Day 1 scores from Vilasol!!!!!

Results from Day 1 at glorious Vilasol.

There were a few sunburned faces as the Maxitours touring amateurs enjoyed the superb Vilasol course. Ranked 29th best course in Europe in the early 90’s the tremendous but tough design meant scoring was not high.
‘It was too sunny’ complained Lee Tilley after his team recorded just 64 points.
Richard Palmer blamed his wife for his bad play:
‘I saw there was snow at home and I bet she’s put the heating on’ said the worried Lancastrian as he sipped his 5th pint of Superbock.
Entertainment celebrity agent Alan Frazer put on his own show as they took the early lead alongside Koos Alders and his team of big personalities.

Thanks to all players for a great first day in Portugal!
Cheers Tim

1st Team 12 Saturday 10.20am 75 points (88 euro sweep money)
Koos Alders
Kenny Chinn
Mike Tarrant
James Wilson

2nd Team 1 Sat 11.48am 75 points(88 euro)
Alan Smith
Alan Runciman
Andrew Wallace
Alan Forber

3rd Team 9 Sat 10.44am 74 points (22 euro)
Steve Hall
Chris Adams
Garry Titchen
Bill Riorden

4th Team 11 Sat 10.28am 74 points (22 euro)
Robin Vidler
Bob Kwan
Kevin Hart
Ian Fensom

5th Team 4 Sat 11.24am
Andy Wilde 73 points
Robert Norbury
Michael Norbury
Jon Barnes

6th Team 10 Sat 10.36am 71points
James Clarke
James Joyce
David Thomas
Christopher Clarke

7th Team 7 Sat 11.00am 70 points
Allan Brown
Michael Brown
Stephen Baldwin
Andrew Bennett

8th Team 6 Sat 11.08am 70 points
David Woods
Robert Eastwood
Pete Robinson
Alan Demmy

9th Team 5 Sat 11.16am 65 points
Ian King
Joseph Kirwan
Darren Whittaker
Simon Hemsley

10th Team 3 Fri Sat 11.32am 64 points
Lee Tilley
David Sarsfield
David Rhodes
Charles Norbury

11th Team 2 Sat 11.40am 59 points
Mick Mahon
Richard Palmer
John Farnsworth
Frank Hindle

12th Team 8 Sat 10.52am 57 points
Allan McNicol
Philip Chadwick
Allan Goble
Nicholas Birch