Results from Delightful Davenport

Spaces next Thursday at Hazel Grove Team of 4 event – it is in great condition!

Hopwood Friday 21st July – spaces – all players receive a try me ball pack from srixon
Dunham Forest – 27th July – full
Vale Royal team of 4 4th August – nearly full
Mere Pairs 7th August -filling fast!

Maxitours at delightful Davenport

Davenport Golf Club members can be very proud indeed after their golf course was presented in immaculate condition for todays’ Maxitours event. The blemish free greens were cut and ironed and the putts were rolling straight and true. Many thanks to all the greens staff.

Giles Terry doesn’t get out much but he claimed that the bacon and egg bap was ‘The best I have ever tasted’ . Sam leach also agreed that these are the best bacon barms on the circuit.

Clubhouse manager Fraser is a great guy and he really knows how to look after my special dietary needs – plenty of chips with my pies. Many thanks to Fraser and his top team for their attentive service throughout the day -brilliant job.

The golf course was originally at Davenport near the middle of Stockport but moved to higher Poynton in 1973 where it has now matured into a really enjoyable test of golf.. Neil Omeshers’ ball nearly made it’s way back to the old course after his wild hook on the 15th.

Jim Hodges and Chris Walley had a solid start after they picked up two shots on the tricky opening four holes. Both tee shots on the next found the heart of the green unfortunately they were gutted when it was pointed out that they were incorrectly playing the 14th rather than the 5th. After a two shot penalty they narrowly missed out on the major prizes. ‘Here’s a headline for your report Tim ‘ chuckled unsympathetic playing partner John Barton ‘ At devilishly difficult Davenport dynamic duo disgracefully docked!’
Jim didn’t find it quite as amusing. ‘We are a deeply devastated couple of dxxxheads’ was all he could add.

There was a real threat of thunderstorms throughout the day and the weather stayed warm and dry but at times it was very close. Richard Palmer usually gets in some sticky situations on the golf course, today the Blackburn man just got sticky.

‘It is even stickier out there than when Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun’ said sweaty Mark Graham after his warm round.

In today’s event scoring was mostly good due to the still conditions, yellow tees and excellent greens.

Westwood and Donald are two big names in European golf who are both struggling with their games. Today was no different as Dave Westwood and Munro Donald teamed up but could only manage 37 points to lie in 44th place.

Dave Allen played like a comedian as he teamed up with Guy Hall and finished in last place with 33 points.

At the top end of the leader board Knutsford’s lucky John Anderton(9) and High Legh’s Dave Stanhope(11) won a five team card play-off to take 4th place.

Nic Hercules(15) travels around the world working for the UN and when he comes home he relaxes by playing well on Maxitours. The gentle giant finished in 3rd with 45 points playing with Alan Pratt(26).

Second place went to late stand-ins John Horsley(15) who is the hard working Knutsford secretary and his new best friend Paul Maxwell(11). Both players appeared on the card 9 times but it was iron man Horsley who kept things going over the closing holes when Maxwell was wobbling.

Alsager veterans and ever present Maxitours players Bob Sinclair(16) and Geoff Andrews (20) were first out this morning and they made the most of the cool conditions and receptive greens to score 47 points to take first place. Both players had failed to score any order of merit points all season but it all came together at Davenport and these lovely guys were made up to win!

Thanks to all who played today, everyone seemed to really enjoy this lovely Cheshire course.
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the Pin 14th Nigel McKinney Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 16th Brian Hopkins Dozen AD333s
2’s sweep £172.50 4 pro V1s or 10 srixon AD333s
Ian Broughan x2Andy Oakes Roy Ainsworth Mike Wainwright Stuart Blake Dave Kelly Giles Terry Steve Heywood Pete Hamlett Darren Bridge Iain Cash

Davenport 06-Jul-2017
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Bob Sinclair, Geoff Andrews 47 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 John Horsley, Peter Maxwell 45 11 FJ Sweater each
3 Nic Hercules, Alan Pratt 45 10 PGA Jacket each
4 John Anderton, Dave Stanhope 43 9 PGA Top each
5 Andy Moon, Chris Dykens 43 8 Maxitours shirt each
6 Ian Broughan , Gaz Furlong 43 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 Pete Hamlett, Gordon Hamlett 43 6 Sunice shirt
8 Simon Walton, Ian Andrews 43 5 Sunice shirt
9 Steve Parle, Rodney Mills 43 4 Maxitours Cap
10 Ray Royle, John Crossfield 43 3 Maxitours Cap
11 Jim Hodges, Chris Walley 42 2 Maxitours Cap
12 Andy Oakes, Richard Johnson 42 1 Maxitours Cap
13= John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 42
13= Gary Parle, Barry Judge 42
13= Roy Ainsworth , Brian Ankers 42
16= Steve Heywood, Nigel Dibble 41
16= Dave Wainwright, Mike Wainwright 41
16= David Kelly, Dave Harlow 41
16= Martin France, Pete Atherton 41
16= Tom Jarvis , Giles Terry 41
16= Iain Cash, James Mooney 41
22= Colin Roberts, John Rigby 40
22= Sam Leach, John Barton 40
22= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson 40
22= Paul Whitworth, Dave Watts 40
22= Terry Crewe, Nigel McKenny 40
22= John Royle, Andrew Royle 40
22= Paul Woodbine, Dave Goodwin 40
22= Bernard Wood, Rod Barlow 40
30= Brain Greenbank, Chris Brown 39
30= Stuart Blake , John Atkin 39
30= Chris Adams, Simon Golsby 39
30= Steve Collier, Mike Verdon 39
30= Rob Rhodes, Andy Watts 39
30= Gordon Warke, Chris Ernill 39
30= Ted Ellis, Alan Brough 39
37= Mike Dudley, Peter Waterhouse 38
37= Jimmy Caffrey, Kit Parkington 38
37= Phil Robinson, Richard Williamson 38
37= Brian Hopkins, George Bresnahan 38
37= Mark Johnson, Darren Bridge 38
37= Jimmy Caffrey, Kit Parkington 38
37= Tom Wilson, John O’Donnell 38
44= Munro Donald, Dave Westwood 37
44= Bill Parkinson, John Dawson 37
44= Dave Smith, Barry Taylor 37
47= Paul Evans, Tony Evans 36
47= Darren Forrester, Andy Lawton 36
49= Simon Poucher, Vic Nilsen 34
49= Ian Neilson, Mark Birtwistle 34
51 Guy Hall, Dave Allen 33

Hazel Grove team of 4
Thursday 13th July
10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.09 Bob Picthall x4
10.18 Simon Hemsley x4
10.27 Dave Bentley x4
10.36 Jack Coleman x4
10.45David Kelly x4
10.54 Dave Stanhope x4
11.03 Mick Mahon x4
11.12 Paul Evans x4
11.21 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.30 Chris Adams x2 David Wakerly x2
11.39 Phil Major x4
11.48 Dale Beaghan x4
11.57 Steve Parle x4
12.06 Lewis Marland x4
12.15 Rob Weston x4
12.24 Martin France x4
12.33 Steve Heywood x4
12.51 Les Penson x4
1.27 Chris Brownhill x4
1.36 Richard Williamson x4
2.03 Gary Neiles x4
2.12 Simon Ashton x4
2.21Richard Blackwell x4
2.30 Barry Jackson x4
2.39 Brian Hopkins x4
2.47 Pete Norbury x4
2.56 John Stubbs x4