Results from Classy Conway

Space for 2 four balls and 1 pair at superb Sandiway next Tuesday

Maxitours at Classic Conwy

True seaside links conditions greeted Maxitours competitors at Conwy this morning. Immaculate greens, very firm fairways and a stiff breeze made things interesting and hugely enjoyable on this highly rated Welsh Classic.

‘That course was in super condition’ said respected Chris Brown ‘Unbelievable!’
‘That is the best track I’ve played all year’ beamed knowledgeable Brian Greenbank.
Thanks to everyone at Conwy for your superb hospitality- what a great venue!

I told Mark Rogers that a good imagination was required to play this top links course in the wind as a variety of shots would be called upon ‘That should suit my team mate Graham Brown – he has a very good imagination- he’s actually convinced himself that he is a good golfer.’

Peter Veitch is normally a straight hitter but he got blown off the course a couple of times today. He sat in the corner of the clubhouse after his round pulling thorns out of every orifice of his body muttering ‘bloody gorse bushes!’

Roy Ainsworth from Antobus nearly turned up late as he had an emergency appointment at the dentist this morning . His pal told him he had blue tooth so he thought he’d better get it checked out.

Dave Harlow is also famous for his one liners – ‘My team and I held a minutes silence on the course at 11 o’clock – its my wedding anniversary today!’

It was great to see Brendan McNamara the old Steward at Hale Golf Club playing today. Everyone fondly knows him as Mac. Next year he is honoured to be Captain of Conwy Golf Club, his wife is match Secretary so next year they will have 2 parking spots at the Club. ‘The problem is that we only have one car!’ chuckled Mac.

In today’s event John Allman’s team hit a large VARIETY of bad shots as they recorded 57 points.

Massively underrated nice guy Bob Sutton(21) was superb at Conwy today and his Captains performance inspired John Atkin(20), David Kelly(10) and Dave Harlow(17) into an impressive 5th place finish.

The tough conditions were always going to suit Lancashire legend Trevor Foster(+1). He led his less talented team of Peter Cross(12), Pete Ledger(18) and Anthony Wilson(10) into 3rd place with 78 points.

Glossops big hitting Eddie Frost(scr) birdied the tough 17th and then drove through the back of the 364 yard 18th hole. His chip then ‘slam dunked’ it’s way into the hole for an eagle to earn his team a share of 3rd place and win some balls in the sweep. Dave Bolton(10) and Mike Sallabank(8) completed the team.

Jim Clarke’s(10) attention seeking Knutsford team surprised themselves with a top two finish. ‘Can you please give us a mention in the report for a change?’ begged Jim ‘You can write about my strong front nine if you want’.

‘Don’t forget about my par at the tough first hole’ pleaded Jim Kenyon(16)
‘What about my remarkable birdie on the long tenth?’ requested Pete Booth(15)
‘Did you hit any good shots today?’ I asked 4th team member Mark Haggerty(14) who was hiding gingerly behind his pint of beer. ‘No. But I am a very good dancer- you could write about that?’ he suggested after a great deal of thought.

Perfume importer Ian Ainsworth(13) came up smelling of roses again. His Hazel Grove team battled to the turn in 37 points but then came into bloom on the back nine returning with 45 points. Even Geoff Haynes(7) had back to back birdies and he’s normally hopeless. Ray Stringer(19) and Trevor Harrison(10) completed the quartet. Great golf guys, well played!

Thanks to all who played today, to get well over 100 golfers travelling to Wales is terrific so thank you very much.

