Sun Kissed Stockport results

( Room for 2 teams tomorrow at Sandiway -9.27am and 1.30pm )
Ringway AM AM 25th August – nearly Full
HeskethAM AM 1st Sept – filling nicely
Tytherington AM AM 8th Sept- filling nicely

Maxitours at Sun Kissed Stockport

Stockport is right up there with Cheshire’s finest. The terrific weather and stunning layout meant an enjoyable day was had by all. Thanks to everyone at this friendly Club for your hospitality, it was also a nice touch when the President popped in to wish us well. Newly married top pro Gary Norcott and Jayne Scowther are also great to deal with -brilliant.

The country is buzzing after some terrific performances at the Olympics in Rio. Yesterday was perhaps the most successful day in British Olympic history and it was capped off when South African golfer Justin Rose won a terrific gold for Team GB.

It is the turn of the talented Brownlee brothers to set off in their quest for Olympic gold tomorrow in the Triathlon. Let’s all hope and pray that they fair better than the untalented Brownhill brothers (Graham and Malc) from Chorlton cum Hardy Golf Club who could only manage 22nd place with 72 points .

Bernard Hessian’s team also had a bad day, he even tried to throw the scorecard in the bin, but it missed.

Mick Mahon tees off at 10am on the dot with his Lancashire based team each week. After play they always have a quick pint and a long inquest to work out why they played so badly before departing for the North at 2.30pm looking miserable. Today at 3pm I was surprised to see them heading for the Clubhouse door looking happier than usual. I then remembered they had asked for a late start time and were actually heading for the first tee. ‘We are just delaying the inevitable’ said dour team mate Richard Palmer. They actually played well today and lie in 7th place before tomorrow.

There were 4 teams tying for third place on 84 points and all of them scored heavily on the back nine. Dave Bowers team took 3rd spot after collecting 46 points on the closing holes.

Well known Cheltenham winning jump- jockeys Sean Quinlan (24) and Alan O’Keefe (14) joined wealthy horse owner Alan Baxter (7) and Matt Barratt(14)from Mere Golf Club. They all played great to finish in 2nd place with 86 points. I am not a big gambling man but Alan was feeding his lads up with bacon baguette and chips before they went out and they certainly weren’t drinking orange juice in the bar after play. I won’t be backing one of his horses for a couple of weeks.

The Prestbury team of Chris Adams(13), Charlie Cunningham(13), Andy Oakes(7) and Simon Golsby(6) took first place with an impressive 87 points. Ex-Club Captain Charlie was the star man as he picked up seven shots for his team. ‘Are you still also a member at Royal Lytham as well as Prestbury? ‘ I asked him after the round. ‘Yes and I have just joined Royal Dornoch as well!’ Nobody likes a show off Charlie.
Well played chaps great score.

There are prizes for top 3 teams each day and top 3 overall – but teams can only win 1 prize! Full results printed tomorrow!
thanks for your support, Tim

Nearest the pin 16th Hugh Mullen Dozen Wilson soft balls
Nearest the pin in 2 on 18th Ben Lever Dozen Wilson soft balls

2’s £207.50 4 pro vs or 10 srixons per 2
Trevor Nicholson John Hilditch Steve Gibbons Phil Smeathers Graham Jackson Craig Dyson Gareth Winston x2 Kevin Seaton Lee Spencer Martin Byatt Andy Wilde Lawrence Boswell Simon Bowers x2 Richard Palmer

Stockport 15-Aug-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Chris Adams, Charlie Cunningham, Andy Oakes, Simon Golsby 87 12 2 day
2 Alan Baxter, Matt Barratt, Alan O’Keefe, Sean Quinlan 86 10
3 Dave Bowers, John Bent, Simon Bowers, Hugh Mullin 84 8 2 day
4 Simon Poucher, Brendon Leighton, Campbell Wilson, Dave McGuiness 84 6
5 Ian Ainsworth , Geoff Haynes, Paul Abbott, Pete Wilde 84 4 2 day
6 Ian King, Mike Spencer, Darren Whittaker, Simon Hemsley 84 2 2 day
7 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, John Farnworth, Dave Westwood 82 2 day
8 Barrie Simpson, Jim Lindsay, Koos Alders, Martin Cox 81
9 Garry Smith, John Hilton, Ron Jolley, Gary Conroy 80 2 day
10 Lawrence Boswell, James Clegg, Paul Williamson, Steve Pilling 78
11= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew, Ian Noke, Clive Evans 77 2 day
11= Lewis Marland, Gareth Winston, Alf Shillitoe, Kevin Seaton 77
11= Chris Brownhill, Pete Hamlett, Gordon Hamlett, Gary Hempstead 77 2 day
14 Les Penson, Steve Blakeway, Paul Salt, Graham Jackson 76 2 day
15 Pete Birtwistle, Dave Griffiths, John Ratledge, Kenny Stevens 75
16= Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, Dave Fidler, Steve Merricks 74 2 day
16= Craig Dyson, Russell Lees, Ben Lever, David Porthouse 74
16= Bernard Hessian, Tom Milner, John Taylor, John Wallace 74
16= John Rigby, Dave Marchant, Geoff Andrews, Darren Spencer 74
16= Andy Wilde , Pete Norbury, Rob Norbury, John Barnes 74
21 David Kelly, Bob Sutton, Dave Harlow, Stuart Blake 73 2 day
22= Paul Bennett, Malc Brownhill, Gordon Brownhill, Dave Boardman 72 2 day
22= Chris Evans, Anthony Waterhouse, John Mannion, James Fielding 72
22= Neil Williamson, Martin Byatte, Tim Hesketh, Lee Spencer 72
25 Roy Ainsworth, Phil Wise, Mike Verdon, Bob Newcombe 71 2 day
26 Bev Crute, Trevor Nicholson, Steve Gibbons, Trevor Webb 70
27 Dave Stanhope, John Buckley, Phil Smeathers, John Anderton 68 2 day
28 Denis Whelan, Ken Ashford, Dave Dean, Malcolm Spark 64 2 day

Sandiway ‘Carus Green Resort Classic’ start times for tomorrow!

9.00 Dave Bentley x4
9.09 Ian King x4
9.18 Josh Brand x1 Simon Maxwell x2 Ewan McRea x1
9.36 Leigh Smart x4
9.45 Dennis Whelan x4
9.54 Jack Coleman x4
10.03 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.12 Colin Baxendale x4
10.21 Mick Mahon x4
10.30 Gary Garner x4
10.39 Dave Stanhope x4
10.48 Chris Adams x4
10.57 Alan Brown x4
11.06 David Kelly x4
11.15 Trevor Foster x4
11.24 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.33 Les Penson x4
11.40 Dale Beaghan x4
11.47 Frank Stapleton x4
11.51 Les Russon x4
12.00 Adam Galvin x4
12.09 Paul Bennett x4
12.18 Gaz Smith x4
12.27 Barry Wilson x4
12.36 Nigel Dibble x4
12.45 Ian Lilley x4
12.54 Gary Whittaker x4
1.03 Roy Bramwell x4
1.12 Phil Okill x4
1.21 John Dickenson x4
1.30 Dave Goodwin x4
1.39 David Smith
1.48 Steve Parle
1.57 Gary Parle
2.06 Bill Melia
2.15 Bill Parkinson x4
2.24 Dave Smith x4
2.42 Chih Hu x4
2.50 Dave Bowers x4
2.59 John Farrell x4
3.09 Gary Neiles x4