Results from Delightful Davenport

Lancaster start times below- check carefully some slight changes

Maxitours at Delightful Davenport

Despite the Sahara Desert –like weather conditions Davenport Golf Club was enjoyed by all Maxitours players today. This picturesque course sits in the foothills of the Pennines and is a great test of golf with narrow fairway and small greens.

The catering is always first class thanks to highly rated clubhouse manager Frazer and his team and we were well looked after once again today.

The Davenport members have a roll up on Thursday mornings and it says a lot about this great club that so many guys came over to have a chat and gave is their best wishes for a terrific days golf – thank you.

Office Manager Elaine has been great to deal with over the last twelve years and we wish her all the best on her retirement in December.

There are fantastic views from the 15th tee across Manchester and the North Pennines. Richard Gough pointed out the faint smudge if smoke emanating from the Saddleworth fire but his team couldn’t quite see where he was looking. Richard then pulled his tee shot wildly out of bounds.

‘I can see the fire now -its directly in line with where your ball landed -in that big bush.’ Chuckled playing partner Phil Kenning.

Mick Mahan thinks England will win the World Cup. The omens are good as the last time we won was when Man City won the league, Burnley qualified for Europe and Chelsea finished 5th in the league.

‘It’s got to be our year -we’re having a heatwave, we’ve got a great side of the draw and Frank Hindle bought a round of drinks.‘ In a strange twist of fate Micks team finished last with a spooky World Cup score of ‘66’ points to keep the football theme running strong.

John Farnsworth has blamed his poor golf on his recent weight loss. ‘I lost 2 pounds last week in that sunshine and its caused my swing to go out of sync!’ Seventeen stone John was back drinking beers after play as he desperately tried to get back to his fighting weight.

In todays event all of the top five teams teed off in the first hour and a half and made the most of the more receptive, cooler, stiller conditions.

Taking the early lead were Maxitours regular nice guys Colin Roberts(19) Dave Marchant(16) Geoff Andrews(20) and Brian White(16) with 81 points .

This was then bettered by Paul Fell (4) Nigel Ashton(13) likeable Scouser (if there is such a thing) Ben Kinsey(5) and Mike Lowe(8) who had a better back nine.

Taking first place was Maxitours ever present and lovely man Lewis Marland (15) with his best pal Alf Shilitoe(18), Neale Laurent(13) and Rick Cotton(9). Shillitoe and Cotton picked up some vital points for the team as they made two birdies at the last to secure a first victory of the year. Well played chaps.

Dr David Arthur found the ‘cure’ for his fade and drilled a six iron close to the flag to win nearest the pin on the 14th. Alan Forber thinned his shot on the 16th to within inches of the hole and Brian Hopkins won longest drive by at least 20 yards, well done.

Thanks to all who played today, your support is appreciated. Tim

Nearest the pin 14th Dr David Arthur Doz AD333s

Nearest the pin 16th Alan Forber Doz AD333s

Longest drive 6th Brian Hopkins Doz Ad 333s

2’s £187.50 5 Pro v1s or dozen AD333s per 2 Gary Nieles Paul Fell Ben Kinsey Dave Arthur x2 Jim Caldwell John Hilditch Phil Robinson Pete Atherton Nigel Davenport x2

My computer is playing up so results are shorter than usual.

Lewis Marlands team 82 FJ shoes each

Paul Fells team 81 Doz Pro V1s each

Colin Roberts Team 81 FJ Shirt each

David Kellys team 78 Titleist travel umbrella each

Paul Grahams team 78 Sunice shirt each

Jim Caldwells team 77 Maxitours bag towel eachRoy Ainsworth team 76

Dave Greenwoods team 76

Joe Yates team 76

John Dawson team 76

Jack Colemans team 75

Graham Pikes team 75

John Hilditch team 75

Roger Percivals team 75

Dave Stanhopes team 74

Koos Alders team 74

Ian Appletons team 74

Simon Pouchers Team 72

Simon Taylors team 71

Chih Hus team 71

Sam Leach Team 71

Steve Parles team 70

Chris Adams team 69

Dave Goodwins team 69

Ian Neilson team 67

Peter Mahers team 67

Mick Mahons team 66

Paul Gilberts team 66

Lancaster start times Mon 9th July

10.00 Colin Roberts x3 Carl Kennedy x1
10.09 Simon Hemsley x4
10.17 Paul Fell x2 Terry Hines x2
10.26 Paul Mitchell x4
10.34 Mick Mahon x4
10.43 Ed Pysden x4
10.52 Kev Hart x2 Peter Short x2
11.01 Ian Hellens x4
11.10 Nigel Hallows x4
11.18 Phil Harris x4
11.27 Neale Laurent x4
11.36 Munro Donald x4
11.44 Roger Percival x4
11.53 Ray Tennant x2 Nathan Evans x2
12.02 Martin Firth x4
12.10 Andrew Cox x4
12.19 Rob Weston x4
12.27 Neil Edwards x4
12.36 Neil Edwards x4
12.45 Steve Lamont x4
12.54 Stuart reynolds x4
1.03 Chris Adams x4
1.12 Les Russon x4
1.20 Steve Parle x4
1.29 Challen x4
1.38 Duncan x4
1.47 Richard Blackwell x4
1.56 James Wilson x4
2.04 Dave Blease x4
2.13 Barry Jackson x4
2.22 Mark Redfern x2 Chris McKellor x2
2.31 Joe Yates x4
2.40 Mick Fenton x4
2.48 Brian Hopkins x4