hurst, David Vesty 41
13= Mark Jones, Mark Smith 41
13= Gary Hornby, Paul Lord 41
13= Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 41
23= Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 40
23= Kevin Hamilton, Paul Dalby 40
23= Pete Atherton, Dan Percival 40
23= Steve Morfitt, Rob Platt 40
23= Gareth Winston, Lewis Marland 40
23= Tim Spencer, Ron Sloane 40
23= Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson 40
23= Bernard Wood, Craig Sudworth 40
23= Phil Myers, Mick Philbin 40
32= Roy Ainsworth, Joe Yates 39
32= Lee McKee, Gary Conroy 39
32= Gary Youall, Carl Mollart 39
32= Alan Clarke, Gary Jaques 39
32= Brian Greenbank, Phil Smeathers 39
32= Gary Smith, Lee Murphy 39
32= Alan Clough, Ian Ainsworth 39
39= Mike Dean, Pete Tomlinson 38
39= Mark Williams, Simon Conway 38
39= Simon Hemsley, Will Hudson 38
39= Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer 38
39= Steve Brookes, Steve Lamont 38
39= Trevor Foster, Dean Beaghan 38
39= Martin Cullen, Hetash Patel 38
39= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry 38
47= Mick Mahon, Munro Donald 37
47= Tony Andrews, Steve Foxcroft 37
47= Simon Ashton, Les Stenson 37
47= Dave Johnson, Howard Baker 37
47= Pete Ledger, Pete Houston 37
47= Pete Cotton, Ed Cotton 37
47= Nigel Craig, Peter Smith 37
47= Jody Kerner, Colin Seddon 37
55= Simon Cusick, Duncan Wilde 36
55= Doug Broadstock, Pete Sumner 36
57 Dave McCallum, Kevin Barker 35
58= Dave Buckley, Pete Short 33
58= Peter Freeman, Keith Potter 33
60= Steve Johnson , Ewan McCrae 32
60= Mike Gee, John Dawson 32

This Tuesday’s Conwy Golf Club times (19th April)
10.45 Bob Sutton x4
10.53 Colin Roberts x4
11.01 Ian King x4
11.09 Jim Caldwell x2 Pete Cotton x2
11.17 Mick Mahon x4
11.26 Trevor Foster x4
11.34 Phil Dermott x4
11.43 Colin Baxendale x4
11.52 Ian Acton x2 Lee Jevons x2
12.03 Fizz x4
12.21 Ian Ainsworth x4
12.39 Tim Spencer x4
12.48 John Hilditch x4
12.53 Pete Short x2 Martin Cox x2
12.57 Mark Redfern x2 Kev Hart x2
1.06 Simon Poucher x4
1.15 Roy Ainsworth x4
1.24 Max Henderson x4
1.33 Simon Hemsley x4
1.42 Dave Goodier x4
1.50 Reuben Fielding x4
2.00 Paul Wrigley x4
2.10 Gary Garner x2
2.19 Steve Aspinall x4
2.28 Richard Blackwell x2
2.37 Dave Antrobus x4 tbc
2.46 Gav Sutcliffe x4
2.55 Pete Birtwistle x4
3.49 Mick Fenton x4

Thursdays Knutsford Singles start times(21st April)
10.30 Colin Roberts x4
10.39 Jim Caldwell x2 Mark Jones x2
10.48 Ian King x4
10.57 Roger Percival x4
11.06 Phil Vokes x4
11.24 11.33 Dave Thomas x2 Pete Short x2
11.42 Simon Ashton x2 Simon Poucher x2
12.00 John Dickenson x4
12.09 Jim Clarke x2 Jason Henderson x1
12.30 Brian Hopkins x4