Maxitours at World Class Wilmslow

** 2 Spaces available in the team of 4 event at Stockport Thursday next week**

Maxitours at World Class Wilmslow

Another incredibly beautiful November day greeted Maxitours players as they arrived at Wilmslow this morning.
This class Cheshire course was bathed in sunshine and there was barely a breath of wind. The course was presented in tip top condition. Many thanks to the skilled Wilmslow green keepers.

‘I Canner believe how good the greens were!’ said Potteries man Colin Roberts.
‘That was terrific.’ said an impressed Simon Poucher
‘ It was like playing on a lovely Summers day!’ Said Dave Blood. ‘The course was really excellent.’

Karen and Simon behind the bar are also brilliant to deal with and the service was five-star throughout the day for my players, thank you very much.

Mick Mahon’s team comes down to Cheshire from the frozen North (Blackburn) most weeks to play Maxitours events. They are always surprised by the number of Range Rovers they see and they regularly comment on the stunning real estate surrounding the courses.
‘There is a lot of idle rich living around here.’ Observed team mate Richard Palmer. ‘I bet there aren’t many grafters like us. ’ He added, slowly supping his second pint of Boddingtons and stretching out on the comfy Clubhouse sofa.

The Chairman of greens at Hale, Andy Veitch, recorded a Maxitours record 6 point haul on a single hole after he hold his 2nd shot on a par five today. Playing alongside his more intelligent brother Peter they had an impressive 26 points on their first nine. Unfortunately, they were playing with Martin Bramwell who gave them the kiss of death when he told them ‘You’ve got this in the bag.’ They came home in 17 points to finish mid table.

Darren Whittaker is a really great lad and it was nice to see him playing today. Twenty years ago his good looks and flowing hair meant he was often confused with pop superstar Mick Hutchence and there were regular reports of women throwing themselves at his feet. It is not only his golf that has deteriorated in the last few years -he now gets mistaken for I’m a Celebrity star Nick Knowles. He played well today however to record a top ten finish.

Ex Copper Dave Sully was chatting in the bar and he was delighted to hear that Brit Matthew Hedges had been released after falsely being accused of spying in Dubai. Dave’s golf Club could do with being released on his downswing as he finished in a very average 28th place.

Heyrose’s Steve Blakeway(3) and Ian Hellens(12) were delighted to beat their friend Graham Jackson and finish in 6th place with 45 points. Ashton in Makerfields Pete Sumner(7) and Dave Thomas(16) took 5th and Bramalls Steve Merricks(5) and Neil Lingwood(15) took 4th place all with 45 points.

Lymm members Martin Cox(25) and Marc Morris(18) usually turn up just to have a nice bacon butty but today they were actually in the prizes scoring 46 points to finish in 3rd spot. Martin Cox gets plenty of shots and he normally needs them but today he played his best golf of the year and was backed up well by his good friend.

Phil Hanson(8) and John Jobes(18) took second place also on 46 points but with a better back nine. Phil loves the horses and told me to back a horse in the 2.35 at Kempton. The horse finished last but Phil would have been a great each way bet with very long odds as he hasn’t shown any form for years.

Taking first place was Bramall and Cheshire senior golfer Gareth Bradley (scr) and his friend John Owen(11). Impressive Bradley scored six birdies. ‘I couldn’t miss on those greens. They were immaculate.’ Said Bradley. Well played chaps great golf.

Thanks to everyone for your support. I hope you had a great day.

Nearest the pin 9th Bob Sinclair Doz AD333
Nearest the Pin 17th Mike Wainwright Doz AD333

2’s £125 4 pro v1s or 9 srixons per 2.
Martin Bramwell Andy Veitch Neil Edwards Pete Atherton x2 John Hilditch Mike Wainwright Sally Brown Jeff Ratcliffe

Wilmslow 26-Nov-2018
Pos Player pairings Score OoM Comment
1 John Owen, Gareth Bradley 47 12 FJ Energise shoes
2 Phil Hanson, John Jobes 46 11 FJ Lambswool/chillout sweater
3 Martin Cox, Mark Morris 46 10 Cutter and buck sweat top
4 Steve Merricks, Neil Lingwood 45 9 Maxitours shirt each
5 Pete Sumner , Dave Thomas 45 8 Maxitours shirt each
6 Ian Hellens, Steve Blakeway 45 7 Sunice shirt each
7 Mark Clewley, Mike Lamb 45 6 AUR shirt each
8 Martin France, Pete Atherton 44 5 Maxitours scorecard holder each
9 Jimmy McEwan, Adie Price 44 4 Maxitours scorecard holder each
10 Brian Hopkins, Darren Whittaker 44 3
11 Steve Aspinall, Colin Berry 44 2
12 Neil Edwards, Dave Lee 44 1
13= Tony Hereford, Chris Vose 44
13= Richard Greenhill, Nathan Pugh 44
13= Barrie Simpson, Koos Alders 44
13= Sarah Ormrod, Dave Greenwood 44
17= Di Stow, Sally Brown 43
17= Ian George, Jaxck Meredith 43
17= Munro Donald, Gary Meakin 43
17= Peter Maher, Dave Kelly 43
17= Phil Vokes, 43
17= Barney Ross, Paul Dalby 43
17= Peter Veitch, Andy Veitch 43
17= Mike Lowe, Nigel Ashton 43
17= John Hilditch, Iain Bartholomew 43
17= Gerry Salmon, Steve Broom 43
17= Lewis Marland, Phil Dickens 43
28= Jim Hodges, Kevin Reeves 42
28= Graham Jackson, Pete Ledger 42
28= Alan Drew, Alan Simpson 42
28= Dave Sully, Graham Davenport 42
32= Martin Bramwell, Mike Kirchin 41
32= Mick Mahon, Richard Palmer 41
32= Dave Blood, Jim Cox 41
32= Jeff Ratcliffe, Sean Hollowed 41
32= Russell Humphries, Nigel Hall 41
32= Steve Woods, Dave Parry 41
38= Jim Clarke, Jim Kenyon 40
38= Brian Greenbank, Guy Levers 40
38= Colin Roberts, Dave Mason 40
38= Peter Griggs, Bob Pictahll 40
42= Sam Leach, Jonny Barton 39
42= Bob Sinclair, Dave Marchant 39
44= Mike Wainwright, Dave Wainwright 38
44= Simon Poucher, Gordon Stone 38
46= Frank Hindle, Dave Westwood 37
46= Rob Kenyon, Simon Burgess 37
48 Steve Heywood, Donna Sully 36

There will be temporary greens on holes 2.3,5 and 16 next week at Stockport I have just spoken with the pro and he assures me that the rest of the course is in really excellent condition
Stockport AM AM Start sheet
Thursday 6th December

1a Colin Roberts x4
1b Simon Hemsley x4
2 Dave Blood x4
3a Phil Vokes x4
3b Mick Mahon x4
4a Mike Dean x4
4b Craig Rea x4
5 Peter Maher x4
6a Rob Kenyon x4
6b Brian Greenbank x4
7 Simon Ashton x4
8 Simon Taylor x4
9aRichard Williamson x4
9b Jim Clarke x4
10a John Hilditch x4
11 Neil Drummond x4
12a Paul Fell x4
12b John Hunt x4
13a Roger Percival x4
13b David Kelly x4
14 Les Russon x4
15a Nigel Hallows x4
15b Brian Hopkins x4
17a Jim Caldwell x4
17b Ged Keary x4
18 Ian Hellens x4

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