Galvin Green Spring Classic results at Marvellous Mere

Here comes the SUN!!

Next weeks red hot events at two must play courses:
Caldy Thursday Thurs 19th April -spaces
Vale of Llangollen Friday 20th April -spaces

Conwy Monday 23rd April – spaces
Knutsford Thursday 26th April -spaces
Wilmslow Monday 30th April -full
Prestbury Thurs 10th April -full

Maxitours Galvin Green Spring Classic at the marvellous Mere

A big field of talented golfers (and also Andy Strickleys team with a meagre 57 points) really enjoyed their golf at the Mere today.

The fairways were in great condition considering more recent heavy rain and it is clear that Gwen and his expert greens staff are working hard and the course will be in real tip top condition this Summer.

Golf Manager Max and his Clubhouse team were also excellent to work with and looked after us extremely well throughout the day, thank you.

The Mere event is always popular with it’s terrific golf course, great Galvin Green prizes, the exciting start of the golf season and plenty of wealthy Cheshire Housewives knocking about to keep players entertained throughout the day. Roy Ainsworth is even considering some Botox treatment himself after spending all day at this country club.

In a Maxitours first three brothers played in today’s event. Nick, Mark and Warren Simister. They didn’t play together and it was the youngest sibling Nick who has the bragging rights finishing in third place with 84 points.

Ian Marchants’(9) Wolstanton Golf Club team finished second also with 84 points Danny Clayton (8) Richard Peake(12) and ‘You tube sensation’ Dave Sayer(8). Please go to ‘you tube’ and type ‘golfer with head stuck in bin’ and you will see Dave’s claim to fame. I will say no more…

Taking first place was Wilmslows’ Jim Caldwell(11) who was out first this morning at 8am and set a Clubhouse target that stood the test of time Congratulations also to John Hume(13) Dave Thomas(16) and Don Bailey(12) who completed the successful team. Sergio Garcia needs to take a few tips from John on how to stay out of the water. The seventy year old thinned his tee shot which skimmed over the surface of the pond on the 3rd and rolled to the front edge of the green before two putts ensured a regulation par.

In the two day Galvin Green Spring Classic event Man City fan Simon Hemsley restored some self confidence after a disastrous week on the football pitch with a third place finish playing alongside Gareth Bradley(+1) Joe Kirwan(5) and Ian King(7)

Mottram Hall’s lovely man Richard Blackwell(11), Dan Moore(21), John Hilton(12) and Andy Hamlett(7) took second place with rounds of 87 on Monday and 81 today.

It was the Shrigley Hall quartet of Brian Hopkins(4), Mark Taylor(9) George Bresnahan(14) and Mike Powwon the Galvin Green Spring Classic with a better last day after adding 83 points to their 85 point haul at Stockport on Monday- great golf chaps!

Thanks to Cheshire Golfing legend John Gallagher from Galvin Green for his terrific sponsorship this week.

We all know Galvin Green is by far the best product on the market place – Never Compromise!

Thanks to you all for your terrific support, Tim

Nearest the Pin 8th Mark Taylor Galvin Green Cap
Nearest the Pin 14th Joe Yates Galvin Green Cap

2’s £280 4 pro v1s or 10 srixon Ad333s per 2 Mark Davin Joe Yates Tom Hollingworth Steve Williams Paul Allen Anthony Green Paul Lord Brian Greenbank Richard Williamson Phil Robinson Mike Masser Roy Campion Mick Mahon Chris Wrighton Simon Walker Ian Gemmell Mark Taylor Frank Walker John Wallis

