Results from World Class Worsley

Great Upcoming Maxitours events!
Conwy Monday 27th June- just room for 3 teams!
Thurs 7th July Davenport 10-3pm Pairs £22.50
Thurs 14th July Mottram Hall Titleist AM AM £20
Fri 22nd July Hopwood Pairs 10-3pm £25 a must play course in great condition!
Fri 29th Dunham Forest AM AM 8-1pm £25

Maxitours at Worsley

Historic Worsley Golf Course is always a popular venue and over 100 Maxitours players enjoyed this Manchester gem. The course was in superb condition and the excellent weather ensured a great day was enjoyed by all. The greens were carpet -like and there was a very steady string of compliments throughout the day as players finished their round.
‘Please pass on our thanks to the green staff- that was excellent’ said knowledgeable Phil Smeathers.

Colin Roberts was first out and his team were around in just over 3 and a half hours. I told him they must have played well to get round so quickly.
‘We found our balls quicker than usual this week!’ honest team mate Jeff Andrews replied.

England are drawn to play Iceland on Monday night in the last sixteen of the Euros. Burger eating Dave Antrobus is well travelled but he has never been to Iceland. I thought this may be perhaps because Iceland only has 60 golf courses for golf mad Dave to play. It was later pointed out to me that Iceland is the only country in Europe that doesn’t have a McDonalds restaurant .

Ryan Giggs lives in a huge house bordering the wonderful Worsley course. He took a well earned break from a yoga workout this morning and looked out of his bedroom window just in time to watch Jim Kenyon make an impressive birdie three on the tricky 5th.

A few Maxitours players voted in the referendum before arriving at Worsley ‘you may as well look at your belly button to decide whether you are and inny or an outy’ was the conclusion of intelligent businessman Paul Denny.

Paul Sherlock was thinking about voting to stay IN unfortunately his ball was definitely OUT as the likeable Didsbury man hooked one over the trees on the 7th.

In today’s event the conditions were ideal for scoring but this excellent James Braid design got the better of many players. A very respectable score of just 84 points was surprisingly good enough to take the spoils.

Dave Stanhope(10), Giles Terry(15), Phil Smeathers (6)and Dave Antrobus (10)normally feature at the wrong end of the leaderboard. For some reason things have improved in the last couple of weeks and the High Legh/ Knutsford men have found a little bit of team spirit as they finished in an impressive 3rd place.

Wilmslows Jim Caldwell(10) had his best result of the season as he teamed up with Marriots Andrew Aherne(18), Bob Picthal(17)l and Styal’s Simon Maxwell(13). Jim is around the 70 year old mark but is as fit as a fiddle and was in fine form especially on the front nine. Simon is my brother but when I spent my childhood learning to play golf he was busy trainspotting at Crewe station. Despite having a swing quicker than an inter city 125 express he was on the right track today. Well played bro!

Winning today’s event was Castle Hawks Archie Tahir(5) Fizz Ahmed(8) Mo Rafiq(12) and Tal Mahmood(6). The likeable lads have played all season with very little success but today they were delighted and a little surprised to win with just 84 points. ‘We had a great day and absolutely love this golf course’ said team Captain and top man Archie. Well played chaps!

Thanks to all who played today, I hope you had a great day on the links, Tim.
2’s £125 3 pro V1s or 8 srixon AD333s Jim Caldwell Simon Maxwell Dave Antrobus Ray Tennant Steve Hall Charlie Cunningham Kevin Moran Bob Anderson Martin Callahan Dean Jagger

Nearest the Pin 16th Paul Dalby Doz AD333s
Nearest the Pin 18th Martin Callahan Doz AD333s

Worsley 23-Jun-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Archie Tahir, Fizz Ahmed, Mo Rafiq, Tal Mahmood 84 12 Srixon Travel cover each
2 Jim Caldwell, Simon Maxwell, Bob Picthall, Andrew Aherne 83 10 Ashworth windsweater each
3 Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, Phil Smeathers, Giles Terry 82 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Graham Bates, Terry Paul, Rob Little, David Beard 81 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 81 4 Srixon Cabretta glove each
6 Leigh Smart, Ray Tennant, Billy Rawsthore, Andy Jackson 80 2
7= Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe, Gareth Winstone, Barry Shaw-Allen 80
7= Martin Cox, Mark Morris , Koos Alders, Barrie Simpson 80
9= Liam Harrison, Graham Brownhill, Paul Bennett, James Doodson 78
9= Neil Williamson, Pete Booth, Martin Byatt, Tony Williamson 78
11= Jim Clarke, Neil Topping, Jim Kenyon, Darryll Parker 77
11= Chris Adams, Steve Hall, Charlie Cunningham, Terry Hayward 77
11= Paul Kennedy, Pete Short, Steve Dunphy, Martin Callahan 77
14= John Pratt, Safari Dave, Dave Doyle, Bob Anderson 76
14= Pete Norbury, Lee Tilley, Rob Norbury, Dean Jagger 76
16= Josh Brand , Dan Percival, Brent DeBoeck, Gary DeBoeck 75
16= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Paul Dalby, Paul Sherlock 75
18 Colin Roberts, Geoff Andrews, John Rigby, Dave Marchant 74
19 David Kelly, Bob Sutton, Dave Harlow, John Atkin 73
20= Ian Ainsworth , Geoff Haynes, Bernard McDonald, Alan Worthington 72
20= John Stubbs, Guy Hall, Keith Coxon, Dave Parsons 72
20= Dave Tracy, Andrew Bennett, Graham Davie, Jason Brooks 72
23 Pete Birtwistle, Kenny Stephens, John Callahan, Kevin Moran 70
24 Gary Christian, Steven Hoyle, Darren Roscoe, Mark McKenzie 69
25 Kevin Chisnall, Mo Dar, Phil Wise, Steve Smith 67

Conway AM AM Start times
Monday 27th June
10.05 Colin Roberts x4
10.14 Jim Caldwell x4
10.23 Ian King x4
10.32 David Kelly x4
10.41 Dave Stanhope x4
10.50 Roger Percival x4
10.59 Ken Stevens x4
11.07 Neale Laurent x4
11.15 Dale Beaghan x4
11.24 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.33 Mick Mahon x4
11.42 John Hilditch x4
11.51 Jack Coleman x4
12.00 Simon Ellery x4
12.09 David Kelly x4
12.18 Kevin Chisnall x4
12.27 Dennis Whelan x4
12.36 Rob Weston x4
12.45 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.54 Frank Stapleton x4
1.03 Ian Lilley x4
1.12 Sam Leach x4
1.21 Paul Rudkin x4
1.30 Mike Dobson x4
1.39 Roy Bramwell x4
1.48 Nigel Oakes x4
1.57 Dave Goodwin x4
2.06 Les Russon x4
2.15 John Stubbs x4
2.24 Keith Workman x 4
2.42 Neil McKinlay x4
3.09 Leigh Smart x4
3.18 Paul Griffiths x4
3.27 Ray Jones tbc
3.36 Peter Harrison x4
3.55 Gary Garner x4
4.05 Archie Tahir x4