Nearest the Pin 2nd Ray Tennant Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 15th David Kelly Dozen AD333s
2’s £157.50 9 pro v1s or 21 Srixon AD333s Bob Sutton Barney Ross Eddie Frost Mike Sallibank Leigh Smart

Conwy 24-Apr-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Ian Ainsworth, Ray Stringer, Trevor Harrison, Geoff Haynes 82 12 FJ Contour casual shoes
2 Jim Clarke, Jim Kenyon, Peter Booth, Mark Haggerty 79 10 Footjoy shirt each
3 Dave Bolton, Eddie Frost, Mike Sallabank, AN Other 79 8 Cutter and Buck shirt each
4 Trevor Foster, Pete Cross, Anthony Wilson, Pete Ledger 78 6 Maxitours/callaway shirt each
5 David Kelly, Dave Harlow, Bob Sutton, John Atkin 77 4 Maxitours/callaway shirt each
6 Tom Griffiths, Brendan McNamra, Richard Brewster, Dave Gibson 77 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7= Sam Leach, Bob Chester, Chris Burrows, Jim Hodges 76 Maxitours bag towel each
7= John Hilditch, Clive Evans, Ian Doak, Steve Grant 76
7= Ian King, Jack Hankinson, Darren Whittaker, Mike Spencer 76
7= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Paul Sherlock, Barney Ross 76
7= Roy Ainsworth, Peter Heald, Brian Ankers, Mike Verdin 76
12= Paul Cooper, Bill Rotherer, Steve Hall, Dave Tattershall 74
12= Brian Greenbank, Chris Brown, Peter Veitch, Andy Veitch 74
14 Leigh Smart, Billy Rawsthore, Ray Tenant, Andy Jackson 73
15 Colin Roberts, Darren Spencer, Jeff Andrews, Dave Marchant 71
16= Les Russon, Steve Merricks, Rob Kenyon, Ken Clarke 70
16= John Longworth, Alan Forber, Joe Yates, Paul Yates 70
18= Pete Birtwistle, Kenny Stephens, John Callahan, Kevin Moran 69
18= Peter Dolan, Jim Doran, Brian Hitchen, Peter Daniels 69
18= Steve Lamont, Mike Benson, Tom Ford, Tony Gibbons 69
21= Alan Fairbanks, Sam Eaton, Mark Freeman , Tim Blackshaw 68
21= Ian Greenough, Anne Greenough, Phil Okill, Graham March 68
21= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Andy Hamlett, Paul Collins 68
21= David Hughes, Laurie Kirkbride, Colin Jones, Dave Thomas 68
21= Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Pete Norbury, Dean Jagger 68
26 Simon Hemsley, Al Demmy , Ian Handy, Gareth Bradley 67
27 Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton, Neil Drummond, Greg Brown 65
28 Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Dave Westwood, Frank Hindle 63
29 John Allman, Gary Williams , Colin Davies, Gary Evans 57

Sandiway Pairs Start sheet
Tuesday 2nd May
9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Jim Caldwell x2 Roy Ainsworth x2
9.27 David Bigley x4
9.36 Marc Berrisford x4
9.44 Dave Stanhope x4
9.53 Karen Taylor x2 Nick Hercules x2
10.02 John Hilditch x2 Phil Scott x2
10.10 Lewis Marland x2 Mark Timperley x2
10.19 Jack Coleman x4
10.28 Brian Greenbank x4
10.37 Chris Adams x4
10.46 Martin France x2 Phil Hanson x2?tbc
10.54 Leigh Smart x4
11.03 Chris McKellor x2 Ian Appleton x2
11.12 Trevor Foster x4
11.21 Dale Beaghan x4
11.30 Wayne Colclough x2 Ian Waddington x2
11.39 Frank Stapleton x4
11.48 Mick Mahon x4
11.57 Chih Hu x4
12.06 Jim Rymer x4
12.15 Bob Mottershead x4
12.24 Mario Capostagno x4
12.33 jimmy Caffrey x2
12.42 Duncan Challen x4
12.51 Tom Davis x4
1.00 Stu Giles x2 Trevor Keep x2
1.09 David Hughes x2 Dave Bolton x2
1.27 Richard Blackwell x2 Gary Denman x2
1.36 David Smith x4
1,45 Gary Parle x4
1.54 Chris Ernil x4
2.03 Bernard Wood x4
2.11 Steve Parle x4
2.20 David Smith x4
2.29 Richard Wiliamson x4
2.38 Geoff Underhill x4
2.47 Simon Ashton x4
2.54 Pete Norbury x4
3.00 Tom Butler x4
3.08 Brian Hopkins x4
3.15 Eddie Ellis x4