results from super Stockport

Galvin Green Prizes for
Top 3 teams at Stockport
Top 4 teams at Mere
Top 3 teams overall

Teams may win no more than 1 prize so prizes allocated on completion of the Mere event on Thursday, thanks Tim.

Galvin Green Spring Classic at superb Stockport – Day 1 Results

At last a glorious sunny day for the early starters today at Stockport. Many players said how much they had enjoyed the course and that it had been a pleasure to play.

The Top 3 teams at were:
Lee Tilley, Peter Norbury, Dave Rhodes & Dave Sarsfield 87 points on back 9 cpo
Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Andy Hamlett & Tony Jennison 87 points
Gareth Bradley, Joe Kirwan, Simon Hemsley & Ian King 85 points on back 9 cpo
Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor, George Bresnahan & Gary Bresnahan 85 points

Nearest pin 16th – Tim Christie

Nearest pin in 2 18th – Aiden Hooson

2’s – £195 6 x Prov1’s or 18 x Srixon AD333’s
Lee Smart, Nigel Hallows, Dave Greenwood, Ian Gemmell, Peter Roche, Graham Wilkinson, Paul Jones & Iain Cole

Lee Tilley Peter Norbury Dave Rhodes Dave Sarsfield 87 points 12
Richard Blackwell John Hilton Andy Hamlett Tony Jennison 87 points 10
Gareth Bradley Joe Kirwan Simon Hemsley Ian King 85 points 8
Brian Hopkins Mark Taylor George Bresnahan Gary Bresnahan 85 points 6
Sean Bate Jody Kerner Alan Leyland Dave Tongue 82 points 4
Jim Clarke Graham Jackson Vernon Hayes Peter Booth 81 points 2
Chris Armitt Steve Armitt Paul Lowe Paul Jones 80 points
Rob Hands John Buckley Dave Barker John Whalley 80 points
Rob Laurent Neil Laurent Sam Hinchcliffe Paul Clough 80 points
John Wallis Tony Green Mark Pasquill John Moorfield 79 points
Jim Caldwell Peter Griggs Andrew Ahern Marcus Rigby 79 points
Karl Marginson Dave Blease Ged Sheehy Peter Short 78 points
Paul Wrigley Aiden Hooson Gary Hornby Paul Lord 78 points
Gary Butler Dave Jennings Jason Waite Steve Lowe 78 points
Ed Pysden Ken Jee Fred Bridge Simon Moorhouse 77 points
Tim Christie Patrick Keenan Warren Newton Michael Gray 77 points
Nigel Hallows Dave Greenwood Nigel Wood Steve Austin 77 points
John Hilditch Steve Bowland Iain Bartholomew Clive Evans 77 points
Lee Smart Ray Tennant Andy Jackson Billy Rawsthorne 76 points
Ian Gemmell Bob Coley Peter Mccullock Peter Roche 76 points
John Dickenson Dave McDougall Bob Mottershead Jim Rymer 75 points
Richard Taylor Carr Rob Wood Paul Cooper Mike McGown 75 points
Pete Maher Martin Higgins Charels Beadle Russell Humphries 75 points
Simon Ashton Mick Jones Iain Cole Andrew Hill 75 points
Nigel Ashton Tony Hereford Michael Lowe John Williams 74 points
Mick Mahon Frank Hindle Munro Donald John Farnsworth 73 points
Colin Roberts Dave Marchant Dave Mason Dan Cooper 72 points
Alan Baxter Brian Williams BrianVerinder Dave Cheetham 72 points
Cairan Bradshaw Ged Bradshaw Ian Lilley John Brooks 71 points
Steve Aspinall Barry Wilson Alan Drew Graham Wilkinson 70 points

Mere Thurs 12th April 8-4pm Galvin Green AM AM £30

8.00 Colin Roberts x4
8.09 Jim Caldwell x4
8.18 Greg Adams x4
8.27 Warren Simister x4
8.36 Warren Newton x4
8.45 John Johnson x4
8.54 Brian Greenbank x4
9.03 Simon Hemsley x4
9.12 Phil Vokes x4 later
9.21 Mike Stewart x4
9.30 Ian Gemmill x4
9.39 Dave Woods x4
9.48 John Hilditch x4
9.57 Mick Mahon x4
10.06 Mike Dean x4
10.15 Lewis Marland x4
10.24 Dave Sully x4
10.33 Steve Hall x4
10.42 Les Russon x4
10.51 John Newton x4
10.58ian Kirkland x4
11.07 Martin France x4
11.16 Paul Medlock x4
11.25 Steve Parle x4
11.36 John Hunt x4
11.45 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.54 Peter Maher x4
12.03 Andrew Burns x4
12.12 Graham Littler x4
12.21 Steve Aspinall x4
12.30 Sam Leach x4
12.39 Andy Strickley x4
12.48 Ian Marchant x4
12.57 Bob Ellis x4
1.06 Jim Rymer x4
1.15 Jim Clarke x4
1.24 Simon Ashton x4
1.33 Bev Crute x4
1.42 Keith Boothroyd x4
1.51 Jody Kerner x4
2.00 Olivier Troalen x4
2.09 Chris Wrighton x4
2.18 Richard Blackwell x4
2.27 David Hillier x4
2.36 David Hillier x4
2.45 David Hillier x4
2.54 John Neale x4
3.03 Richard Williamson x4
3.12 John Wallis x4
3.21 Lee Tilley x4
3.29 Brian Hopkins x4

Marcus Rigby x1