Srixon Mastes Results from Hopwood Golf Club

Results from the fabulous Hopwood Srixon Masters

Manchester (Hopwood) Golf Club keeps getting better and better. The course is back to its very best and can certainly lay claim to be one of the elite venues in Manchester. All my Maxitours players really enjoyed their day. Thanks to everyone at the Club especially steward Steve who puts some hours in. He met me at 8.30am this morning and was still working hard when I left the course at 7.30pm this evening- many thanks Steve

Lots of Maxitours players were convinced that I have spent all afternoon enjoying myself relaxing and watching the Open golf on the huge Hopwood flat screen tv. This is not the case as I found time to have some lunch when the adverts came on.

John Farnsworth is really suffering due to this years drought. He normally has about 40 cigarettes a round but most courses now have smoking bans.
‘He is a nervous wreck by the time he finishes his round, his golf has really gone downhill.’ informed playing partner Richard Palmer. ‘On the 18th green he was starting to froth at the mouth like a rabid dog.’

Abba loving John Linsky was having a great day. He played better than his normal rubbish at Manchester Golf Club and is now looking forward to watching the new Mama Mia movie which was released today. His team weren’t so positive.
‘We’re thinking about dropping you John- your not good enough and as you know ‘The winner takes it all.’
‘Take a chance on me!’ he begged
‘Knowing me, knowing you’ your golf is too bad sorry.’
‘ I’ll give you some Money, money, money. If you let me play next week.’ he pleaded.

Kieth Rigby looks quite intelligent but this is misleading. He caused a few chuckles in the clubhouse when he walked in and asked loudly ‘Is Kevin Costner is leading the Open?’

Erik Van Roohan was lying 2nd after the first day at Carmnoustie and the Sky golf commentator reported that has size 14 feet.
‘I have the same size golf shoes as him!’ said Frank Gallows proudly. Unfortunately, that is the only golfing similarity between 22 handicapper Frank and the highly talented Van Rooyan.

Taking third place in today’s event was seventy plus year old Dave Harlow and his wealthy team who all live next to the Mere. Dave’s golf is maturing with age like a fine wine and the 17 handicapper had a run of six pars in the middle of his round. Lovely guys Phil Smeathers(6) Dave Stanhope(11) and Les Penson(14) completed the millionaire quartet.

In second place were the Macclesfield lads. My old science teacher Neil Drummond(13) captained the team of Daniel Dunn(6) Callum Cook(20) and Pat O’Dowd(17). ‘We had great chemistry out there.’ Reported the physics graduate.

Winning was Les Russons(12) Bramall team. Their winning drought has been compared to the Summer of ’76 but the heavens opened for them on course today as they at last found some form.
Rob Kenyon(17) Chris Mackin(13) and Frank Kaminski(12) were his team mates. Rob Kenyon attributed the success to his two dropped team mates Rob Merricks and Simon Burgess. ‘We wouldn’t have won if they both played so I would like to dedicate this win to those two clowns.’

Thanks to everyone for your terrific support and 100% attendance- legends.

Nearest the pin 13th Ian Sampson Doz Srixon AD333s
Nearest the pin 16th Andy Robinson Doz Srixon AD333s

2’s £172.50 5 pro v1s or dozen AD333s per 2 Daniel Dunn Jason Moran Richard Johnson Paul Fell Mike Lowe Steve Halliwell Mike Tarrant Les Penson Barry Jackson Dave Smith

Hopwood 20-July-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Les Russon, Rob Kenyon, Chris Macklin, Frank Kiminski 91 12 Cleveland wedge each
2 Neil Drummond, Daniel Dunn, Callum Cook, Pat O’Dowd 90 10 Dozen Srixon z stars each
3 Dave Stanhope, Phil Smeathers, Dave Harlow, Les Penson 88 8 Dozen Srixon tour each
4 Chris Adams, Steve Hall, Richard Johnson, Andy Oakes 87 6 Dozen AD333s each
5 Pete Maher, Charles Beadle, Rob Higginbotham, Martin Higgins 87 4 Maxitours shirt each
6 Johjn Kilner, Tom Baker jnr, Tom Baker Senior, Dave Smith 87 2 Maxitours Scorecard holder
7 Richard Blackwell, Chris Marples, Tony Jennison, John Hilton 87
8 Nigel Ashton, Mike Lowe, Paul Fell, Beh Kinsey 86
9= Garry Smith, Gary Conroy, Ian Sampson, Stuart Burgess 85
9= John Hudson, Mike Hill, Rob Blane, Mark Pretty 85
11= Dave Mason, Tony Adams, Dave Marchant, Geoff Andrews 84
11= Rob Platt, Steve Morfitt, Darren Barrett, Andy Robinson 84
11= Terry Hines, Keith Rigby, Mal Bailey, Dave Myers 84
11= Andy Strickley, Andy Taylor, Mike Eardley, Kevin Hodgson 84
15= Nigel Hallows, Gary Fogg, Warren Hegg, Wayne Harper 83
15= James Wilson, Mike Tarrant, Paul Stones, Steve Halliwell 83
15= Nigel Oakes, Andy Thompson, Chris Buckley, Richard Walmsley 83
15= Barry Wilson, Eugenio Fernandez, Steve Lamont, John Linsky 83
19 Phil Harris, Tim Bessant, Ant Barker, Paul Barlow 81
20= John Newton, John Leonard, James Stafford, David Lea 80
20= Dave Goodwin, Hayden Illsley, Rob Williams, Paul Woodbine 80
22= Andy Vietch, Peter Veitch, Martin Bramwell, Matt Nelstrop 79
22= Jack Coleman, Steve Mattinson, Anthony Bloor, Harvey Mattinson 79
22= Paul Gilbert, Matt Nelstrop, Andrew Hayes, Jason Moran 79
25= John Wallis, Dave Tonge, John Moorfield, Tom Milner 78
25= Mick Mahon, John Farnsworth, Richard Palmer, Frank Hindle 78
25= Tim Spencer, Mark Saxon, Ron Sloane, Barry Pendlebury 78
28 Barry Jackson, Dave Beavis, Derek Fortune, Paul Milner 71

Dunham Forest start times
Thursday 26th July
8.00 Colin Roberts x4
8.14 Bob Picthall x4 later
8.22 Brian Greenbank x4
8.30 Rob Platt x4
8.39 Dennis Whelan x4
8.47 Mike Sparke x4
8.55 Jack Coleman x4
9.04 Paul Gilbert x4
9.13 Paul Fell x4
9.21 Dave Woods x4
9.30 Mike Sallebank x4
9.39 Chris Adams x4
9.48 Lewis Marland x2 Terry Hines x2
9.57 Jim Rymer x4
10.06 John Newton x4
10.15 Mick Mahon x4
10.24 Dave Bentley x4
10.33 Alan McNicol x4
10.42 Neil Edwards x4
10.51 Neale Laurent x4
11.00 Dave Griffiths x4
11.09 John Hilditch x4
11.18 Dave Sully x4
11.27 Roy Ainsworth x4
11.45 Paul Bayley x4
11.54 Pete Short x4
12.03 John Hudson x4
12.12 John Hunt x4
12.21 Pat O’Dowd x2 Pete Cotton x2
12.30 Peter Maher x4
12.39Richard Williamson x4
12.48 Nigel Hallows x4
12.57 Brian Hopkins x4