Results from windy but immaculate Ringway

Many thanks to PGA Professional Matthew Turnock for running my golf day today whilst I am working hard in Portugal – see you on Tuesday at Sandiway.
Regards Tim

Matt’s report
It was not looking good first thing when I arrived at the club to be greeted by some squally showers but the grey clouds were quickly blown away by the 19 mph+ winds.

Nobody was put off with all 28 teams turning out on this testing day with some wrapped up in that many layers they could have featured in a Michelin tyres advert.

Lee (Ringway’s top caterer) and his friendly staff did brisk trade in bacon and sausage baps plus gallons of teas and coffees before play and just as good post round as many stayed for a drink and a bite to eat afterwards.

The weather improved as the day went on and the course played quite long with little run especially on the holes into the wind.

The greens were tricky due to maintenance work done a few weeks ago so a few balls deflected off line but all in all the comments were very complementary about the course and everyone had a good time.

It almost turned out to be a very expensive day for Mark Jones who came within a whisker of a hole in one on the 3rd but a tap in from an inch for a 2 was some consolation as of those who entered the 2’s sweep only six players got one.

Thank you to all the staff at Ringway from James the Pro in the shop to Pete the Assistant Secretary to all the bar staff who looked after the Maxitours players.

Nearest Pin 13th – Brian Carroll – Dozen Srixons
Nearest Pin 16th – Barry Wilson – Dozen Srixons

£182.50 9 ProV1 24 Srixon AD333
Mark Jones, Neil Fenner (collected 24 Srixon already), Barry Wilson, Greg Brown, Stephen White & Richard Williamson


Gareth Winston Adam Thomas Stephen White Lee Merson 87 points 12 Cleveland Wedges each
Mark Jones Chris Heslop Ian Bishop Gary Garner 86 points 10 Footjoy Shirt each
Lewis Marland Rick Cotton Joe Loftman Arthur Tattersall 83 points 8 PGA Tour Tops each
Jim Caldwell Nigel Milroy Dan Makintyre Martin Beresford 82 points 6 Maxitours Shirts each
Frank Stapleton Stuart Pearse Dave Wilson Phil Farr 82 points 4 Winter Mitts each
Trevor Foster P. Cross M. Mortimer P. Harvey 79 points 2 Maxitours Hats each
Gary Nieles Joe Yates Paul Yates John Longworth 79 points
Ged Elton Paul Fenner Neil fenner Christy Beaky 78 points
Les Russon Ken Clark Simon Burgess Steve Mericks 77 points
Richard Williamson Paul Woodbine Pete Keena Rob Williams 77 points
Simon Ashton Dan Moss Roy Campion Mick Jones 77 points
Simon Poucher Brendan Leighton Greg Brown Dave Maguiness 76 points
Dave Thomas Graham Jackson Vernon Hays Jim Clark 76 points
Marc Beresford Patrick Cliffe Mick Wayne Chris Gregory 76 points
Eddie Jordan Dave Ashton Brian Carroll Dean Ashton 73 points
Phil Vokes Paul Dalby Barney Ross Andy Leather 73 points
Ian King Ashley Elliott Simon Hemsley Dave Woods 73 points
Barry Wilson Steve Aspinall Colin Berry John Fitzsimmons 71 points
John Berry Chris Reagan Pete Monaghan Tony Granell 71 points
Terry Chaplin Peter Evans Ray Burgess Nobby Perkins 70 points
Mick Mahon Frank Hindle John Farnsworth Munro Donald 70 points
Dave Beard Graham Bates Peter Booth Bill Willocks 68 points
Dave Blood Jim Cox Dave Collinson Alan Costello 68 points
Dale Beagan Pete Ledger Gary Beaghan John Fielding 67 points
Dave Moore Dave Parsons Dave Smith Chris Leonard 67 points
Frank Wallace John Rigby Bob Sinclair Dave Marchant 66 points
Colin Lynch Rob Hands Stuart Roach Arthur Holmes 66 points
John Stubbs John Royle Guy Hall Dick Browne 65 points

Next week is the fabulous Sandiway G.C on Tuesday 7th February

Sandiway Tues 7th Feb 11am Pairs £25

1 Mick Mahon x4
1b Brian Hopkins x4
2 Phil Vokes x4
2b Jim Caldwell x4
3 Ian King x4
4 Mark Jones x2 Lewis Marland x2
4bDave Blood x4
5b Ian Ainsworthx4
6 Andy Strickley x2 John Hunt x2
7a Sam Leach x4
7b Steve Johnson x4
8 Dale Beaghan x4
9 Eddie Jordan x4
9b Colin Roberts x4
10 Chris Adams x4
11 Les Russon x4
11b Dan Huffman x4
12 Dan Huffman x4
12 Dave Thomas x4
13 John Berry x4
14 Steve Murray x4
14 Brian Greenbank x4
15 Phil Scott x2 Jason Henderson x2
15b George Buchan x4
16 Roger Fielding x4
17 Roger Percival x4
17b John Hilditch x2 Simon Walton x2
18 John Stubbs x4
Stapleton x4
Mike George x2
Bob Mottershead x4
Martin Cox x2