Results from Superb Stockport

Great Maxitours winter venues
3rd November Wilmslow -times below- room for 1 pair
10th November 11.30 start Dunham Pairs -last couple of spaces
15th November Fairhaven -full ** now 11am start NOT 11.30am**
24th November Prestbury- 11am spaces
29th November Sandiway – 11am last 2 spaces
8th December Stockport -11am spaces
14th December Vale Royal 11am spaces
22nd December Ringway Christmas Cracker 11am – spaces

Maxitours at superb Stockport

It was great to see one of Cheshire’s premier courses prepared to such a high standard for today’s Maxitours event. The closely mown Stockport fairways looked immaculate and the freshly rolled and ironed greens were running at nearly twelve on the stimp meter. We are less than a week away from November – incredible. Many thanks to Adam Harrison and his staff for all their work.

Stewards Sue and Paul are famous throughout Cheshire for their high quality food and they were delighted to see so many of our players enjoying their menu. Thanks to everyone at this lovely Club for making us feel so welcome.
‘Those greens are fantastic’ said Colin Roberts who was first out this morning.
Brian Hopkins was last out and when I asked him if the greens were still good he also replied ‘Fantastic!’

Stockport has a big wooden revolving door which you pass through as you enter the Clubhouse. This provides hours of entertainment for retired children Brian Ankers and Peter Heald. Their favourite trick is trapping chunky Roy Ainsworth as he eagerly makes his way to the breakfast lounge.

Over 100 Maxitours players did safely negotiate the revolving door however wealthy estate agent John Pratt was the only player to get stuck without the help of any mischievous team mates. He could be seen pulling on the door and scratching his head. At one point he even seemed to be looking for a door bell. ‘I don’t sell many houses with revolving doors.’ Explained the likeable West Ham fan.

I pretended to be interested in regular Maxitours player Nick Monk’s game and I asked him if he was playing well at the moment.
When he finished his round I asked him if things had improved.
End of conversation.

Geoff Andrews doesn’t hit many greens with his irons. ‘How was your approach play today? I enquired. ‘The pointy bits on my pitch mark repairer are still razor sharp. ‘ he muttered in despair.

Ian Buxton owns a top local bakery in Darwin and he was up at 2am baking bread, cakes and pies for his shop. He started the day well when he hand delivered an apple pie and a warm small white loaf to the tournament organiser (me). The problems began when he overcooked his approach into several of the firm greens and he had his fingers burned when he misread the fast greens. He failed to rise to the occasion more than once and didn’t put any icing on the cake after a last hole bogey when he only kneaded a par.
In todays event scoring was close. Third place went to the Mottram Hall/Flixton team of Richard Blackwell(13), Tony Jennison(6), John Hilton(13) and Steve Bullock(10). Hilton was European table tennis champion in the early 1980’s and is a top competitor. He has not featured in the prizes for a few months after recent illnesses but it was great to see him back to his best.

Wilmslow’s Jim Caldwell(11) is well into his seventies but he is a fit as a fiddleand has a mind as sharp as a razor. Once again he rolled back the years and played great golf on the back nine to help his team into second place with 84 points. Bob Picthall(18), Andrew Aherne(18) and Nigel Compsty(11) completed the prosperous quartet.

The Didsbury Golf Club team of Hugh Mullin(8), John Bent(9) and father and son Dave(10) and Simon Bowers (5) came in late in the day with a solid 85 points to take first place. Simon is a primary school sports coach and he is good at telling children what to do. He helped his team around today. ‘The big difference was John Bent who is normally a waste of space but he played unusually well today.’ reported Simon.

