Round two results from sun drenched Vilasol!

Results from Day 2 at glorious Vilasol.

Another sun drenched day for Maxitours players at Vilasol saw some excellent golf on this ‘proper’ golf course.
There were big moves from Ian King and Lee Tilley’s team who were both in the mid 70’s to make up vital ground to stay in the hunt.
Koos Alders team played well to record 77 points but leading the way is Alan Smiths team who added a best of the day 81 points to their 75 point hall yesterday. They face a sleepless night as they could be on the verge of the biggest wins of their tremendously unsuccessful golf careers.

Anything can happen tomorrow!
Get to bed.

Thanks for another great day, yours in golf, Tim

Todays scores
Alan Frazers team 81 points (110 euro sweep)
Koos Alders team 77 points (70 euro)
Ian Kings team 74 points (20 euro)
Lee Tilleys team 74 points (20 euro )
Jim Clarkes team 73 points
Robin Vidlers team 72 points
Steve Halls team 71 points
Dave Woods team 69 points
Mick Mahons team 68 points
Allan Browns team 66 points
Andy Wildes team 66 points
Allan McNicols team 56 points

Overall scores

Team 1 Sat 11.40am 75 + 81 =156 points
Alan Smith
Alan Frazer
Andrew Wallace
Alan Forber

Team 12 Saturday 11.32am 75 +77 = 152 points
Koos Alders
Kenny Chinn
Mike Tarrant
James Wilson

Team 11 Sat 11.16am 74 + 72 = 146 points
Robin Vidler
Bob Kwan
Kevin Hart
Ian Femson

Team 9 Sat 11.24am 74 + 71 = 145 points
Steve Hall
Chris Adams
Garry Titchen
Bill Riorden

Team 10 Sat 11.08am 71+ 73 = 144 points
James Clarke
James Joyce
David Thomas
Christopher Clarke

Team 6 Sat 11.00am 70 + 69 = 139 points
Dave Woods
Robert Eastwood
Pete Robinson
Alan Demmy

Team 5 Sat 10.52am 65 +74= 139 points
Ian King
Joseph Kirwan
Darren Whittaker
Simon Hemsley
Team 4 Sat 10.44am
Andy Wilde 73 + 66 = 139 points
Robert Norbury
Michael Norbury
Jon Barnes
Team 3 Fri Sat 10.36am 64 + 74 = 138 points
Lee Tilley
David Sarsfield
David Rhodes
Charles Norbury

Team 7 Sat 10.28am 70 + 66 = 136 points
Allan Brown
Michael Brown
Stephen Baldwin
Andrew Bennett

Team 2 Sat 10.20am 59 + 68 = 127 points
Michael Mahon
Richard Palmer
John Farnsworth
Frank Hindle

Team 8 Sun 10.12am 57 + 56= 113 points
Allan McNicol
Philip Chadwick
Allan Goble
Nicholas Birch

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