Results from pristine Prestbury

Spaces at Pleasington Thursday next week- the course is excellent according to the Pleasington professional!
Bramall Park 23rd May -full
Ringway 1st June -last few spaces
Worsley 8th June -last few spaces

Maxitours at pristine Prestbury

Prestbury Golf Club’s excellent reputation continued to grow as a truly magnificent course was presented to Maxitours competitors today. Thanks to Mark Crossley and his hard working team for their skilful preparation- these guys are right at the very top of their profession.

‘The course was awesome- but my golf was gruesome.’ Admitted Bob Sinclair after his round.
‘Those greens are a delight, it’s great to hit a good putt and watch it roll smoothly to the hole’ said short game wizard Paul Browne.
‘I’ve just come back from playing seven courses in Spain and none of them were as good as that!’ said Tim Spencer.

Prestbury is so good even the Secretary turns up for work in a porsche. Host professional Nick Summerfield is also a great man and very highly thought of by all of his peers.

The catering at Prestbury is up to the same high quality as the golf course and head chef Richard served us very well indeed.

‘Absolutely beautiful’ said wide eyed Richard Palmer after his round.
‘I’m glad you enjoyed the course’ I replied
‘No -I’m talking about that female tour pro Amy Boulton who was having a practice round in front of us’ corrected the Blackburn man.

There were a couple of medical conditions coming to light on the Prestbury course:
Paul Evans team think he might be a dyslexic golfer . ‘He couldn’t read the greens.’ they declared after struggling to 61 points.
Mark John’s team tell me that they think he could have developed golf tourettes ‘He can’t stop involuntary swearing after each missed putt ‘.

The last time Phil Smeather’s hit a purple patch was when his ball disappeared into a clump of Bluebells last Spring. The classy 6 handicapper was on it today however playing his first six holes in two under par. Despite dropping a couple of shots late on in his round the gentle giant was delighted to be playing good golf again.

The scoring was tricky on this Harry Colt masterpiece and it just shows that a well designed golf course doesn’t need to be over 7000 yards to be a top championship venue.
Roy Ainsworths team ‘ripped it up today ‘ unfortunately they were talking about their scorecard which disappeared into a bin.

Rob Platt lives ‘ower in’t Barnsley’ His team played ‘greeet’ today and they loved the course and especially the firm and very fast greens ‘By eck those greens was as hard as a pit mans hat’ said Rob after his round. The Northerners were delighted to finish 4th with 81 points.

The Cheadle team led by Tony Stiles(13) and Tony Rains(22) finished 3rd with 82 points. The 17th hole was playing the toughest on the course . Mick Fenton(6) was on the back of the green and his putt slipped narrowly past the hole only to disappear over the green and finish 60 yards away. Dave Chambers(12) watched him do it and then to his teams disbelief repeated the feat himself as they narrowly missed out on top spot by a single point!

Ged Elton(15)and his Matlock team of Neil Fenner(9) Mark Berrisford(6) and Chris Beakey(14) finished late in the day and were amazed that there 82 points was good enough to snatch 2nd place. Retired Elton worked for ‘Bosch’ and when he plays golf his ball is normally in the ‘busch’ but he played the tough back nine well to help his team into 2nd.

Retired Tim Spencer(19) from Chapel en le Frith and Astbury’s Ron Sloane(19) normally play golf ‘purely for social reasons.’ This can be translated as ‘We are not good enough to win a prize’. In ten years playing Maxitours events Ron has won a dodgy shirt and I think I gave Tim a pair of socks for his birthday because I felt sorry for him. On the first they were more than surprised when two of them chipped in for 8 points. They were then hanging on to a good score by the skin of their teeth for the next seventeen holes. They scrapped their way to victory with 83 points Mark Saxon(21) and Paul Higgs(13) completed the shell shocked quartet. Well done guys I am delighted for you.

