Results from perfect Prestbury

Spaces at must play Lovely Vale of Llangollen next Friday 13th October!!

Maxitours at Perfect Prestbury Golf Club

Another twenty millimetres of rain fell overnight but free draining Prestbury was presented in superb condition by highly acclaimed Mark Crossley and his expert greens team.

‘How do they get the greens that quick?’ asked a bemused Darren Whittaker ‘they were tremendous!’
‘That’s a beautiful course’ said Barry Jackson

I loved working here as assistant pro in the early 90’s and it was always a special place to be associated with. Every time I return the facilities and course keep improving at this forward thinking Club.- Thanks to Manager David and all his staff for their hospitality today.

Anthony Bloor played unusually well today, he actually told me it could have been even better but he pulled a muscle in his shoulder playing bowls last evening. He will have to take it easy and make sure he doesn’t sprain a finger in his dominoes match tonight.

Chocolate loving big Roy Ainsworth loves kit kats and mars bars so much he is known by everyone who plays Maxitours as ‘chunky’. On a recent trip to ALDI Roy was surprised and delighted to discover they have named chocolate biscuit in his honour. He loved handing his team their ‘Chunky’ chocolate bars today.

Brendan Poynts is known as ‘lack of ‘ by his golfing mates. He had an impressive 21 points on the front nine but lived up to his nickname with just 16 on the back nine to miss out on the prizes.

John Harrison skipped history classes to play golf when he was younger. The likeable Alsager man struggled to get in the Clubhouse after his solid round.
‘ What’s the door code?’ he asked the bar man through the window –
‘Battle of Hastings’ replied the steward
‘No, what’s the code for the door to get in?’
‘I want to know the code for the door?’
‘ 1066’
‘Thats all I wanted to know’

It was the most amusing conversation of the season.

Knutsfords’ nice guys John Atkin(17) and David Kelly(9) were out first and they were round in just over 3 1/2 hours. They set the Clubhouse lead for most of the morning with 41 points and eventually finished in a very respectable 4th place after a card play off.

Lewis Marland is a lovely man. His golfing catch phrase is ‘I’m out of this hole partner- where are you?’ Today though it was Lewis(15) who was doing the work as he came in eleven times alongside Kevin Seaton(5) as they scored 41 points to take 3rd place.

After an average 18 points on the front nine top man Richard Blackwell(12) eagled the 11th and straight hitting John Hilton (13) parred the next three as 23 points on the back nine sealed 2nd place for the chirpy Mottram Hall duo.

John Bent(8) from Didsbury has not won on Maxitours since 2009. His long drought ended today as he teamed up with Billy Blissett(15) to take a wonderful four shot victory. Blissett works at the airport and his game has taken off thanks to a new spider putter.
‘I couldn’t miss out there and my partner played well also’ said the Mancunian. He also won nearest the pin after hitting his 7 iron to twelve inches at the signature 17th hole.
Well played chaps super golf in breezy conditions!

Thanks to all who played today – I hope you enjoyed this great course.

Nearest the pin 7th Geoff Andrews Doz AD333s
Nearest the pin 17th Billy Blissett Doz AD333s

2’s £145 4 pro V1s or 10 srixons each

Andy Jackson David Kelly Dave Woods Kev Hart John Harrison Billy Blissett John Bent Dave Goodwin Mark Taylor Bri Hopkins

Prestbury 05-Oct-2017
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Billy Blissett, John Bent 45 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Richard Blackwell, John Hilton 41 11 Sunice wind top each
3 Lewis Marland, Kevin Seaton 41 10 FJ Shirt each
4 David Kelly, John Atkin 41 9 Sunice shirt each
5 Neil Higgins, Andy Burns 41 8 Callaway shirt each
6 Richard Williamson, Phil Robinson 40 7 Maxitours shirt each
7 John Stockdale, Dave Williams 39 6 Maxitours cap each
8 Billy Rawsthore, Andy Jackson 39 5 Maxitours cap each
9 Dave Wilson, Steve Austin 39 4 Maxitours bag towel each
10 Ian Neilson, Mark Birtwistle 39 3 Maxitours bag towel each
11 Dave Woods, Al Brown 39 2
12 Trevor Foster, John Fielding 38 1
13= Joe Kirwan, Darren Whittaker 38
13= Pete Houston, Matt Mortimer 38
13= Mike Brown, Andy Bennett 38
13= Ian Waller, Mark Steggles 38
13= Barry Jackson, Paul Millner 38
13= Dave Goodwin, 38
19= Rob Hands, Simon Ellery 37
19= Ray Tennant, Leigh Smart 37
19= Simon Poucher, Brendan Leighton 37
19= Ron Sloane, Brendan Poynts 37
19= Ian Appleton, Phil Welsh 37
19= Ted Ellis, Paul Benson 37
19= Andy Moon, Stewart Cragg 37
19= Al Pengelly, Mark Johnson 37
27= Gareth Bradley, Mark Clewley 36
27= Brian Greenbank, Ian Goulty 36
27= Mike Wainwright, Dave Wainwright 36
27= Harvey Mattinson, Anthony Bloor 36
27= Stuart Pearson, Kevin Hawkins 36
27= Les Russon, Rob Kenyon 36
27= Hugh Mullin, Steve Latchford 36
34= Dave Stanhope, Steve Mattinson 35
34= Mike Verdon, Adam Princep 35
34= Lee Jevons, Dave Stott 35
34= Steve Parle , Gary Parle 35
34= Ken Swarbrick, Peter O’Driscoll 35
34= Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 35
40= Tony Evans , Dave Pearson 34
40= Tim Spencer, Mark Saxon 34
42= James Shipston, Alison Shipston 33
42= Colin Lynch, Stuart Roche 33
42= Neale Laurent, Nick Ford 33
42= Vic Nilsen , Terry Crewe 33
42= Kevin Hart, Ian Fensom 33
42= Roy Ainsworth, Pete Atherton 33
42= Steve Heywood, David Sully 33
42= Ian Waddington, Nick Pedley 33
42= Dave Beavis, Dereck Fortune 33
42= Ray Royle, David Smith 33
52= Bob Sutton, Dave Harlow 32
52= John Hunt, Philip Watson 32
52= Paul Evans, John Harrison 32
52= Bernard Wood, Chris Ernill 32
56= Colin Roberts, Geoff Andrews 31
56= Gordon Warke, Wayne Harper 31
58 Dave Marchant, Frank Wallace 30
59 Chris Dykens, John Dawson 29

Lovely Vale of Llangollen next Friday 13th October
9.30 Colin Roberts x4
9.39 David Kelly x4
9.48 Ian King x4
9.57 Jack Coleman x4
10.24Barry Simpson x4
10.42 Paul Dietz x4
10.51 Neil Edwards x4
11.00 Simon Ashton x4
11.09 Pete Cotton x4
11.18 tom baker x4
11.27 Paul Evans x4
11.36 Steve Foxcroft x4
11.45 Frazer Mackenzie x4
11.54 Simon Poucher x2 pat O’dowd x1 – 1 player required
12.03 Ray Tennant x4
12.12 Les Russon x4
12.21 Keith Workman x4
12.30 Bob Mottershead x4
12.39 Barry Simpson x4
12.48 Paul Salt x4
12.57 Jon Hudson x4
1.06 Richard Williamson x4
1.15 John Stubbs x4
1.24 Steve Parle x4
1.41 Pete Norbury x4
1.59 Joe Yates x4