Maxitours at Panoramic Pleasington

Maxitours Puma/Cobra Masters at panoramic Pleasington

Wall to wall September sunshine and an idyllic golf course meant a great day was enjoyed by all Maxitours players at Pleasington today. The course is extremely highly rated but there have also been great improvements in the clubhouse with top quality food served all day, a well stocked professionals shop and the most attractive bar maid witnessed all season.

Ryan the Club Manager and Barney the bar manager were also brilliant to deal with throughout the day-thanks chaps.

On the course Alan Smith lost his brand new pro v1 ball on the 5th hole which borders the railway line. ‘It was last seen heading towards Bury station’ joked the Shrigley Hall slicer.

Frank Hindle is a great player but he has struggled since a recent double knee replacement operation. ‘I used to be bow legged’ said the Lancashire man ‘but now I am knocked kneed. I think they put my knees back on the wrong way round. I tried to weigh myself yesterday but I can only get one foot on the scales.’ He hobbled his way to 77 points.

Rob Haynes (13) works as a fitter in the baked beans section at the local Heinz factory. He hit a large ‘variety’ of shots on the course but came up ‘trumps’ when he started and finished his round in style with impressive birdie threes.

Pete Cotton is a top man and needed to be on top form to avoid setting a new Maxitours record of four last places in a row. On the signature 7th hole he actually hit a great tee shot and was delighted to inform me that it was his ball rather than his golf career that was ‘down the shute’. Pete was overjoyed to finish in a career best 26th spot.

The course was really excellent considering another 20 millimetres of rain fell overnight. It played its’ full length and scoring was average.

Juan Manasano sounds like he should be a golfing bandit however the genuine 6 handicapper is a lovely chap and he helped his Mottram Hall team into 5th place with 81 points

Paul Dalby(6) played with me in a recent Welsh pro am. He decided to play in a decent team this week and John Bent(8), Andy Leather(15) and Barney Ross(5) helped him into 4th place.

Out of form Roy ‘chunky’ Ainsworth (27) drafted in one handicapper Adam Princep to see if it would change his fortunes. Adam did the trick and Steve Collier(16) and Mike Verdon also chipped in to reach 82 points and 3rd spot.

Wealthy Ed Wilkinson(7) will buy anything to improve his golf game. Today he informed me that he was thinking of buying a pair of golf ‘y fronts’ to help his swing. He usually plays pants. A great team effort saw the likeable Warrington man take 2nd place and skid up the order of merit. Roger Percival(5), Martin France(4) and Pete Atherton(11) completed the team.

The BBC caused a stir recently when they appointed a female actress to be the new Doctor Who. It was another female Doctor making the headlines today when highly rated GP Dr Alison Shipston(15) took first prize in the Puma Masters at Pleasington. Less talented husband Dr James Shipston(10) Denis O’Neill(11) and John Hunt(17) completed the quartet. Hunt birdied the last to seal a terrific win. Well played guys – great golf.

Thanks to Graham Mitton from Cobra Puma for his terrific sponsorship of todays event and thanks to all players for your 100% attendance. Terrific.

2’s £172.50 9 pro v1 or 22 srixons per 2 Paul Dalby Rob Tabbron Martin France Ed Cotton Trevor Foster
Nearest the pin 16th Gordon Hamlett Dozen AD333s
Nearest the Pin 18th Charles Beadle Dozen AD333s

Pleasington 28-Sep-2017
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 John Hunt, Alison Shipstone, James Shipstone, Denis O’Neill 84 12 Puma golf shoes each
2 Martin France, Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Pete Atherton 83 10 Puma top each
3 Roy Ainsworth, Mike Verdon, Adam Princep, Steve Collier 82 8 Puma Shirt each
4 Paul Dalby, Barney Ross, John Bent, Andrew Leather 82 6 Puma umbrella each
5 Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Roy Rotherer, Juan Manasano 81 4 Puma shoe bag each
6 Joe Kirwan, Sean Bate, Ashley Elliott, Dave Crossgrove 81 2 Maxitours bag towel each
7= Paul Williams, Steve Kavanagh, Ashley Griffiths, Daniel Lloyd 79 Maxitours bag towel each
7= Neil Drummond, Andrew Stone, Pat O’Dowd, Rob Tabbron 79
9= Pete Hamlett, Gordon Hamlett, Mike Lynch, Paul Randall 78
9= Keith Workman, Stuart Hardy, Keith Graves, Dave Palnt 78
11= Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, Ian Handy, Gary Whittaker 77
11= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Frank Hindle, Andy Faulkner 77
11= Chris Adams, Steve Parton, Paul Allen, Malcolm Gibson 77
11= Trevor Foster, Matt Mortimer, Grany Vickery, John Fielding 77
15= Ian King, Simon Hemsley, Darren Whittaker, Al Brown 76
15= Simon Taylor, Rob Haynes, Tony Roberts, Mike Savage 76
15= Alan Pengelly, Al Smith, Mark Johnson, Peter Cartlidge 76
18= Andy Strickley, Andy Taylor, Kevin Hodgson, Mike Eardley 75
18= Peter Maher, Shushil Agarwell, Charlie Beadle, David J Kelly 75
20= Sam Leach, John Barton, Barry McGuigan, Chris Walley 74
20= Brian Greenbank, Mike Wainwright, Dave Wainwright, Guy Levers 74
22= David Kelly, Dave Harlow, Bob Sutton, Stuart Blake 73
22= Garry Bailey, Geoff Allen, Gary Hempstead, Steve Maddox 73
22= Simon Ashton, Mick Jones, Andrew Hill, Steve Volp 73
25 Neil Edwards, Jim McEwan, Tim Potter, Jim Shirley 72
26= Pete Cotton, Ed Cotton, Martin Lowe, Dave Tongue 70
26= Frank Ashworth, Alan Lester, Phil Glynn, Marion Anderson 70
28= James Wilson, Paul Stones, Steve Halliwell, David Waite 68
28= Ray Massey, Steve Tyrrell, John Gleave, Ian Berrisford 68
28= Paul Rudkin, Chris Wrighton, Craig Gorton, Mike Lomax 68

Prestbury Pairs
Thursday 5th October

8.50 Colin Roberts x4
9.00 David Kelly x4
9.10 Ian King x4
9.20 Brian Greenbank x4
9.40 Rob Hands x4
9.50 Jack Coleman x4
10.00 Dave Woods x4
10.10 John Hunt x4
10.19 John Hilditch x4?
10.28 Lewis Marland x4
10.37 Ray Tennant x4
10.48 Simon Poucher x4
11.06 Ron Sloane x4
11.15 Frank Stapleton x4
11.24 Les Russon x4
11.33Roy Ainsworthx4
11.42 Martin France x4
11.51 Paul Evans x4
12.18 Barry Jackson x4
12.27 Hugh Mullin x4
12.36 Richard Blackwell x2 Lee Jevons x2
12.45Richard Williamson x4
12.56 David Smith
1.05 Bernard Wood x4
1.14 Gary Parle x4
1.23 David Smith x4
1.32Tom Dobbins x4
1.41Steve Parle x4
1.50 Pete Norbury x4
2.06 Brian Hopkins x4
res Paul Higgins x4
Steve Heywood x4