Results from Wonderful Wilmslow

Maxitours tournament in Portugal!!!

36 players confirmed – room for 12 more.
*Join us on the best value trip of the year on a quality oversees course- £599 including flights, golf, 4 nights accomodation, breakfast, gala dinner all at the fantastic Vilasol hotel , free bar each night for an hour, prizes, free range balls, golf club carriage and tournament organiser. I played in two events at Vilasol last January and can recommend the superb weather, golf course and hotel facilities!
**one team need 2 players if you are a single or pair and fancy some golf in Portugal to break up the winter!

***Dunham Forest 11.30am Shotgun next week- times below
***Fairhaven 15th Novemnber is 11am shotgun not 11.30am as advertised

Maxitours at Wonderful Wilmslow

Another dry (but slightly chilly) day greeted Maxitours competitors at the classy Wilmslow Golf Club.

Thanks to everyone at this great, great Club for making us feel so welcome. The stewards are a delight to deal with and can’t be more helpful and the green keepers could not have presented their course to a higher standard- many thanks indeed.

‘Wow, Another great venue’ declared Terry Rathbone after his round.
‘That’s probably my favourite Cheshire course’ announced Simon Burgess.
‘It’s posh around here.’ observed Stoke-on-Trents Gav Dixon.

Peter Cross from Clitheroe played with Terry Crossley . They both mark their golf balls with a cross. When they finished their round it was hard to decide who was the crossest after they missed out on the prizes by a single shot. ‘You are still getting Across the line at the top of your swing.’ Peter informed his partner before adding ‘Oh yes- and you are also cutting Across your putts’
‘Do something useful for once and pass that pint of lager Across here’ said Terry. ‘You don’t mind if I Cross you out as my partner next week?’ he added.

Ian King turned up without his very nice but slightly temperamental regular partner Darren Whittaker who was on holiday in Florida. ‘He’s gone to the world club throwing championships- he’s the favourite !’ His usual four ball all agreed. Rather like Dan Fosbury who developed his own high jump technique to win the 1968 Olympics, Darren has taken club throwing to a new level and made it an art form. The ‘Whittaker whang’ is a very efficient throwing action and the club is always tossed forward towards the hole in play. This saves any unnecessary waste of energy on the golf course when going to pick it up. Good luck Darren.

Top french chef Olivier Troalen played again today and he cooked up a less than tasty score of 34 points alongside Garry Dowdle. Troalen owns a very successful french bistro in Lymm which has a growing reputation for producing superb food. He opened an Italian restaurant called Calzone a few years ago but unfortunately it folded.

In today’s event the tees were forward and the fairways were firm and fast, the greens also rolled extremely well and this was reflected in the best scoring for nearly eight years as Maxitours players went to town!

Well known Macclesfield Father and son plasterers Sam and Pete Cleaver played smoothly and finished in 5th place alongside Staffordshire’s Terry Rathbone and Keith Tunstall with 46 points.

Fourth place went to likeable Brian Hopkins and Alan Smith from Shrigley who were convinced they would win with an impressive 47 points. Classy Hopkins has been on fire recently and the four handicapper shot level par – well played Bri.

Bromborough’s Phil Ashworth and Gary Garner scored 48 points which was good enough for 3rd place. They lost out on a card play off to the Didsbury low handicap pairing Barney Ross (5) and Paul Dalby(5) who eagled both the 7th and the 18th hole during his round.

It sounds like I am covering for them but Maxitours players Richard Palmer and John Farnsworth have played EVERY week in my events for the past nine years. They are lovely men but they have had very limited success. Last time out as a pair at Prestbury they scored 30 points to finish 47th out of 50 pairs. Today the Lancastrians recorded the best Maxitours total for over 8 years as they accumulated an incredible 53 points. I got a text message at 2pm from their playing partners informing me they had scored 29 points on the front nine!
‘I can honestly say I have never played that well before’ admitted a shell shocked Farnworth.

‘I can honestly say that you will never play that well again!’ added their scorer Mick Mahon. Great golf chaps- tremendous golfing!

