Results from Dunham Forest


Many thanks to PGA Pro Matt Turnock for running my golf day whilst I am on a family holiday in Portugal. I hope everyone had a great day.


Dunham Forest – 29th July 2016 – Competition Report
A big thank you Matt for running my event today.

Matt’s report as follows:

Thanks to the ever generous Colin Roberts this morning who kindly bought me a much needed caffeine burst to wake me up after my 5.15am wake up alarm.
The morning players were unfortunately not blessed with the best of the weather with some very heavy drizzle and some stop start showers. The forecast was for it to clear from noon but it was nearer 2.00pm before the sun finally began to show itself.
Despite the weather and one very heavy downpour at about 1.00pm the field battled on. From some of the early starters coming in with very creditable scores of 84 points were the teams led by Jim Caldwell and Simon Poucher who were then joined later by Brian Greenbanks men.
As the afternoon progressed the scoring became slightly easier and coming in with 86’s were the teams led by Lewis Marland and Leigh Smart but out in front with a magnificent 89 points were the team of Chris Adams, Paul Allen, Steve Hall and Mike Clewley who could even afford a dropped point on the last to win by 3 clear points.
The catering was superb with some fantastic chef’s specials being served throughout the day by the very helpful and friendly Dunham staff and many stayed post round for a drink and a bite to eat.
Everyone was very impressed the condition of the course with lots of “really enjoyed that” and “great course” comments coming in all day so congratulations to the green keeping staff on a difficult day.
Nearest the pin on the 8th was: Tony Dennison = 1 Doz AD 333’s
Nearest pin in two on the 18th was: Mike Flitt = 1 Doz AD 333’s

2’s – £240 pot / 17 2’s = 4 ProV1’s or 10 Srixon AD333’s
David Kelly, Jan Jagielka, Matthew Nelstrop (x2), Chris Brown, Ed Wilkinson, Peter Atherton, Paul Lord, John Royle, Jason Henderson, Andy Jackson, Tony Jennison, Richard Blackwell, Paul Bent & John Sherlock, Dave Safari & Dave Snell

Results from fantastic Dunham Forest

Dunham Forest 25-Jul-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Chris Adam, Paul Allen, Steve Hall, Mike Clewley 89 12 Footjoy Contour shoes
2 Lewis Marland, Alf Shillitoe, Barry Shaw-Allan, Josh Ainscough 86 10 Maxitours Marino Sweater
3 Leigh Smart, Ray Tennant, Will Rawsthore, Andy Jackson 86 8 Footjoy Shirt
4 Brian Greenbank, Chris Brown, David Wainwright, Matthew Nelstrop 84 6 Maxitours Shirts
5 Dave Bowers, John Bent, Steve Lachford, Paul Shelock 84 4 Maxitours Shirts
6 Jim Caldwell, Steve Barlow, John Foulds, Nigel Milroy 84 2 Maxitours Shirts
7= Tony Jennison, Chris Marshall, Richard Blackwell, John Hilton 84
7= Simon Poucher, Jan Jagielka, Darius Virabi, Campbell Wilson 84
9= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Alex McLay, Kevin Reeves 83
9= John Pratt, Dave Safari, Bob Anderson, Dave Snell 83
11 Les Penson, Paul Salt, Andrew Salt, Steve Blakeway 82
12= Mick Jones, Chris Heyes, Iain Cole, Rick Booth 81
12= Roy Ainsworth, Steve Collier, Mike Verdon, Malcolm Thornley 81
14= Rob Little, Ron Colley, Graham Bates, Dave Beard 80
14= Jason Henderson, Jack Pryce, Sam Cleaver, Pete Cleaver 80
16= Colin Roberts, Geoff Andrews, Dave Marchant, Gregg Poynton 79
16= Ed Wilkinson, Roger Percival, Peter Atherton, Martin France 79
16= Dave Blood, Ian Smith, Ian Gibson, Geoff Ellam 79
16= John Hudson, Mike Hill, Mike Flitt, Mark Green 79
20 Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 78
21= David Kelly, David Harlow, Bob Sutton, Stuart Blake 77
21= Nigel Davenport, Johnty Geeke, Paul Adamson, Chris Gray 77
21= Trevor Foster, Peter Cross, Andrew Warmsley, Frank Wade 77
21= Dan Huffman, Lee Williams, Paul King, John McCaffrey 77
21= John Dickenson, Bob Mottershead, Roy Christian, Paul Lord 77
26 Steve Johnson, Carl Jones , Dave Jones, Ghost Player 76
27= Dave Stanhope, John Anderton, Dave Antrobus, Giles Terry 75
27= Ray Jones, Steve Tyrrell, Dave Drury, John Gleave 75
29= Keith Workman, David Plant, Stuart Hardy, Keith Graves 74
29= John Lawson, Nigel Stonhan, Jeff Haworth, Dave McArdale 74
31= Stephen Mattinson, Mike Gauden, Tony Bloor, Jack Coleman 72
31= Dennis Whelan, Wayne Coleclough, Dennis Price, David Dean 72
31= John Berry, Chirs Oregan, Tony Granell, Ray Hopton 72
34= Rob Kenyon, Mike Priestley, John Stockdale, Dave Williams 71
34= George Maddison, Chi Hu, Mark Findlow, Pater Maher 71
36 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 70

Mere Galvin Green AM AM Monday 1st Aug £30
8.02-8.58 and 9.22-3.06
8.11 Jim Caldwell x4
8.20 David Kelly x4
8.56 Ian King x4
9.31 Roger Percival x4
9.40 Dave Wainwright x4
9.49 Mick Mahon x4
10.07 Josh Brand x2 Andy Strickley x2
10.25 Munro Donald x4
10.36 Chris Adams x4
10.45 Dave Stanhope x4
11.03 Dale Beaghan x4
11.12 Blair Anderson x4
11.25 Paul Browne x4
11.30 Colin Baxendale x4
11.39 Graham Bates x4
11.48 Nigel Oakes x4
11.57 Steve Johnson x4
12.06 David Bentley x4
12.15 Barry Wilson x4
12.24 paul Kennedy x4
12.33 John Dickenson x4
1.00 John Stubbs x4
1.09 Rob Platt x4
1.18 Richard Blackwell x4
1.27 Leigh Smart x4
1.36 Andy Wilde x4
1.45 Archie Tahir x4
1.54 Dave Goodwin x4
2.03 John Longworth x4
2.21 Gary Garner x4
2.30 Brian Hopkins x4