Results from Cracking Conwy

Great upcoming Maxitours events this July!

Thurs 14th July Mottram Hall Titleist/Footjoy sponsored AM AM £20
Fri 22nd July Hopwood Pairs 10-3pm £25– a must play course in great condition!
Fri 29th Dunham Forest AM AM 8-1pm £25

Maxitours at Cracking Conwy
Superb sunshine, a challenging seaside breeze and one of the best links courses in the world made for an exceptional days golf at Conwy today.

The report is brief as today’s event was run by the incredibly attractive Karen Gallagher.

I decided to play in the Cheshire and North Wales Open at Northrop Hall and after a performance to rival the England football team I am struggling to contain my excitement after discovering I have just won a cheque for £10 after finishing in a tie for 15th place.

In today’s event scoring reflected the tough but enjoyable conditions and Roy Ainsworths team battled into 5th with 78 points.
Dave Stanhopes team continued there good form with 4th place with 79 points.
One handicapper Leigh Smart is a class act and he enjoyed the test -leading his team into 3rd with 79 points.
Peter Atherton’s men were delighted to score 80 points to take 2nd.

The Ex Manchester United duo of Frank Stapleton(13) and Arthur Albiston(8) took a rest from commentating on the Euros and they had their first win of the Summer with 83 points playing alongside big Dave Wilson(8) and Kevin Hawkins(8).- Well played chaps, great win!

Iain Bartholomew got married on Saturday and despite looking slightly exhausted his celebrations continued as he won nearest the pin on the 2nd- Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who played today and to Maxitours player Dan Percival for sponsoring the event- he is really switched on and could help your business:

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Nearest the pin 2nd Iain Bartholomew Dozen Srixon AD333s

Nearest the Pin 6th David Williams Dozen Srixon AD333s

2’s £200 8 Pro V1s or 18 AD333s each Arthur Albiston, David Kelly, Giles Terry, Josh Brand, Frank Hindle, Iain Bartholomew, Richard Walmsley Nigel Davenport.

1st Fj Rainshirt each
83 points – Frank Stapleton, Arthur Albiston, Dave Wilson, Kevin Hawkins
2nd Maxitours Merino Sweater
80 points -Pete Atherton, Josh Brand, Chris Hunt, Martin France
3rd Sunice shirt each
79 points – Leigh Smart, Ray Tennant, Andy Jackson, Billy Rawsthore
4th Maxitours shirt each
79 points – Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, John Buckley, Giles Terry
5th Srixon Shoe bag
78 points – Ian Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Brian Ankers, Peter Heald
Full Conway Results
Team Captain

Frank Stapleton 83
Martin France 80
Leigh Smart 79 42
Dave Stanhope 79 36
Roy Ainsworth 78
Jim Caldwell 77
Paul Griffiths 76
Mick Mahon 75 40
Colin Roberts 75 37
Ian King 75 36
Les Russon 74 38
Dave Goodwin 74 36
Nigel Oakes 73
Mike Dobson 72 35
John Hilditch 72 34
Ken Stevens 71
David Kelly 70 38
Bernard McDonald 70 34
Keith Workman 69
Roy Bramwell 68 38
Neale Laurent 68 37
Jack Coleman 68 36
John Stubbs 67 34
Ian Lilley 67 32
Dale Beaghan 66
Andy Riley 65 35 25
Paul Rudkin 65 35 21
Sam Leach 64
Simon Ellery 63
Kevin Chisnall 61
Dennis Whelan 59

Davenport Pairs Thursday 7th July
10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.09 Ian King x4
10.18 Roger Percival x4
10.27 Brian Greenbank x4
10.36 Mick Mahon x4
10.45 Dave Stanhope x4
10.54 Lewis Marland x2 Peter Booth x2
11.03 Chris Adams x4
11.12 Trevor Foster x4
11.21 Dale Beaghan x4
11.30 Leigh Smart x4
11.39 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.48 Jason Henderson x4
11.57 David Kelly x4
12.05 Sam Leach x4
12.16 Graham Bates x4
12.24 Roy Ainsworth x4
12.33 Colin Baxendale x4
12.42 John Dickenson x4
12.51 Les Russon x4
1.00 Gary Christian x4 earlier
1.09 Nigel Dibble x4
1.18 John Stubbs x4
1.27 Kenny Plumb x4
1.36 Richard Blackwell x2 Simon Poucher x2
1.45 Dave Goodwin x4
1.54 Simon Ashton x4
2.03 Brian Hopkins x4
2.12 Dave Smith x4
2.21 Bernard Wood x4
2.30 Steve Parle x4
2.39 Gary Parle x4
2.48 Melia x4
2.57 David Smith x4
3.06 Dave Chambers x4
3.15 Gary Neiles x4