Maxitours at no snow North Wales

*Spaces still available in team of 4 event at Ringway Golf Club Friday 22nd December
*Fantastic Summer Schedule released on Friday!!

Maxitours at North Wales Golf Club

Many thanks to the travelling Maxitours players who enjoyed their ‘exhilarating’ days golf at North Wales.
A strong breeze and occasional shower didn’t stop all the guys enjoying themselves.
Thanks to North Wales Golf Club. This is a wonderful links course and it has just signed up to host Day 1 of the Maxitours Welsh Classic on June 11th with Conwy hosting the final day on Tuesday 12th June 2018.
Congratulations to John Wallaces team from Leigh with a great score of six under par to earn victory today.

North Wales results

1st place John Wallace Tony Green Dave Tongue Mark Pasquil Leigh -6
Dozen AD333s each
2nd Richard Blackwell Garry Smith Gary Conroy John Hilton -5
Pro quip shirt each
3rd Paul Dalby team -3
4th Sam Leach team level
4th Steve Aspinall team level
6th Pete Monahan team +1
7th Colin Roberts team +5

Maxitours Christmas Cracker team of 4 Ringway Friday 22nd December

1a Roy Ainsworth x4
1b Simon Ashton x4
2a Koos Alders x4
2b Martin France x4
3 Paul Fell x2 Simon Poucher X1 – Anthony Grinnell x1
4 Mike Dean x4
5a Phil Housley x4
5b Trevor Foster x4
6 Steve Aspinall x4
7a Simon Hemsley x4
7b Barry Jackson x4
8James Eaves x4
9a John Hunt x4
9b Barry Wilson x4
10a Colin Roberts x4
10b Bob Pictahll x4
11 Brian Hopkins x4
12b John Royle x4
14Richard Blackwell x4
14b Mick Mahon x4
15a John Berry x4
16 Phil Vokes x4
17a Les Russon x4
17b Graham littler x4

18a Pete Ledger x4