Well played chaps, great golf. Thanks to everyone for your terrific support. Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 16th Anthony Wilson Dozen Ad333s
Nearest the Pin in 2 on 18th John Farnworth Dozen AD333s
2’s sweep
£225 (Maxitours will also donate £225 to the keeping Kate campaign) Please log on if you wish to give to this worthwhile cause.
Keeping Kate Campaign
Steve Hall Jim Caldwell Paul Wild Pete Atherton Colin Davies John Pratt Colin Davies John Bent 9 pro V1s or 21 srixon AD333s each

Stockport 27-Oct-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Dave Bowers, Hugh Mullen, John Bent, Simon Bowers 85 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Jim Caldwell, Bob Picthall, Nigel Compsty, Andrew Aherne 84 10 Maxitours Merino sweater each
3 Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, John Hilton, Steve Bullock 82 8 Cutter and Buck shirt each
4 Stuart Pearson, Dave Wilson, Frank Stapleton, Kevin Hawkins 81 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 John Pratt, Bob Anderson, Dave Gavin, Gary Whittaker 81 4 Maxitours shirt each
6 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Munro Donald, John Farnsworth 80 2 Srixon tour cabreta glove each
7 Chris Adams, Steve Hall, Richard Johnson, Paul Wild 80
8= Leigh Smart, Mark Bulman, Ray Tennant, Billy Rawsthore 79
8= Lewis Marland, Nick Ford, Kevin Seaton, Alf Shillitoe 79
8= Barry Wilson, Simon Wilkinson, John Fitzsimons, Colin Berry 79
11= David Kelly, John Atkin, Bob Sutton, Dave Harlow 78
11= Steve Aspinall, Adam Galvin, John Lynskey, Eugenio Fernandez 78
13 Barry Jackson, Dave Beavis, Derek Fortune, Paul Milner 77
14= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Martin Routley, Dave McGuiness 76
14= Graham Littler, Jim Doran, Pete Daniels, Chris Doran 76
16= Roy Ainsworth, Brian Ankers, Peter Heald, Pete Atherton 75
16= Joe Kirwan, Jack Hankinson, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 75
18= Colin Roberts, John Rigby, Geoff Andrews, Dave Marchant 74
18= Bob Barlow, Dale Wallace, Steve Berg, John Jones 74
18= John Allman, Andrew Rexstraw, Colin Davies, Paul Mellor 74
18= Graham Bates, Dave Beard, Jim Rymer, John Dickenson 74
22= David Silcock, Alan Vaughan, Derek Page, Barney Ross 73
22= John Hilditch, Ian Nokes, Clive Evans, Simon Walton 73
22= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Mike Barker, Jim Cumerford 73
25= Ian Ainsworth, Alan Clough, Alan Worthington, Paul Abbott 72
25= Ian King, Simon Hemsley, Brian Welsh, Phil Bull 72
25= Ray Jones, Ray Massey, Ian Berrisford, Steve Tyrell 72
25= Chih Hu, Tom Troop, Peter Meher, Mark Findlow 72
25= Ian Buxton, Sam Blurton, Malcolm Ridgeway, Mike Kinsley-Smith 72
30 Pete Ledger, Dale Beaghan, Anthony Wilson, John Fielding 68
31 Les Russon, Ken Clarke, Rob Kenyon, Simon Burgess 67
32 Dave Stanhope, Steve Hall, Dave Antrobus, John Anderton 64

Wilmslow Golf Club Pairs
Thursday 3rd November
1st tee
9.45 Colin Roberts x4
9.54 Ian King x4
10.03 Phil Vokes x4
10.12 Mick Mahon x4
10.21 Lewis Marland x2 John Hilditch x2
10.30 Roger Percival x4
10.39 Dave Blood x4
10.48 Pete Ledger x4
10.57 Trevor Foster x4
11.06 Richard Blackwell x2 Gary Garner x2
11.15 Alan Vaughan x2 John Hunt x2
11.24 Brian Hopkins x4
11.33 Gav Dixon x4
11.42 Dave Sarsfield x4

10th tee
9.45 Garry Dowdle x4
9.54 David Kelly x4
10.03 Paul Browne x4
10.12 Wes Colclough x2 Martin Callahan x2
10.21 Pete Cleaver x2 Terry Rathbone x2
10.30 Ray Jones x4
10.39 Frank Stapleton x4
10.48 Simon Poucher x4
10.57 Leigh Smart x4
11.06 Graham Bates x2 Pete Short x2
11.15 Simon Burgess x4
11.24 Dave Goodwin x2 Eddie Geary x2
11.33 Les Penson x4
11.42 Eddie Jordan x2 Ian Ritchie x2

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