Thanks to all who played today- terrific!
Nearest the Pin 9th Jimmy Cox Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 17th Clive Evans Dozen AD333s

2’s £170 4 pro v1s each or 10 srixon AD333s Andy Dunn Pete Atherton Jim Hodges John Hilditch ClIve Evans Mark Bulman Billy Rawsthore Jim Hodges Simon Poucher Peter Cross Trevor Foster Gary Garner Gav Sutcliffe

Wilmslow 03-Nov-2016
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 53 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Paul Dalby, Barney Ross 48 11 Maxitours merino sweater each
3 Phil Ashcroft , Gary Garner 48 10 Dozen DX3 Wilson urethane balls
4 Bri Hopkins, Alan Smith 47 9 Dozen DX3 Wilson urethane balls
5 Terry Rathbone, Keith Tunstall 46 8 Maxitours shirt each
6 Pete Cleaver, Sam Cleaver 46 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes 44 6 Maxitours shirt each
8 Garry Conroy, John Hilton 44 5 Titleist cap each
9 Billy Rawsthore, Mark Jones 44 4 Cleveland winter mitts
10 Leigh Smart, Mark Bulman 44 3 Cleveland winter hat each
11 Colin Roberts, John Rigby 44 2 Cleveland winter hat each
12 Phil Vokes, Steve Dunphy 44 1
13 Lee Tilley, Pete Norbury 44
14= Dave Marchant, Frank Wallace 43
14= Joe Kirwan, Mike Spencer 43
14= Martin France, Pete Atherton 43
14= Dave Blood, Jim Cox 43
14= Graham Bates, Bill Willcocks 43
14= Peter Cross, Terry Crossley 43
20= Ian King, Simon Hemsley 42
20= Martin Callahan, Andy Dunn 42
20= Ray Jones, Ian Berrisford 42
20= Frank Stapleton, Kevan Hawkins 42
20= Trevor Foster, Nick Freeman 42
20= Les Penson, Mark Hazledine 42
20= Mike Dean, Pete Tomlinson 42
20= Peter Brown, Steve Blakeway 42
28= Paul Browne, Dale Wallace 41
28= Steve Berg, Ted Barker 41
28= Pete Ledger, Roger Clarke 41
28= Stuart Pearson, Jeff Wealands 41
28= Alan Vaughan, Carl Margison 41
28= Dave Goodwin, Richard Williamson 41
28= Steve Merricks, Dave Fidler 41
35= David Bigley, Richard Lewis 40
35= Wayne Colclough, Ken Ashford 40
35= Lewis Marland, Joe Loughman 40
35= Dale Beaghan, Anthony Wilson 40
39= Jim Hodges, Sam Leach 39
39= Eddie Geary, Gareth Thomas 39
39= Mark Taylor, Alan Pengelly 39
42= Dave Harlow, David Kelly 38
42= Dave Gavin, Gav Spencer 38
44= John Hilditch, Clive Evans 37
44= Les Russon, Rob Kenyon 37
46 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 36
47 Pete Short, Martin Bradbury 35
48= Garry Dowdle, Olivier Traolean 34
48= Ray Massey, Steve Tyrell 34
48= John Hunt, Gary Vokes 34
48= Eddie Jordan, Dave Ashton 34
52 Bob Sutton, John Atkin 32

Dunham Forest Pairs Thursday 10th November
*11.30am shotgun
1a Frank Stapleton x4
1b Colin Roberts x4
2a Mark Jones x2 Eddie Jordan x2
2b Mick Mahon x4
3 Phil Vokes x4
4a Trevor Foster x4
4b Roger Percival x4
5 Lewis Marland x2 Gary Garner x2?
6a John Hilditch x2 Paul Smith x2
6b Phil Cross x4
7 Leigh Smart x4
8 Dave Blood x4
9a Richard Blackwell x4
9b Sam Leach x4
10 John Wallace x4
11a John Dickenson x4
12 Nigel Oakes x4
12b Les Russon x4
13 Alan Vaughan x4
14 Danny Ritchie x4
14b Gav Dixon x4
15 Mark Williams x2 Ian Kirkland x2
16a Pete Tinkler x4
16b Robert Blane x4
17 Steve Aspinall x4
18a Jim Caldwell x4
18b Ian King x4