Maxitours at five star Knutsford

Maxitours at five star Knutsford

Maxitours players thoroughly enjoyed playing at Knutsford in the singles event over the past two days. Manchester based European tour star Denis Durnian always rated Knutsford as the best nine hole course he had ever played and the reviews from 80 Maxitours players were also great this week.

‘Please pass on my compliments to the greenkeeper -the greens are fantastic!’. Raved top DJ Charles Herbert.

‘The course was extremely dry and those Greens are amazing for January.’ Reported Colin Roberts.

Cheshire amateur legend Gareth Bradley(+2) had never played Knutsford ‘I can’t believe how good the course is- I will definitely be back.’

Highly rated Head Green keeper Mark Dingle really knows his stuff and he has produced greens of the highest standard for the members over the past 8 years without fail. Keep up the good work Mark.

Thanks also to our excellent new caterers Ceri and Rhiannon for looking after us so well. Brian Ankers likes to get his money’s worth and he said his pre-round bacon butty was the best he has eaten for years. ‘There was half a pig on that sandwich!’ Said the delighted Lymm man.

Maxitours players looked to have partied well over the Christmas festivities and this had a negative effect on my sales turnover. I got my tight-fitting medium Galvin Green stock out for Phil Vokes as he is one of very few Maxitours golfers thin enough to try it on -but I was devastated to see him struggling to zip it up.

For some reason portly Graham Newnes imagined he could get into an extra-large half zip jacket but he ended up needing the help of two teammates to take it off.

Koos Alders wanted some change for the coffee machine and asked playing partner Martin Cox if he had a spare pound. ‘He’s got a few spare pounds.’ Joked good pal Mark Morris.

When Peter Maher picked up his scorecard he showed me an amazing new golf ball that comes equipped with beeps and flashing lights so that it simply can’t be lost. I asked him if it was a Christmas present.
‘No, I found it’ he replied.

In the singles event Milkman Don Milligan(13) whistled his way into the 5th place with an excellent 40 points. He showed his bottle with an excellent par on the tough 17th hole to ensure a solid finish.

Mark Haggerty(14) had the best round of the day yesterday and the well spoken High Legh man wins a Galvin Green windstopper for his efforts. This was good enough for 4th place overall with 41 points.

In the clubhouse John Farnworth(22) had a face which made Andrew Murray look cheerful. He dropped three shots on his final three holes to finish 3rd with 41points.

Second place went to improving Guy Levers(21) from Hale Golf Club with 42 points but this was pipped by an emotional Les Russon (13). Les suffered a heart attack last month after he played at Ringway and this was his first event back. Fortunately for everyone concerned he didn’t feel the pressure today and recorded an excellent 43 points.
‘I feel great!’
Beamed the popular Bramall man. Well played Les, I hope you continue to have a healthy and successful 2019.

Thanks to all players I hope you enjoyed the course and complimentary doughnuts.
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 3rd Brian Hopkins Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 14th Jim Mcewan Doz AD333
Nearest the Pin 5th Les Russon Doz AD333
Nearest the pin 12th Dean Ponter Doz AD333

2’s £125 3 pro v1s or 7 srixon AD333s Martin Cox Dave Cooper x2 Barney Ross Jim McEwan x2 Ian Gallacher Ian Appleton Richard T-Carr Alison Shipstone Russell Humphries Brian Hopkins Ian Ponter James Shipstone

Knutsford Golf Club 11-Jan-2019
Pos Player Score OoM Comment
1 Les Russon 43 18 Srixon Carry Bag
2 Guy Levers 42 17 Fj Waterproof top
3 John Farnsworth 41 16 Callaway rain top
4 Mark Haggerty 41 15 Galvin Green Windstopper (1st on day one!)
5 Don Milligan 40 14 Maxitours shirt
6 Mike Wainwright 40 13 Maxitours shirt
7 Keith Edwards 40 12 Sunice shirt
8 Simon Burgess 39 11 Maxitours bag towel
9 Martin Cox 39 10 Winter mitts
10 Dave Greenwood 39 9 Winter mitts
11 Darren Whittaker 39 8
12 Dave Cooper 38 7
13 Phil Vokes 38 6
14 Barney Ross 38 5
15 Ade Price 38 4
16 Brian Ankers 38 3
17 Tony Stiles 38 2
18 John Hunt 38 1
19 Dave Mason 38
20= Geoff Andrews 37
20= Roy Ainsworth 37
20= Jim McEwan 37
20= David Kelly 37
20= Mick Gorrill 37
20= Frank Hindle 37
20= Rob Kenyon 37
27= Nigel Ashton 36
27= Ian Gallagher 36
27= Charles Herbert 36
27= Karl Marginson 36
27= Gareth Bradley 36
27= Paul Dalby 36
27= Richard Palmer 36
27= Mick Mahon 36
35= Neil Edwards 35
35= Colin Roberts 35
35= Dave Blease 35
35= Ian King 35
35= Ian Appleton 35
35= Pete Atherton 35
35= Martin France 35
35= Martin Higgins 35
35= Sarah Ormrod 35
44= Mark Clewley 34
44= Mike Lamb 34
44= Ashley Elliott 34
44= John Worsnop 34
44= Ben Kinsey 34
44= Simon Hemsley 34
50= Richard Taylor Carr 33
50= Alan Pengelly 33
50= Alison Shipstone 33
50= Dave Sully 33
50= Dave Lowe 33
50= Ed Wilkinson 33
50= Mick Fenton 33
57= Koos Alders 32
57= Joe Kirwan 32
57= Russell Humphries 32
57= Steve Merricks 32
61= Neil Worthington 31
61= Mark Morris 31
61= James Brown 31
61= Richard Wakefield 31
61= Steve Heywood 31
66= Bri Hopkins 30
66= Graham Jackson 30
66= Bob Eastwood 30
66= Peter Booth 30
66= Chris Cyprus 30
71= Charlie Hodgkins 29
71= Brian Greenbank 29

Maxitours AM AM at Vale Royal
Weds 16th Jan

1a Lewis Marland x4
1b John Hilditch x4
2a Dave Sully x4
2b Brian Hopkins x4
3 Roger Percival x4
4Joe Yates x4
5a Peter Mayer x4
6 Ian Waddington x4
7a John Gleave x4
7b Mike Dean x4
8 Bob Mottershead x4
9a Simon Ashton x4
9bRob Weston x4
10 Colin Roberts x4
11a Simon Hemsley x4
11b Dave Blood x4
12a Phil Vokes x4
12b Mick Mahon x4
13 Brian Greenbank x4
14a Peter Dobson x4
14b Sam Leach x4
15a Dave Blease x4
15b Martin Bramwell x4
16 Chris Hammond x4
17 Richard Williamson x4
17b Rob Kenyon x4
18a Les Russon x4
18b Jim Caldwell x4
res Nigel Ashton x1

Jim Clarke x4