Results from awesome Ormskirk

Maxitours at Vilasol 2018!
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1 Hour free drinks 6.30-7.30
Last night Gala dinner
Excellent prizes
4 nights accommodation and breakfast at Vilasol
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3 rounds tournament golf on Vilasol
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Maxitours at awesome Ormskirk

Ormskirk is the newest venue on the Maxitours rota and looks set to be a firm favourite. Everyone at this great Club was extremely friendly. Deputy stewardess Sarah and her team were really terrific this morning and old pro Jack Hammond is a great character who is very well liked in the golfing world. Many thanks guys.

The picturesque Golf Course is in the middle of nowhere and a few of our players arrived with muddy cars after various Sat Navs took them down a nearby pot holed single track road. I think Henry Clarke’s golf GPS watch was also playing up as his golf ball was trying to make it’s way down the same single track road after his vicious hook off the 1st tee.

Kev Hart is a top lad but his knowledge of the game leaves a little to be desired. He surveyed the golf course from the Clubhouse window and asked ‘Are these McDougall greens?’
I was busy checking players in before play and asked him ‘What the heck are you talking about now?’
His more intelligent pal Ian Fensom explained that Kev is easily confused with the Scottish surnames Mackenzie and McDougall.

John Farnsworth has played in every event for the past few months and he even came to Portugal with me in January. I actually see more of him than I do my own wife. He was absent today however as he had gone away with his own Mrs on the trip of a lifetime to Sweden to see the Northern lights. He is back home tomorrow but apparently his lovely wife is devastated as there is no sign of any lights. His golf mates told me that he John isn’t too bothered as has been avidly watching the attractive Scandinavian girls instead.

It was enjoyable to watch my players hitting approach shots into the 18th green through the big Clubhouse window and I saw some lovely golf. I don’t know if it was the high quality turf on the fairways but there seemed to be fewer bad shots than usual. Even John Hilditch hit a decent pitch shot into the green. Jim Cox’s approach had a little hint of back spin- nice!

In the pairs event I think young Will Cockayne(7) had been on the drugs as he finished in 49th place alongside Tom Ashmore(7).

The back nine was scoring much easier than the front and a strong finish saw Birchwood’s Alan Simpson(13) and Alan Drew (6) take 5th place with 41 points. On form Tony Stiles(13) and Mick Fenton(6) were even better and they took 4th with 23 points on the back nine.

Retired Koos Alders(14) and Martin Cox (25)worked hard to take 3rd place with 43 points.

Lovely man and Cambridge Zoology graduate Mick Mahon(25) has been playing like a chimp for the last few weeks. He found his rhythm today and teaming up with the enigmatic Richard Palmer(11) they were delighted to score 43 points to finish in 2nd place after winning the card play off .

Leigh golf club’s John Wallis(18) is on fire at the moment. His team won their local domino league on Tuesday and if that wasn’t enough he took first place in today’s Maxitours event. He was knocking the spots off his golf ball on his way to 44 points. The retired air conditioning engineer enjoyed the breezy conditions to earn his first ever Maxitours victory. Joiner Dave Tongue(10) chipped in when he could.

Well played chaps great golf. Thanks to everyone for your terrific support. Only eight weeks until the Masters begins!

Nearest the pin 12th Trevor Foster Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 17th Pete Birtwistle Dozen AD333s

2’s sweep £172.50 5 pro v1s or dozen AD333s per 2 Dave Tongue Tony Stiles Vic Neilson Martin France Andy Oakes Steve Mericks Graham Kay Pete Birtwistle Gary Vokes Trevor Foster John Atkin Lee Jevons

Ormskirk 16-Feb-2017
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 John Wallis, Dave Tongue 44 12 Cleveland Wedge each
2 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 43 11 Ashworth top each
3 Koos Alders, Martin Cox 43 10 Dozen Srixon Z Stars each
4 Mick Fenton, Tony Stiles 41 9 Callaway shirt each
5 Alan Simpson, Alan Drew 41 8 Callaway shirt each
6 Ian Fensom, Kev Hart 41 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 Simon Poucher, Vic Neilsen 40 6 Maxitours shirt each
8 Martin France, Pete Atherton 40 5 Winter Mitts each
9 Chris Adams, Andrew Oakes 40 4 Winter Mitts each
10 Lewis Marland, Gareth Winstone 40 3 3 pro V1s aech
11 Steve Merricks, Simon Burgess 40 2 3 srixon ad333s each
12 Mark Pasquill, Tom Green 40 1 3 srixon ad333s each
13= Kenny Chinn, John McCartney 39
13= Duncan Challen, Andy Sandham 39
13= Dave Griffiths, Pete Birtwistle 39
13= John Hunt, Gary Vokes 39
13= Ray Massey, Graham Kay 39
13= John Heaton, Steve Bridgeman 39
13= Mark Taylor, Mike George 39
13= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton 39
21= Dale Beaghan, Matt Mortimer 38
21= Charlie Cunningham, Mike Clewley 38
21= Nigel Comsty, Nigel Clowes 38
21= Ray Jones, Steve Tyrell 38
21= Rob Kenyon, Gary Whittaker 38
21= Eddie Jordan, Brian Carroll 38
27= Trevor Foster, Pete Ledger 37
27= Simon Taylor, Rob Haynes 37
27= David Kelly, John Atkin 37
30= Si Hemsley, Dave Woods 36
30= Barry Simpson, Mark Morris 36
30= Brendan Leighton, Neil Drummond 36
30= Dave Westwood, Frank Hindle 36
30= Keith Tunstall, Terry Rathbone 36
30= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 36
30= John Royle, Guy Hall 36
37= Dave Blood , Jim Cox 35
37= Warren Newton, Matt Jansen 35
37= Steve Aspinall, John Fitzsimmons 35
37= Greg Adams, Phil Singh 35
37= Brian Hopkins, Andy Brennan 35
42= Dave Marchant, Bob Sinclair 34
42= Dave Fellows, Dave Harlow 34
42= Lee Jevons, Wayne Cheadle 34
42= John Hilditch, John Pratt 34
42= Ian King, Jie Kirwan 34
42= Ian Handy, Dave Stephenson 34
48 Chih Hu, Nigel Milroy 33
49 Tom Ashmore, Will Cockayne 32
50= John Stubbs, Dave Parsons 31
50= Tony Roberts, Mike Savage 31
52 George Maddison, Don Shaidnagle 29