Maxitours at Luxurious Lancaster

Great upcoming Maxitours events
Hopwood AM AM Fri 20th July – 2 team space
Dunham Forest AM AM Thurs 26th July -1 team space
Vale Royal AM AM 3rd Aug – 3 team spaces
Pleasington Thur 9th Aug – full
Worsley Thurs 16th Aug – 3 team spaces
Stockport Mon 20th Aug – 1 team space
Ringway Pairs Thurs 30th Aug – spaces
Mere AM AM 3rd Sept – spaces
Clitheroe Pairs 11th Sept -full
Hopwood Fri 20th Sept – spaces
Helsby Thurs 27th Sept- spaces

Maxitoirs at luxurious Lancaster

Lancaster Golf Club blew the (ankle length, white) socks off Maxitours players today. The course was in amazing condition and everyone enjoyed this terrific golf course.
Even Frank Hindle couldn’t find a fault with this top venue.
‘Best greens I’ve played on for a few years’ reported Dukinfield’s Mark Turner.

It was not only the greens which were getting praised as the fairways and bunkers were also in great condition.
The catering and Clubhouse were also very impressive.
Thanks to everyone at the Club for your hospitality.

Intelligent and thrifty Mike Tarrant uses rechargeable batteries in his Garmin GPS unit as he tells me it works out a lot cheaper in the long run. Unfortunately, the batteries were still at home happily charging on his wall unit when he teed off today at Lancaster. ‘You haven’t got any AA batteries you can lend me have you Tim?’

The history of the Ashton estate where the Golf course sits is fascinating. King James 1 and Charles 11 are both reputed to have stayed in the clubhouse a few hundred years ago. Brian Hopkins has also stayed in the Dormy house here and he says it is very nice.

The first ever St Leger race was supposed to have taken place on the golf course land. Chris Adams Prestbury team certainly weren’t at the races today as they could only manage 34 and 35points between them

Peter Allis includes the Lancaster signature 18th hole in his top ten finishing holes in the World. Rob Parry would agree as his thinned tee shot hit the flag and disappeared into the hole. It wasn’t the only thing to disappear quickly as Rob made a sharp exit for the M6 without buying a drink at the bar. Congratulations Rob.

On his arrival Stewart Taylor was bemused by a huge sign in front of the grand Lancaster Clubhouse warning golfers that the parking of cars and the congregating people is prohibited due to the risk from flying golf balls. The 18th green is over 50 yards away so it would take a very bad shot to endanger life thought Stewart. Four hours later he was screaming ‘fore’ as his badly struck tee shot rattled around the front of the historic Clubhouse.

In todays event scoring was excellent with fast running Lancaster fairways and pure putting surfaces.

Shrigley Hall legend Brian Hopkins(4) rolled in a birdie at the last to take 5th place alongside Mark Taylor(10).

Andy Faulkner(18) repairs telephones on the railway for a living. A one point double bogey at the second would usually signal the start of his game coming right off the tracks. Luckily playing partner Dr Munro Donald(15) held things together and they were delighted to finish in 4th with 44 points.

Worsleys’ Kev Hart(10) and Paul Yearsley(10) recorded a best ever 45 points to take 3rd . Kev is a great character who could never be described as quiet. He was talking even louder than usual about his excellent golf in the bar after play.

Nuclear Submarine builders Mike Hillman(11) and Barrow Golf Club Captain Dave Pratt(9) took 2nd place. After an explosive start they were delighted to see Dave’s ball submerge beneath the hole for a birdie on the 16th .

Richard Palmers(12) game has come together since he dumped his driver last month in favour of a strong three wood.
‘They call me the Henrik Stenson of Mytton Fold at the Club!’ he told me after his round.
‘No they don’t ‘ Corrected his playing partner John Farnsworth(22).
The two lovely men were popular winners- Well played!

Thanks to all who travelled today – it was terrific to have over 120 players and not a single no show-pure Class.

