Ringway moved to Friday 22nd please inform your team

Dear Maxitours player

A highly respected Ringway past Captain/President’s wife has passed away and the only date for the funeral and reception is 21st Dec so I have agreed to move my event to:

Friday 22nd Dec

It will also be a 10.45 shotgun to give us more light. I am sorry if this causes a problem- please inform your team and let me know if you are unable to play, Tim

Team of 4 AM AM

1a Roy Ainsworth x4
1b Simon Ashton x4
2a Koos Alders x4
2b Martin France x4
3 Paul Fell x2?
4a Steve Heywood x4
4 Mike dean x4
5a paul Robinson x4
5b Trevor Foster x4
6 Steve Aspinall x4
7a Simon Hemsley x4
7b Barry Jackson x4
8James Eaves x4
9a John Hunt x4
9b Barry Wilson x4
10a Colin Roberts x4
10b Mike Stewart x4
11 Brian Hopkins x4
12a Jim Caldwell x4
12b John Royle x4
13 Lewis Marland x4
14Richard Blackwell x4
14b Mick Mahon x4
15a John Berry x4
15b Richard Williamson x4
16 Phil Vokes x4
17a Les Russon x4
17b Dave Blood x4
18a Lee Tilley x4

Neil Higgins 4 in
Pete Ledger x4

1 thought on “Ringway moved to Friday 22nd please inform your team

  1. Hi Tim

    Just to confirm that we can all make it on the 22/12. See you then.

    Koos Alders


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