Maxitours at very highly rated Romiley

One space remaining at Hazel Grove AM AM next Thurday (28th June)
5th July Davenport AM AM
Lancaster Mon 9th July last few spaces at this great course- don’t miss it!!
Hopwood AM AM Thurs 20th July – 1 space
Dunham Forest AM AM Thurs 26th July – full

Maxitours at very highly rated Romiley

This balmy Summer of Golf continued at Romiley Golf Club today. Thanks to everyone at this lovely venue for making us feel SO welcome.

I finally realised my lifetime ambition to have my own car parking spot at a golf club as Romiley reserved me a prime spot with my name on in big letters. I was also very warmly greeted by a couple of suited members when I arrived (Duncan Challen and Dave Blood) and the greens were hand cut and ironed for our players by the expert greens staff- brilliant.

Romiley Golf Club is now right back amongst the elite Manchester courses and I would highly recommend it as a future Captains away day venue.
‘Wonderful’ said Colin Roberts
‘Brilliant I love that course’ Oozed Barrie Simpson
‘Book it for next year -what a great course!’ Requested Paul Woodbine
‘ It was immaculate’ Said the less than immaculately dressed Bill Heywood.
‘The Greens were so true it was a pleasure to put on them’ Said Neale Laurent

Nigel Davenport ordered a healthy ham salad sandwich on wholemeal bread for his lunch and then followed it up had a new Maxitours record three bowls of chips. This class 4 handicapper is category 1 golfer but when it comes to eating and drinking he plays off scratch.

Jim Clarke has been on top form recently after a couple of impressive wins but he struggled a little bit today and had some bad luck when his slightly wayward drives kept rolling into awkward lies in the rough. He knew it was going to be a long day when he arrived late and had to take his sausage sandwich on the course with him. As he was walking down the first fairway his juicy sausage rolled out of its bap and unfortunately ended up in a sandy divot. After consulting with his team Jim had to declare it inedible and he ordered a provisional.

Phil Robinson has been watching too much World Cup football. He played like Raheem Sterling as he didn’t lose his marker and kept missing simple little tap ins from a couple of feet.

In today’s event it was great to see a husband and wife team in the prizes as lovely Kay (32) and ever so slightly less lovely Simon Conway (8) combined well to take 3rd place with 44 points.

The English football team is a very young vibrant bunch and they could have a bright future. There is nothing young and vibrant about John Farnsworth(22) but the ex- butcher (his wife who ran the butchery actually sacked him for being too miserable to his customers) called upon all his experience to take second place today. Farnsworth has a funny swing and his mates tell me his favourite cuts of meat are ‘chops’ and ‘shanks’ but today he hit some prime cuts to take ‘joint’ 2nd place. Richard Palmer was his surprised partner.

Winning today is the oldest winner for over 5 years as seventy eight year old Bill Parkinson(15) from Shaw Hill and Lake Nona (!) took first place alongside Mark Birtwistle(12). Loaded Bill owns Moorhouses Brewery among other things and he assured me that a pint of bitter tastes a lot better after a great game of golf. Well played chaps great victory on a super course.

Thanks to all players for your support, Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 2nd hole John Newton Doz AD333s
Nearest the pin 11th hole Jon Hudson Doz AD333s

2’s £142.50 Brian Greenbank Josh Ainscough Roger Percival John Leonard John Newton Dave Plant Gordon Warke 6 pro v1s or 14 srixon AD333s each

Romiley 19-Jun-2018
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 Bill Parkinson, Mark Birtwistle 44 12 FJ energise shoes
2 John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 44 11 Maxitours merino sweater each
3 Simon Conway, Kay Conway 44 10 FJ Shirt each
4 Josh Ainscough, Neale Laurent 43 9 Sunice shirt each
5 Doug Edmonds, Gordon Warke 40 8 Pro quip shirt each
6 Martin Higgins, Charles Beadle 40 7 Pro quip shirt each
7 Barry Simpson, Pete Sinclair 40 6 Pro quip shirt each
8 Craig Dickenson, Paul Lord 39 5 Maxitours scorecards holder each
9 Dave Smith, Barry Taylor 39 4 Maxitours scorecards holder each
10 Ian Neilson, Paul Benson 39 3
11 Graham Jackson, Pete Booth 39 2
12 John Dickenson, Arthur Gray 39 1
13= Terry Hines, Malc Bailey 38
13= Paul Walton, Steve Dobson 38
13= Bob Mottershead, Roy Christian 38
13= Keith Workman, Dave Plant 38
13= Nigel Davenport, Alex Walters 38
13= George Bresnahan, Martin Firth 38
13= Rob Blain, Mike Hill 38
13= Rod Mills, Ken Swarbrook 38
21= Rob Platt, Steve Barber 37
21= Colin Roberts, Jeff Andrews 37
21= Paul Fell, Nigel Ashton 37
21= Brian Greenbank, Dave Wainwright 37
21= Andy Stone, Daniel Dunn 37
21= Graham Pike, Andrew Evans 37
21= Bernard Wood, Steve Parle 37
21= Barry Rigby , Andy Moon 37
29= Carl Mollart, Tom Broadhead 36
29= Jim Clarke, Chris Clarke 36
29= Brian Yardley, Peter Brown 36
32= Phil Okill, Andy Male 35
32= Chris Chidley, Duncan Cameron 35
32= Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson 35
32= Ian Hellens, Bill Heywood 35
32= John Hudson, Andy Corner 35
37= David Kelly, Dave Harlow 34
37= John Atkin, Stuart Blake 34
37= Guy Levers, Mike Wainwright 34
40= Pete Keena, Paul Woodbine 33
40= Ted Ellis, Alan Brough 33
42= Munro Donald, Phil Hanson 32
42= Chris Ernill, John Dawson 32
44= John Newton, Joe Lauder 31
44= John Leonard, Dave Lea 31
44= Rodney Barlow, Jack Clarke 31
47= Dave Gioodwin, Phil Robinson 29
47= Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 29

Hazel Grove AM AM Thursday 28th June

10.00David Kelly x4
10.09Colin Roberts x4
10.18 Jim Caldwell x4
10.27 Jim Clarke x4
10.36 Bev Crute
10.45 Jack Coleman x4
10.54Lewis Marland x4
11.03 Mick Mahon x4
11.12 Brian Greenbank x4
11.21 Paul Fell x4
11.30 Simon Taylor x4
11.39 Dave Bentley x4
11.48 Neil Edwards x4
11.57 Rob Weston x4
12.06 Roger Percival x4
12.15 Paul Evans x4
12.24 Martin Bramwell x4
12.33 Tom Butler x4
12.42 John Hunt x4
12.51 Nigel Hallows x4
1.00 Chris Adams x4
1.18 Ray Jones x4
1.36 John Hunt x4
1.54 Sean Hammill x4
2.03 Barry Jackson x4
2.12 Richard Blackwell x4
2.21 Richard Williamson x4
2.30 Simon Ashton x4
2.39 Joe Yates x4
2.48 Craig Rae x4
2.57 Brian Hopkins x4