Nearest the pin 13th Hole Dave Lowe Dozen AD333s
Nearest the pin 18th hole Rob Parry Dozen AD333s

2’s £207.50 5 pro v1s or 12 srixon AD333s Steve Blakeway Matt Firth Billy Rawsthore Dan Thomson x2 Rob Parry x2 (hole in one) Jay Atherton Wayne Harper Mike Hillman Dave Chambers Brian Hopkins

Lancaster 9-Jul-2018
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer 47 12 FJ Shoes each
2 Mike Hillman , Dave Pratt 45 11 Sunice rain top each
3 Paul Yearsley, Kev Hart 45 10 Doz Pro V1s each
4 Munro Donald, Andy Faulkner 44 9 FJ Shirt each
5 Brian Hopkins, Mark Taylor 44 8 Sunice shirt each
6 Duncan Challen, Les Ross 43 7 Sunice shirt each
7 Pete Short, Karl Marginson 42 6 Maxitours shirt each
8 Ed Pysden, Steve Leavitt 42 5 Maxitours shirt each
9 Steve Blakeway, Peter Brown 42 4 Maxitours card holder
10 Steve Marsh, Darren Whittaker 41 3 Maxitours card holder
11 Bob Eastwood, Gareth Bradley 41 2
12 Martin Firth, Andy Stubbens 41 1
13= Geoff Andrews, Carl Kennedy 40
13= Simon Hemsley, Ian King 40
13= Ray Tennant, Billy Rawsthore 40
13= Neale Laurent, Mark Turner 40
13= Tony Hall, Adam Lennox-Wardle 40
13= Martin Schofield, Phil Morley 40
13= Steve Parle , Gary Parle 40
13= Dave Ross, Steve Baldwin 40
13= Les Russon, Paul Carroll 40
22= Fred Bridge, Simon Moorhouse 39
22= Simon Wilkinson, Eugenio Fernandez 39
22= Eugenio, Simon Wilkinson 39
22= Ian Fensom, John Keenan 39
22= Steve Harrison, Alan Torkington 39
22= John Longworth, Alan Forber 39
22= Joe Yates, Gary Nieles 39
29= Ian Hellens, Alan Morris 38
29= Matt Smith, Sarah Ormrod 38
29= Kenny Plumb, Tim Beasant 38
29= Andy Bethell, Rob Parry 38
29= Andrew Cox, Brian Johnson 38
29= Dave Blease, Rob Whittle 38
35= Paul Mitchel, Stewart Taylor 37
35= Frank Hindle, Mick Mahon 37
35= Nigel Hallows, Dave Greenwood 37
35= Jeff Ratcliffe, George Andrews 37
35= John Linsky, Steve Lamont 37
35= Steve Lamont, John Linsky 37
35= Gordon Warke, Wayne Harper 37
42= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason 36
42= Paul Fell, Tony Hereford 36
42= Adie Price, Jay Atherton 36
42= Mike Tarrant, Steve Aspinall 36
42= Stuart Reynolds, Ray Mills 36
47= John Phibbs, Nick Bentley 35
47= Phil Harris, Ant Barker 35
47= Nathan Evans, Dan Thompson 35
47= Phil Hanson, Kieran Hunt 35
47= Barry Jackson, Rob Harney 35
47= John Harrison, Steve Hogg 35
47= Steve Williams, Steve Hall 35
54= Trevor Webb, Rob Weston 34
54= Chris Adams, Andy Oakes 34
56= Neil Edwards, Dave Lee 33
56= Mark Redfern, Nobby Clarke 33
56= John Lewis, Dave Lowe 33
59 James Wilson, Steve Halliwell 32
60 Steve Foxcroft, Tony Andrews 31
61 Duncan Adshead, Rick Kershaw 30
62 Terry Hines, Mal Bailey 27

Hopwood Start times
Thursday 26th July
10.00Colin Roberts x4
10.09 Jack Coleman x4
10.27 Martin Bramwell x4
10.36Paul Gilbert x4
10.45 John Wallis x4
10.54 John Newton x4
11.03 Mick Mahon x4
11.12 James Wilson x4
11.21 Chris Adams x4
11.30 Paul Fell x4
11.39 Richard Blackwell x4
11.48 Sam Leach x4
11.57 Neil Drummond x4
12.06 Les Russon x4
12.24 Nigel Oakes x4
12.33 Rob Platt x4
12.42 Peter Maher x4
12.51 Tim Spencer x4
1.00 Chris Chidley x4
1.09 Nigel Hallows x4
1.18 Barry Wilson x4
1.27 Andy Strickley x4
1.36 John Hudson x4
1.45 Ian Hellens x4
1.54 Barry Jackson x4
2.03 Phil Harris x4
2.12 Ray Jones x4
2.21 Terry Hines x4
2.30 John Kilner x4
2.39 Alan Leigh x4
2.48 Richard Williamson x4
2.57 Brian Hopkins x4