Nearest the pin 7th Dozen Mick Fenton Dozen Srixon soft feel
Nearest the pin 17th Barrie Simpson Dozen Srixon soft feel

2’s £250 7 pro v1s or 18 srixons per 2
Phil Smeathers Steve Morfitt Leigh Smart Dale Wallace Pete Ledger Tom Griffiths Munro Donald Dave Garnett Alan Duckworth Ged Elton

Prestbury 11-May-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Tim Spencer, Ron Sloane, Mark Saxon, Paul Higgs 83 12 FJ contour casual Shoes each
2 Ged Elton, Neil Fenner, Marc Berrisford, Chris Beakey 82 10 Callaway/Sunice wind top each
3 Tony Stiles, Dave Chambers, Mike Fenton, Tony Rains 82 8 PGA Top each
4 Rob Platt, Steve Morfitt, Gary Youall, Steve Barber 81 6 PGA Top each
5 Brian Hopkins, Alan Pengelly , Mark Taylor, Mark Johnson 80 4 Callaway shirt each
6 Lewis Marland, Neale Laurent, Paul Butler, Josh Ainscough 79 2 Maxiitours shirt each
7 Dave Antrobus, Tom Jarvis, Steve Hall, John Anderton 79
8= John Hilditch, Steve Grant, Simon Walton, Steve Grant 77
8= Leigh Smart, Ray Tennant, Andy Jackson, Billy Rawsthore 77
10= Jim Caldwell, Bryce Brooks, Simon Maxwell, Peter Griggs 76
10= Ian King, Alan Smith, Darren Whittaker, Andy Wisedale 76
12= Paul Brown, Bob Barlow, Steve Berg, Dale Wallace 75
12= Andy Adshead, Bob Kwan, Ian Kirkland, Simon Truby 75
12= Steve Hackett, Ian Hackett, Eden Ottley, Alan Duckworth 75
15= Steve Parle, Tom Dobbins, Ted Ellis, Bill Parkinson 74
15= Mike Hill, Paul Salt, Rob Blane, Rob Hughes 74
17 Dennis Whelan, Ken Ashford, Wayne Colclough, Dennis Price 73
18 David Kelly, Les Penson, John Atkin, Dave Harlow 72
19 Jack Coleman, Mike Gauden, Harvey Mattinson, Anthony Bloor 71
20= Tom Griffiths, Mike Wainwright, Dave Wainwright, Richard Brewster 70
20= Pete Ledger, Phil Meyers, Dale Beaghan, Pete Houston 70
22= Jim Clarke, Mark Hazeldine, Pete Booth, Jim Kenyon 68
22= Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth, Munro Donald, Phil Hanson 68
22= Mike George, Mike Sherry, Karen George, Kristian Icely 68
25= Martin Bramwell, Paul Bramwell, Phil Smeathers, Nigel Warburton 67
25= Sam Leach, Kevin Reeves, Bob Chester, Jim Hodges 67
25= John Stubbs, Keith Coxon, Guy Hall , Dave Parsons 67
25= Barrie Simpson, Marc Morris , Koos Alders, Pete Sinclair 67
29= Bev Crute, Dave Shelmerdine, Graham Pike, Geoff Bloom 66
29= George Buchan, Bill Harvey, George Bryant, Dave Garnett 66
29= Pete Norbury, Rob Norbury, James Mooney, Nad Haq 66
32 Rob Weston, Tony Andrews, Steve Foxcroft, Trevor Webb 65
33 John Brazier, Paul Raven, Chris Belfield, Steve Hall 64
34 Paul Evans, Tony Evans, Stuart Hibbert, Darren Forrester 61

Pleasington Pairs Thursday 18th May

9.30 Colin Roberts x4
9.39 Jim Caldwell x4
9.48 Ian King x4
9.57 Mick Mahon x4
10.06 Jack Coleman x4
10.24 Neil Drummond x2 Mike Dean x2
10.33 John Berry x4
10.42 Brian Greenbank x4
11.00 Trevor Foster x4
11.09 Dale Beaghan x4
11.18 Ian Ainsworth x4
11.27 Chris Adams x4
11.36 Chih Hu x4
11.45 Graham Littler x4
11.54 Les Russon x4
12.05 James Wilson x4
12.14 Tim Spencer x4
12.23 Martin France x4
1.30 Eddie Jordan x4
1.39 John Stubbs x4
1.48 Les Penson x4
1.57 Paul Rudkin x2 Richard Blackwell x2
2.15 Brian Rogerson x2
2.24 Leigh Smart x4
2.33 Richard Williamson x2 Steve Heywood x2
2.51 Pete Norbury x4
3.09 Brian Hopkins x4