Results from Superb Sandiway

Great Upcoming Maxitours events
Ringway 25th Aug- last few spaces
Hesketh 1st September- filling up!
Tytherington -8th Sept filling nicely

Maxitours at superb Sandiway

Maxitours made the short journey from sunny Stockport into deepest Cheshire for the second round of the Summer Classic at Sandiway. Glorious weather and an even more glorious golf course meant there were plenty of happy golfers drinking San Miguel on the veranda after play.

Thanks to all the staff at this first class five star golf venue for your superb hospitality and thanks to highly rated General Manager Anthony Roberts who runs a very tight ship.

After the round there were plenty of comments:
‘Terrific day ‘ beamed John Dickenson
‘That was brilliant – what a course’ chirped Mike Gauden
‘I love it here’ crooned Dave Stanhope.
‘I’m giving this game up’ muttered Steve Parle.

There were a record three Maxitours golfers who turned up this morning wearing work clothes in an attempt to deceive their better halves. ‘My wife’s at home looking after our three kids – it’s the Summer holidays and she is slowly losing it.’ chuckled one unnamed player. ‘ There was absolutely no way I would be granted a pass’.

Terry Harper told me that he was playing in his last event of the year before he sets off on a two month cruise with his wife. Unfortunately for Mrs Harper things aren’t as glamorous as they may at first appear. After further questioning Terry revealed that he has got a barge and is looking forward to exploring the many delightful waterways that Birmingham has to offer…I don’t want to interfere but I think Mrs Harper may prefer the Caribbean Terry.

The likeable Grange Park low handicap team of Ray Tennant(5), Leigh Smart(1), Billy Rawsthore(6) and Andy Jackson(5) set the early pace with an excellent 86 points. Ray is famous for splitting fairways with his Taylor Made Driver – ‘I bet you drive in the middle lane of the motorway’ chuckled one of his partners in the bar after play.

Seventy year old Ray Ward(16) from Hindley Hall teamed up with Forest of Arden’s Damien Jakes (7)and father and son Jordan(5) and Gary Garner(6) to take first place with 87 points,. Despite dropping a shot on the 17th hole they managed to hold on to take their first win of the season, Well played chaps.

Thr 36 hole event was incredibly close with the top four teams scoring 165 over the two days! A strong showing by the Garry Smith Blakely team on the final day when they scored 85 points saw them take first place on a card play-off- Congratulations!
Mick Mahon’s Mytton Fold team took second, Ian Kings Bramall team finished third and Dave Bowers team were 4th.

Many thanks to Carus Green resort for their sponsorship, I am staying at this great venue in Kendal with my family for a couple of days next week. The accommodation is brilliant and the course is a real pleasure to play. I recommended it to Roy Ainsworth last year and he went in May and is going again in September. ‘ its absolutely brilliant’ said his pal Brian Ankers from Lymm Golf Club.

Thank you for your support these last two days, I hope you enjoyed your golf as much as I enjoyed running the event. I am having website issues which I hope to resolve tomorrow- sorry for any inconvenience!

Yours in Golf,

Nearest the Pin 8th hole Gary Conroy 4 ball voucher at Carus Green Golf Club
Nearest the Pin 18th hole Darren Whittaker 4 ball voucher at Carus Green Golf Club
2’s £175 5 pro V1s or 12 srixon AD333s Mick Mahon Mike Taylor Leigh Smart Stuart Blake Kev Hawkins Brett Sutcliffe Alan Burton Hugh Mullin John Bent

Complete Results Breakdown.


Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Chris Adams, Charlie Cunningham, Andy Oakes, Simon Golsby 87 12 FJ Rainshirt each
2 Alan Baxter, Matt Barratt, Alan O’Keefe, Sean Quinlan 86 10 Callaway rainshirt each
3 Dave Bowers, John Bent, Simon Bowers, Hugh Mullin 84 8
4 Simon Poucher, Brendon Leighton, Campbell Wilson, Dave McGuiness 84 6 Sunice shirt each
5 Ian Ainsworth , Geoff Haynes, Paul Abbott, Pete Wilde 84 4 Maxitours shirt each
Sandiway 16-Aug-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Ray Ward, Damien Jakes, Jordan Garner, Gary Garner 87 12 FJ Rainshirt each
2 Leigh Smart, Ray Tennant, Andy Jackson, Billy Rawsthore 86 10 Cleveland rainshirt each
3 Garry Smith, Alan Jones, Ron Jolley, Gary Conroy 85 8
4 Gary Neiles, John Longworth, Alan Forber, Paul Yates 84 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Dave Bentley, Nigel Uttley, Keith Edmondson, Mark Lover 83 4 Maxitours shirt each
6 Mick Mahon, John Farnworth, Richard Palmer, Dave Westwood 83 2
7 John Farrell, Brett Sutcliffe, Mick McCurdy, Alan Burton 82 FJ Socks each
8= Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer, Simon Hemsley 81
8= Gary Whittaker, Dave Gavin, Bernard McDonald, Joe Shelley 81
8= Chris Dykens, Bernard Wood, Chris Ernill, Joe O’Donnell 81
8= Dave Bowers, John Bent, Simon Bowers, Hugh Mullin 81
12= Trevor Foster, Andrew Walmsley, Mark Patton, Frank Wade 79
12= Roy Ainsworth, Peter Heald, Brian Ankers, Steve Collier 79
12= Adam Galvin, John Fitzsimmons, Graham Wilkinson, Eugenio Huelamo 79
15= Ian Ainsworth, Geoff Haynes, Paul Abbott, Pete Wild 78
15= Tom Wilson, Rod Mills, Ray Royle, John Crossfield 78
15= Chih Hu, George Maddison, Tom Troop, Peter Maher 78
18= Phil Wise, Ross Sellors, Richard Williamson, Kevin Chisnall 77
18= Chris Adams, Simon Golsby, Charlie Cunningham, Richard Johnson 77
18= John Dickenson, Bob Mottershead, Keith Workman, Dave Plant 77
21= David Kelly, Stuart Blake, Bob Sutton, Dave Harlow 76
21= Barry Wilson, Simon Wilkinson, John Lynskey, Andy Stokes 76
21= Dennis Whelan, David Dean, Craig Smith, Ken Ashford 76
24= Dave Stanhope, Dave Antrobus, Steve Hall, John Anderton 75
24= Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson, Kevin Hawkins, Dave Wilson 75
24= Nigel Dibble, Pete Waterhouse, Mike Dudley, Dave Mitchell 75
24= Doug Edmonds, Ken Swarbrick, Alan Brough, Stewart Cragg 75
28= Graham March, Mark Noden, Dave Lowe, Roy Bramwell 74
28= Gordon Warke, David Smith, Andy Moon, Barry Taylor 74
30 Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, Dave Williams, Ged Keery 73
31= Les Penson, Chris Darlington, Steve Gowery, Steve Simcock 72
31= Ian Lilley, Ed Oakley, Cliff Greenalgh, John Brookes 72
33 Rod Barlow, Mike Taylor, Jack Clarke, Terry Harper 71
34= Anthony Bloor, Mike Gauden, Jack Coleman, an other 70
34= Paul Bennett, Malc Brownhill, Graham Brownhill, Dave Boardman 70
36= Josh Brand, Ewan McCrea, Simon Maxwell, Paul Garrity 69
36= Gary Parle, Steve Parle, Ian Neilson, Ted Ellis 69
38 Ian Greenough, Phil Okill, Alan Fairbanks, Paul Walton 67
39 Allan Brown, Steve Baldwin, Neil Worthington, David Powell 66
40 Dale Beaghan, Peter Houston, John Fielding, Peter Ledger 65
2 day results 16-Aug-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1= Garry Smith, Gary Conroy, Ron Jolley, Alan Jones 165 80-85 FJ Rainshirt each
1= Mick Mahon, Dave Westwood, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 165 82-83 Cleveland Rainshirt
1= Ian King, Darren Whittaker, Simon Hemsley, Mike Spencer 165 84-81 FJ Shirt each
1= Dave Bowers, Simon Bowers, John Bent, Hugh Mullen 165 84-81 Sunice shirt each

Ringway Taylor Made AM AM times Thursday 25th August

9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Jim Caldwell x4
9.18 Ian King x4
9.27 Roger Percival x4
9.45 Mick Mahon x4
10.03 Ian Ainsworth x4
10.12 Colin Baxendale x4
10.21 Rob Weston x4
10.30 Roy Ainsworth x4
10.39 Dave Stanhope x4
10.48 Trevor Foster x4
10.57 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.06 Frank Stapleton x4
11.15 Bernard Hessian x4
11.24 John Dickenson x4
11.33 Alan Green x4
11.42 Les Russon x4
11.51 Leigh Smart x4
12.09 Bob Kwan x4
12.18 Sam Leach x4
12.27 Steve Wilson x4?
12.36 John Stubbs x4
12.45 Dave Randles x2 – need 2 more Graham Bates x2
12.54 Richard Blackwell x4
1.03 Archie Tahir x4
1.21 Gary Garner x4
1.30 Simon Poucher x4
1.39 Steve Parle x4
1.48 Brian Hopkins x4
1.57 Dave Goodwin x4
2.06 Barry Jackson x4
2.15 Andy Wilde x4
2.33 Gary Neiles x4