Results from Knutsford!

*Spaces at stunning Stockport in Mondays AM AM*
Maxitours at Knutsford Golf Club

I nearly fell over in shock when I arrived at the beautiful Pleasington Golf Club this morning to see a ‘Course Closed’ sign in the Car Park. Heavy localised overnight rain had made the course unplayable and further rain throughout the day meant a change of venue was required. Darren the respected head green keeper was great to deal with but the poor morning forecast meant a cancellation was the only option.

Knutsford Golf Course was in its usual pristine condition and by an incredible stroke of luck this was the only free Thursday in the Club’s busy Summer calendar so they were happy to step in .

The Maxitours players who headed South and were rewarded with dry conditions, some sunshine and a stunning course.

Despite the stressful start to the day it was great to get back to work after a family holiday in Portugal. We decided to stay in a hotel this year. Last year the weather was so bad in Wales the tent we were in blew away. The holiday insurance people refused to pay out because they said we weren’t covered .

John Moss is on form at the moment and he is putting the best he has done for years. He finished with 38 points but says he is struggling with his drive. Apparently his wife stands on it and won’t let him out to play golf with his pals.

David Bowie tribute act Stuart Roach played today. He put his partner Rob Hands ‘Under Pressure’ on several holes with some bad shots. ‘I’m making some CHANGES’ said Roach. Hands was the ‘Star Man’ and he was so delighted with his performance instead of shaking hands with his partners on the 18th green he said ‘Lets Dance’.

Near the top of the leader board were on form retired businessmen Dave Harlow(16) and David Fellows(11) (both respected members at Knutsford GC) they used their local knowledge to take 6th place with 44 points .

Marriotts Craig Dyson(8) and Jordan Garner(5) also scored 44 points for 5th. They were both pipped by Knutsford member David Kelly(12) who has just returned from a week’s golf in Yorkshire. The practice obviously did him some good as he took 4th place alongside Ex-Secretary Stuart Blake(6).

Shrigley Hall regulars Mark Taylor(13) and Brian Hopkins(4) always enjoy Knutsford and they were delighted with 45 points to take 3rd spot.
Scoring from the top two pairs was very impressive indeed. Ex-Knutsford member Max Henderson(11) is now at Wilmslow and he teamed up with Mellor and Townscliffe’s Mike Hewitt(21) to score a Maxitours season best 48 points. They were delighted with the quality of the course.

Top of the tree were Saddleworth nice guys Dave Sarsfield(18) and Dave ‘I’m still playing badly’ Rhodes(16). I’ve played in about ten pro-ams with these guys and they are normally useless – we’ve never won a bean- so I am not sure what happened today. Apparently Rhodes’ putter was on fire. ‘ He couldn’t miss for the first fourteen holes’ said delighted Sarsfield. Well played chaps great score.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

2’s £75 3 pro V1s or 8 srixon AD333s Mike Hewitt Dave Rhodes Stuart Blake x2 Andy Adshead Joe Stanley Matthew Hall Hugh Mullin

Nearest the Pin 3rd G Garner 6 AD333s
Nearest the Pin 5th R Hargreaves 6AD333s

Knutsford 11-Aug-2016
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 48 12 Sunice waterproof top
2 Max Henderson, Mike Hewitt 48 11 Ashworth windsweater
3 Mark Taylor, Brian Hopkins 45 10 Sunice shirt each
4 David Kelly, Stuart Blake 44 9 Sunice shirt each
5 Craig Dyson, Jordan Garner 44 8 FJ Socks each
6 Dave Harlow, David Fellowes 44 7 FJ Socks each
7 Paul Dalby, Paul Sherlock 43 6
8 Andy Adshead, Bob Kwan 42 5
9 Alan Pengelly, Roy Hargreaves 42 4
10 Gary Garner, Ronnie Kenny 42 3
11 Andy Thompson, Nigel Oakes 42 2
12 Jim Caldwell, Simon Maxwell 42 1
13= Iain Bartholomew, John Hilditch 42
13= Joe Kirwan, Jack Hankinson 42
15= Stuart Roache, Rob Hands 40
15= Rick Walmsley, Dave Aden 40
15= Sam Leach, Pete Mills 40
15= Mike Barker, Chris Walley 40
15= Hugh Mullin, John Bent 40
20= Ray Tennant, Billy Rawsthore 39
20= Simon Hemsley, Darren Whittaker 39
22= John Horsley, Joe Stanley 38
22= Allan Brown, Neil Worthington 38
22= Matthew Hall, Andrew Elly 38
25 Ed Cotton, Pete Cotton 32

Stockport Golf Club AM AM Monday 15th Aug

(Tuesday Sandiway times on my website – please click on ‘Events’ then ‘Sandiway’)

9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Ian King x4
9.27 Pete Birtwistle x4
9.36 David Kelly x4
9.54 Roy Ainsworth x4
10.03 John Hilditch x4
10.12 Dave Stanhope x4
10.21 Bev Crute x4
10.30 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.39 Garry Smith x4
10.48 Chris Adams x4
10.57 Lewis Marland x4
11.15 Dennis Whelan x4
11.24 Colin Baxendale x4
11.33 Les Russon x4
11.51 Craig Dyson x4
12.00 Paul Bennett x4
12.09 Chris Evans x4
12.18 Barrie Simpson x4
12.27 Simon Poucher x4
12.36 Neil Williamson x4
12.54 Les Penson x4
1.03 Chris Brownhill x4
1.12 Archie Tahir x4
1.21 Gary Garner x4
1.30 Andy Wilde x4
1.39 Laurence Boswell
1.48 Dave Bowers x4
2.06 Mick Mahon x4