Results from Stupendous Sandiway

Summer Maxitours events filling fast!!

Maxitours at stupendous Sandiway

I thought I was back in Portugal as the best day of the year so far was enjoyed by just over 100 Maxitours competitors at Sandiway Golf Club in the heart of Cheshire.

Thanks to top Head Golf Professional Gareth Jones and all the Clubhouse staff for looking after us so well. Nearest the Pin markers are taken out, registration tables are set up and breakfast is cooking before I arrive in the morning- Sandiway is a class act- thank you.

Sandiway is also great track and famous for its free draining fairways and greens. Despite heavy overnight drain the course was incredibly dry and even John Graham’s tatty old shoes which have been leaking for well over five years didn’t let any water in. He was delighted to be wearing dry socks as he enjoyed his pint in the clubhouse for the first time this winter.

It was great to be back organising Maxitours in this country after running and playing in a small overseas pro-am last week and I am feeling mentally stronger than ever ready for the playing season ahead. My twenty stone pro-am team mate Dave Antrobus kept dancing on my line but I didn’t lose my temper once and I haven’t mentioned it to anyone.

In today’s event conditions really were ideal all day so there could be no excuses for any poor scores. Any pairing scoring less than 36 points have got problems.

Fifth place went to Gary Bailey(21) and Pete Hamlett (7)with 43 points. They were rocking like an MFI wardrobe over their closing holes but then managed to hole a couple of tricky putts and were delighted to record their best finish for over a year.

Brian Greenbank(6) travelled the world as a professional paint baller when he was younger. He was hitting the target with some fine shooting today and they would have taken first place had his partner John Newton(21) not missed a one foot putt. Brian only mentioned it five times in the bar.

Sale Golf Club nice guys John Berry(9) and Chris O’Regan(18) took third place and pal Terry Benson marked their card. He kept telling John how good his partner was:
‘your partner Chris has a superb swing’
‘your partner played some solid iron shots’
‘your man there- he is very handy’
‘Your partner has great feel around the greens’ eventually John got fed up with all the compliments and asked him ‘what the hell are you after?’
‘ I’m after your partner’ replied Terry.

Wilmslow’s Jim Caldwell(11) is well into his seventies and fit as a fiddle. This shrewd businessman is even shrewder on the course. He used all his guile and stamina to finish in second place after a strong finish playing with Steve Barlow(4)- brilliant.

Prestbury members Chris Adams(12) and Steve Hall(16) took first place with 44 points. These extremely wealthy retired bankers were feeling sorry for themselves after they only picked up a single point on their first hole. Adams then caught fire, recording three birdies including two, two’s.. Steve eventually contributed with four points after a class birdie on the tough seventh to help them squeeze into 1st place. Well played chaps you have played great golf on a great course.

Thanks to all who played today I hope you enjoyed the day.
Yours in Golf Tim

Nearest the pin on the 8th couldn’t be separated so they share the prize!
Nearest the Pin at 8th hole John Berry/George Buchan 6 srixons each
Nearest the Pin 18th hole Dan Huffman Dozen Srixons

2’s £157.50
4 pro v1s or 10 srixons

Mike Clewley Chris Adams x2 Brian Greenbank John Royle John Stubbs Pete Mellor Steve Barlow John Berry Jim Clarke Roger Percival

Sandiway 07-Feb-2017
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Chris Adams, Steve Hall 44 12 Cleveland Wedge each
2 Jim Caldwell, Steve Barlow 43 11 Maxitours Merino sweater each
3 John Berry, Chris O’Regan 43 10 PGA Tour Jacket
4 Brian Greenbank, John Newton 43 9 Callaway shirt each
5 Pete Hamlett, Gary Bailey 43 8 Callaway shirt each
6 Neil Higgins, Ian Waller 42 7 Maxitours Shirt each
7 Steve Merricks, Simon Burgess 42 6 Maxitours Shirt each
8 John Hunt, Gary Vaulks 42 5 Maxitours Shirt each
9 Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair 41 4 Winter Mitts each
10 Dan Huffman, Pete Mellor 41 3 Winter Hat each
11 Joe Kirwan, Simon Hemsley 41 2
12 Mark Jones , Jordan Garner 41 1
13= Paul Donnely, Damien Clayton 41
13= Jason Henderson, Paul Clay 41
15= Richard Palmer, John Farnworth 40
15= Barney Ross, Chih Hu 40
15= Ian King, Mike Spencer 40
15= Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson 40
15= Graham Jackson, Vernon Hayes 40
15= Phil Scott, Joe Nicholson 40
15= Bill Harvey, Brian Rogerson 40
22= Eddie Jordan, Dave Ashton 39
22= Dave Wainwright, Mike Wainwright 39
22= Jon Hume, Bob Day 39
22= Dave Thomas, Jim Clarke 39
22= Martin France, Pete Atherton 39
27= Mike Clewley, Richard Johnson 38
27= Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 38
27= John Royle, Guy Hall 38
27= Ray Stringer, Joe Shelley 38
27= Roger Fielding, Mike Stott 38
27= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby 38
27= Dave Blood, Jim Cox 38
27= Duncan Challen, Tony Walsh 38
27= Jim Hodges, Chris Burrows 38
27= Pete Ledger, Matt Mortimer 38
27= Wayne Harris, Mark Simister 38
38= Terry Benson, Stan Devlin 37
38= Ian Ainsworth, Geoff Haynes 37
38= Sam Leach, Johnny Barton 37
38= Simon Walton, Peter Smith 37
42= Mike George, Chris Ickley 36
42= Martin Cox, Barry Simpson 36
42= Les Russon, Rob Kenyon 36
42= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 36
46= Steve Johnson, Gary Crier 35
46= Dale Beaghan, Gary Beaghan 35
46= George Buchan, Dave Garnett 35
46= Neil Ainsworth, Gary Lavers 35
50= Neale Laurent, Gareth Winstone 34
50= John Stubbs, Dave Moores 34
52 Dave Jones, Carl Henshall-Jones 33
53 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle 30

Ormskirk Pairs Thursday 16th Feb 11am shotgun
1a Mick Mahon x4
1b Trevor Foster x4
2 Roger Percival x4
2 Lewis Marland x2 John Hilditch x2
3 John Stubbs x4
4 Dave Blood x4
4b Si Hemsley x4
5a Greg Adams x4
5 Brian Hopkins x4
6 Chih Hu x4
7a Mark Pasquill x4
7b Steve Aspinall x4
8 Dale Beaghan x4
9aKoos Alders x4
9b Chris Adams x4
10a Mick Fenton x4
10b David Kelly x4
11 Simon Poucher x4
11a Lee Jevons x2Richard Blackwell x2
12Simon Taylor x4
13a Mark Jones x2 Keith Tunstall x2
13b Nigel Compsty x2 John Hunt x2
14 George Buchan x4
15a Les Russon x4
15b John Heaton x4
16 Eddie Jordan x4
17 Phil Vokes x4
18a Colin Roberts x4

Ray Jones x4