IMPORTANT Vale Royal news and The latest Stuburt Order of Merit

Maxitours at Vale Royal cancelled – event moved to snow free North Wales Golf Club

Dear Maxitours player

Due to freezing temperatures once again tomorrow and lots of ground snow Vale Royal will be unfit for play on Wednesday. Unfortunately the event at this great course has been cancelled.

I have phoned various courses to try and get game for my players and the best I can do is North Wales which is in ‘really excellent condition’ according to Club pro Richard Bradbury and they can accommodate us between 10.24am- 12pm

This is a lovely links course and well worth a visit.

Cost is just £20 which includes prizes- the field is limited to just twelve 4 balls and will be on a first come first served basis- please let me know if you wish to play!!

Thank you for your patience, Tim


For those players lucky enough to be heading to the Algarve sunshine next month here are the tee times for the fantastic Maxitours Team of 4 Event at Vilasol;


12 January Vila Sol Holes 19-27 / 1-9

9.18am Marc Morris, Koos Alders, Ron Sloane, Colin Roberts

9.27am John Berry, Chris O’Regan, Peter Monahan, Anthony Grinnell

9.36am Alan Frazer, Alan Smith, Andrew Wallace, David Runciman

9.45am Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Peter McCullogh, Ian Gemmill

9.54am Alan Brown, Stephen Baldwin, Mick Brown, Andrew Bennett

10.03am Bob Eastwood, Ashley Elliott, Peter Robinson, Ian King

10.12am Charles Donald, Frank Hindle, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth

10.21am Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke, James Joyce, Dave Thomas

10.30am Bob Kwan, Ian Fensom, Kevin Hart, Robin Vidler

10.39am Kenny Chinn, Kishor Vadgama, James Wilson, Mike Tarrant

13 January Vila Sol 1st Tee time from 09:18 1-18

9.18 Kenny Chinn team

9.27 Bob Kwan team

9.36 Jim Clarke team

9.45 Richard Palmer team

9.54 Bob Eastwood team

10.03 Alan Brown team

10.12 Joe Kirwan team

10.21 Alan Frazer team

10.30 John Berry team

10.39 Marc Morris team

Final day teams to go out in score order- leaders off last!

The Latest Stuburt Order of Merit

John Hilton leads the Stuburt order of Merit after some solid performances in recent weeks. Points are awarded for top 12 finished in pairs events and top 6 finished in team of 4 events. Top 10 in the Stuburt Order of Merit will qualify for the Stuburt shootout after the singles evet at Knutsford in April.

Position Name TOTAL PTS
1 John Hilton 37
2 Barney Ross 35
3 Chris Cyprus 30
4 Richard Blackwell26
4 Alan Pengelly 26
6 Dan Moore 23
7 Paul Dalby 18
7 Fred Green 18
7 Dave Stone 18
7 Phil Vokes 18