Results from wonderful, windy, Wilmslow

Maxitours at windy and wonderful Wilmslow

Wilmslow was in tremendous condition for the latest Maxitours event. The greens were running fast and true and look set to be terrific for their membership this season. The teeing areas are also the best in Cheshire. Thanks to everyone at this class Golf Club for your hospitality.
‘They are the best greens I’ve played all Winter’ said the well travelled Richard Palmer.

John Farnsworth returned to Maxitours after his unsuccessful Northern Lights spotting trip to Sweden. His team mates were very sympathetic:
‘Do you like my new’ light’weight bag John’
‘Are you having a bacon butty this morning John or are you going for the ‘light’ option?’

Dave Moore looked chirpier than normal at check in this morning after he dropped his regular partners John Stubbs and his old friends for a much younger, more athletic looking team. Looks can be deceiving and experienced Stubbs birdied the 11th on his way to beating his old pal by a shot.

Neil Keelan won some Srixon balls last week. I told him he could have AD333s or soft feel. I explained that there was a choice to suit his game- the soft feels spin a little more and gives a higher flight and great control around the greens and the AD333s also gave great feel with a lower more penetrating flight.
‘Have you got any balls for a terrible golfer with absolutely no feel whatsoever?’ he enquired.

Likeable Bev Crute isn’t as daft as he looks and he was desperate to start his round on the back nine rather than off the first.
‘When we have a bad score we still have a chance to win nearest the pin on the 9th hole’ said the intelligent Knutsford man. Sure enough team mate Trevor Nicholson came up with the goods as he narrowly missed the nearest the pin but coolly rolled in his birdie putt to earn his team some golf balls.

Despite windy conditions, the smooth putting surfaces and shortened course led to some excellent scoring. The Bramall team led by the well prepared Rob Kenyon(14) took 4th place with 85 points. Simon Burgess(14), Ian Handy(12) and Steve Merricks (6)completed the big drinking quartet.

There were three teams tied for first place and all of them scored better on the easier back nine.

Chorley’s Eddie Jordan(14), Brian Carroll (13) David Carroll (5)and Darren McDowell(6) were kicking themselves after collecting just two points on the short seventeenth cost them a win. The lovely Lancastrians had to settle for 3rd.

My car sponsor and all round nice guy Eddie Ellis(15) is improving rapidly and he teamed up with High Legh’s Darren Jones(17), Ben Davies(7) and Graham Aspinall(24) to win his first ever Maxitours prize after several very poor attempts over previous years. They were delighted to finish in 2nd place.

Taking the honours were United legends Stuart Pearson(7), Frank Stapleton(13), Kevin Hawkins(8) and Dave Wilson(7). After a quiet start to their round they burst into life over their closing twelve holes -picking up thirteen shots in a real team effort to record their first victory of the winter season. Well played chaps great golf.

Nearest the pin 9th Richard Palmer doz AD333s
Nearest the pin17th Pete Tinkler doz AD333s

2’s £140 4pro v1s or 10 AD333s each Richard Palmer Rob Williams Trevor Nicholson Kevin Hamilton Paul Dalby Mike Westbrook Kevan Hawkins Pete Tinkler Martin France Jim Hodges Eddie Ellis John Royle

Wilmslow 20-Feb-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Frank Stapleton, Stuart Pearson, Kevin Hawkins, Dave Wilson 87 12 Callaway rain top each
2 Eddie Ellis, Graham Aspinall, Ben Davies, Darren Jones 87 10 Ashworth sweater each
3 Eddie Jordan, Brian Carroll, David Carroll, Darren McDowell 87 8 Kartel shirt each
4 Simon Burgess, Rob Kenyon, Steve Merricks, Ian Handy 85 6 Callaway shirt each
5 Martin France, Phil Cunningham, John Webb, Chris Webster 84 4 3 pro v1s each
6 Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, John Hilton, Andy Hamlett 84 2 6 srixons each
7 John Berry, Mike George, Pete Monahan, Frank Sullivan 83
8= John Atkin, David Kelly, Stuart Blake, Dave Harlow 81
8= Richard Williamson, Pete Keena, Paul Woodbine, Rob Williams 81
10= Trevor Foster, Dale Beaghan, Pete Ledger, John Fielding 80
10= Dave Blood, Jim Cox, Duncan Challen, Ian George 80
12 Paul Salt, John Taylor, Andy Salt, Mike Hill 79
13= Ian King, Mike Spencer, Darren Whittaker, Simon Hemsley 78
13= Martin Bramwell, Peter Veitch, Chris Brown, Andy Veitch 78
15= Colin Roberts, Dave Marchant, John Rigby, Bob Sinclair 77
15= Sam Leach, Joim Hodges, Chris Walley, John Barton 77
17= Barney Ross, Kevin Hamilton, Paul Dalby, Mike Campbell 76
17= Paul Browne, Ted Barker, Steve Price, Steve Berg 76
17= John Stubbs, John Royle, Guy Hall, Ray Boland 76
20 Dale Wallace, John Jones, Dick Browne, Dave Moore 75
21 Ian Ainsworth, Geoff Haynes, Ken Russell, Ray Stringer 74
22 Mick Fenton, Dave Griffiths, Don Milligan, Mike Westbrook 71
23 Bev Crute, Trevor Nicholson, Steve Gibbons, Dave Bentley 70
24 Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle, JohnFarnsworth 69
25 Rob Weston, Steve Foxcroft, John Horsley, Tony Andrews 65

Prestbury start sheet
Thursday 2nd March 11am shotgun
1a Brian Hopkins x4
1b John Stubbs x4
2a Richard Blackwell x2 Eddie Jordan x2
2b Graham Bates x2 Rob Little x2
4 Frank Stapleton x4
5 Brian Greenbank x4
5b Pete Norbury x4
6a Jim Caldwell x2 Dave Thomas x2
6b David Kelly x4
7 Dave Blood x4
8a Les Russon x4
8b Lewis Marland x2 John Hilditch x2
9a Colin Roberts x4
10 Mick Mahon x4
11 Martin Bramwell x4
11b Ged Elton x4
12 Alan Vaughan x2 Neil Drummond x2
13 Nick Hercules x2 Dave Lomax x2
13b Dan Huffman x4
14Phil Vokes x4
14b Simon Ashton x4
15 Paul Evans x4
15 Andy Strickley x2 Chris Webster x2
16 Mike George x4
17 George Buchan x4
18a Trevor Foster x4
18b Dale Beaghan x4