Results from fabulous Fairhaven

Maxitours at Fabulous Fairhaven

Maxitours golfers enjoyed perhaps the best day out of the year at Fairhaven. It was almost sunbathing weather for our players as the November temperature was touching 20 degrees. The Fairhaven Golf Course is a superb layout which has improved tremendously over the last five years or so and our players were raving about the quality of the venue.

‘What a terrific day!’ Said Rob Little
‘That was outstanding- a day in a million and what a course!’ praised Dave Beard.

Thanks to Lindzi Stone and her hard working team for looking after us so well throughout the day.

After the cards were handed out and I had sampled a Fairhaven bacon butty I took advantage of the glorious sunshine and was practising my wedge shots on the practice ground beside the 10th tee. I have heard many interesting excuses over the years for bad golf shots and have even been known to use a few of them myself. Today there was a new one for me.
I couldn’t see who actually hit the shot but I heard a whoosh followed by some gentle swearing then I heard a golf ball scuttle deep into the undergrowth. ‘That ladybird put me off!’ came the complaint.

Staffordshire nice guy Richard Williamson turned up just in time for the 11am shotgun start. He was delayed after an articulated lorry crashed across the M6 near Knutsford spilling its load and blocking all Northbound traffic . The radio reported that ‘cold syrup’ had been spattered onto the carriage way. ‘What’s cold syrup ?’ I asked ‘ Its a bit like hot syrup but not as warm ‘ Craig Wilson kindly informed me.

On the golf course Richard and his team got into a few more sticky situations as they finished last with 70 points.

In today’s event the still conditions, reachable par fives and superb greens led to excellent scoring opportunities.
Postman Martin France(3) and his Lymm Golf Club team delivered the goods and they finished in 5th place with 85 points.

Les Russon(11) and his Bramall team finished in 4th with 87 points this was despite having Rob Kenyon(14) in the team.

Third place went to Mottram Hall’s ‘well spoken’ wine expert Richard Blackwell(13), and his red nosed team of Steve Austin(14), John Hilton(13) and Mark Jones(15). They played some vintage golf to score 89 points.

The ‘not quite as well spoken’ but far more talented Duckenfield quartet of Gareth Winston(10), Mark Phillips(12), Gareth Kershaw(13) and Josh Ainscough(3) thought they had done enough to win scoring 91 points. Mark was on fire and he made the most of the perfect conditions to pick up nine shots for the likeable team. Josh works in the Pro Shop at Duckinfield and he is obviously not selling enough Mars bars as he recorded five gross birdies in an impressive display of golf.

First place went to the Clitheroe trio of Munro Donald(14), Nigel Clowes(6), Phil Hanson(8) and Pleasington’s Nigel Comsty(11). Munro is a highly respected GP who worked in the Burnley area. He is enjoying his retirement and uses his hefty pension to play plenty of golf. Reading his scorecard was very hard but I think the scribbles added up to an impressive 92 points! Well played Doc- great score.

Thanks to all who travelled to this great course today, I am sure you enjoyed this class venue, yours in golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 10th Alan Vaughan Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin 17th Trevor Foster Dozen AD333s
¬£120 2’s sweep 12 srixons each
Barry Jackson x2 Andy Hale Trevor Foster Dave Beard Munro Donald Mick Jones

Fairhaven 15-Nov-2016
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Munro Donald, Nigel Clowes, Nigel Comsty, Phil Hanson 92 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Gareth Winstone, Mark Phillips, Gareth Kershaw, Josh Ainscough 91 10 Maxitours sweater each
3 Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Mark Jones, Steve Austin 89 8 PGA tour top each
4 Les Russon, Steve Merricks, Ken Clarke, Rob Kenyon 87 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Martin France, Pete Atherton, Carl Kennedy, Steve Collier 85 4 Srixon bag towel each
6 Ian Cole, Mick Jones, Steve Volp, Richard Major 84 2 Maxitours Winter hat each
7= Phil Okill, Graham March, Rick Buckley, Craig Wilson 83
7= Alan Vaughan, Joe Bazuki, Cliff Chew, Chris Wrighton 83
9= Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry, Alan Drew, Alan Simpson 82
9= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Ian Smith, Duncan Challen 82
9= Danny Ritchie, Andy Hale, Carl Robinson, Ian Melling 82
9= Martin Cox, Koos Alders, Barry Simpson, Mark Morris 82
13= Paul Salt, Andy Salt, Andy Corner, John Taylor 81
13= Barry Jackson, Derek Fortune, Dave Beavis, Chris Gillespie 81
15= Garry Dowdle, David Bigley, Olivier Troalen, Domonic Leach 80
15= Chi Huh, Peter Meher, Sushiel Aggarwal, Richard Brown 80
17= Brian Hopkins, Niall Lynch, Alan Pengelly, George Bresncham 79
17= Trevor Foster, Mark Patton, Steve Riley, Pete Ledger 79
19= Rob Little, Dave Beard, Graham Bates, Stuart Millner 76
19= Eddie Jordan, David Sully, David Ashton, Pete Hibbett 76
19= Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Simon Hemsley, Mike Spencer 76
22= Ian Greenough, Mark Noden, Paul Walton, Tim Blackshaw 75
22= John Longworth, Alan Forber, Craig Trantham, Phil Young 75
24 Bev Crute, Trevor Nicholson, Steve Gibbons, Dave Bentley 73
25= Al Demmy, Ian Handy, Simon Burgess, Ian Hazelwood 71
25= Richard Williamson, Dave Goodwin, Pete Keena, 71

Prestbury start sheet 24th
November 11am shotgun
1a Colin Roberts x4
1b Mick Mahon x4
2b Phil Vokes x4
3 Dave Bowers x4
4 John Bancroft x2 Wayne Colclough x2
5 John Stubbs x4
5b Ian Nielson x4
6a Gary Hunt x2 Eddie Jordan x2
6b Roger Percival x4
7 John Hilditch x2 Jp X2
8a Rob Weston x4
8b Dave Blood x4
9a Brian Hopkins x4
9b Jason Henderson x2 Lewis Marland x2
10 David Kelly x4
11 Mark Williams x4
12a Jim Caldwell x2 Eddie Jordan x2
12b John Berry x4
14a Sam Leach x4
14b Simon Poucher x2 Gary Neiles x2
15a Steve Aspinall x4
15b Les Russon x4
16 Craig Dyson x4
16 Mike Fenton x4
17Dave Goodwin x4
18a Trevor Foster x4
Dave Wainwright x4
Dale Beaghan x4