Mere Results 12-April -2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Jim Caldwell, John Hume, David Thomas, Don Bailey 85 12 Galvin Green Insula Top each
2 Ian Marchant, Dave Sayer, Danny Clayton, Richard Peake 84 10 Galvin Green Shirt each
3 Dave Hillier, Mark Davin, Chris Buckley, Nick Simister 84 8 Galvin Green Shirt each
4 Roy Ainsworth, Joe Yates, Mike Verdon, Malc Thorniley 83 6 Galvin Green Cap each
5 John Wallis, Dave Tonge, Mark Pasqual, Tony Green 83 4
6 Brian Hopkins, George Bresnahan, Mike Powell, Mark Taylor 83 2
7 Warren Newton, Mickey Gray, Pat Keenan, Matt Jansen 83
8= John Newton, Jake Hackett, Tom Follingworth, Joe Lauden 82
8= Warren Simister, Carl Watterson, Liam Rex, Gary Morgan 82
8= Lewis Marland, Neale Laurent, Barry Shaw- Allen, Paul Butler 82
8= John Neale, John Lawson, Kenny Grinnell, Steve Lawler 82
12= Steve Hall, Paul Allen, Ray Kendrick, Steve Williams 81
12= Simon Hemsley, Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley 81
12= Jim Clarke, Jim Kenyon, Graham Jackson, Pete Booth 81
12= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Dan Moore, Andy Hamlett 81
12= Keith Boothroyd, Terence O’Neill, Les Moss, John Fielding 81
17 Dave Stone, Anthony Green, Rob Titterington, Ian Waite 80
18= Brian Greenbank, Guy Levers, Dave Wainwright, Mike Wainwright 79
18= Jim Rymer, John Dickenson, Paul Lord, Paul Wrigley 79
18= Geoff Allen, Brian Kelly, Mark Simister, Wayne Harris 79
21= John Johnson, Martin Oldfield, Vic Stratta, Ian Mackin 78
21= Mike Dean, Mike Masser, Pete Tomlinson, Kev Clarke 78
21= Richard Williamson, Paul Woodbine, Dave Goodwin, Phil Robinson 78
24= Martin France, Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Peter Atherton 77
24= Steve Parle, Gary Parle, Gordon Warke, Wayne Harper 77
24= Mick Mahon, Munro Donald, Frank Hindle, John Farnsworth 77
24= Roy Campion, Duncan Cocker, Mick Jones, Aidy Waring 77
24= Lee Tilley, Dave Sarsfield, Pete Norbury, Dave Rhodes 77
29= Chris Wrighton, Dave Blease, Kevin Roberts, Rob Whittle 76
29= Ian Kirkland, Andy Adshead, Simon Truby, Gary Leyland 76
29= Peter Maher, Russell Humphries, Martin Higgins, Charles Beadle 76
29= Neil Higgins, Andrew Burns, Mark Steggles, Ian Waller 76
33= Phil Vokes, Paul Dalby, Barry Wellings, Alan Taylor 75
33= Ian Gemmell, Peter McCullogh, Peter Roche, Bob Coley 75
33= Richard Wakefield, Steve Heywood, Anthony Parker, Simon Walker 75
36= Sam Leach, Jim Hodges, Johnny Barton, Chris Walley 74
36= Greg Adams, Adam Howarth, Mike Hehir, Ash Hunt 74
36= Paul Traynor, Steve Finan, Richard Margrave, Garry Foster 74
39= John Hunt, Alison Shipston, John Shipston, Peter Leonard 73
39= Steve Aspinall , Graham Wilkinson, Colin Berry, Barry Wilson 73
39= Les Russon, John Sherwood, Rick Kershaw, Paul Carroll 73
42 Olivier Troalen, Ben Aardewerk, Louis Troalen, Rob Brown 72
43 Gary Hempstead, Gary Bailey, Simon Lewis, Dan Huffman 71
44= Bob Ellis, Jack Cowburn, Ray Boggiano, Chris Morris 68
44= Mike Brown, Alan Brown, Pete Robinson, Dave Powell 68
46 Graham Littler, Pete Daniels, Brian Hitchin, Sean Bate 66
47 Andy Strickley, Andy Taylor, Kevin Hodgson, Mike Eardley 57
Stockport results 9-April-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Lee Tilley, Pete Norbury, Dave Rhodes , Dave Sarsfield 87 12 Galvin Green Insula top
2 Richard Blackwell, Tony Jennison, John Hilton, Andy Hamlett 87 10
3 Gareth Bradley, Joe Kirwan, Ian King, Simon Hemsley 85 8 Galvin Green shirt each
4 Brian Hopkins, George Bresnahan, Gary Bresnahan, Mark Taylor 85 6
5 Sean Bate, Jody Kerner, Dave Tongue, Alan Leyland 82 4 Galvin Green cap each
6 Jim Clarke, Pete Booth, Graham Jackson, Vernon Hayes 81 2
Galvin Green Spring Classic overall results
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1= Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor, George Bresnahan, Mike Powell 168 Galvin Green Windstopper
1= Richard Blackwell, John Hilton, Andy Hamlett, Dan Moore 168 Galvin Green shirt each
3 Simon Hemsley, Ian King, Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley 166 Galvin Green shirt each
4 Lee Tilley, Pete Norbury, Dave Rhodes, Dave Sarsfield 164
5 Jim Clarke, Pete Booth , Graham Jackson, Jim Kenyon 162

Start sheet for Caldy Thurs 19th April

9.00 Colin Roberts x4
9.09 Simon Hemsley x 4
9.18 Mike George x4
9.27 Ed Pysden x4
9.36 Lewis Marland x4
9.54 Neil Moffatt x4
10.02 Brian Greenbank x4
10.11 Lewis Marland x4
10.20 Paul Fell x4
10.30 Mike Dean x4
10.39 Ian Acton x4
10.48 Tom Butler x4
10.56 Rob Hands x4
11.00 Trevor Foster x4
11.12 Neil Edwards x4
11.21 John Hilditch x4
11.33 Roger Percival x4
11.42 Andy Leather x4
11.52 Steve Heywood x4
12.00 Nigel Hallows x 4
12.08 Ian Hellens x4
12.16 Paul Evans x4
12.25 Jim Rymer x4
12.34 John Wallis x4
12.42 Gary Bailey x4
12.51 Gary Hempstead x4
1.00 John Stubbs x4 tbc
1.09 Keith Boothroyd x4
1.18 Andy Dunster x4
1.27Richard Williamson x4
1.35 Jon Farrell x4
1.44Lee Tilley x4 tbc
1.51 Steve Lamont x4
1.59Brian Hopkins x4

Start sheet for Vale of Llangollen Friday 20th April

10.00 Colin Roberts x4
10.08 David Kelly x4
10.16 Jim Caldwell x4
10.24 Neil Drummond x4
10.32 Rob Weston x4
10.40Darren Jones x4
10.48Simon Hemsley x4
10.56 Simon Taylor x4
11.04 Richard Blackwell x4
11.12 Paul Evans x4
11.20 Phil Vokes x4
11.29 Tom Butler x4
11.38 Trevor Foster x4
11.47 Chih Hu x4
11.55 Martin Edmunds x4
12.04 Chris Adams x2 Nic Hercules x2
12.13 Rob Weston x4
12.24 Steve Aspinall x4
12.33 Peter Roche x4
12.42 Sam Leach x4
12.51 Eugenio x4
1.00 Roy Ainsworth x4
1.09 Jim Clarke x4
1.27 Paul Fell x4
1.45 Ian Lilley x4
1.54 Graham Littler x4
2.03 Ian Hellens x4
2.12 Nick Baxter x4
2.30 Ray Tennant x4
2.39Tom Baker x4