Maxitours at Brilliant Vale Royal

**Spaces Available at Warrington Team of Four Weds 23rd Jan £25 and Fairhaven Pairs £27.50 Tuesday 29th Jan** both 11am shotgun starts

Please let me know if you wish to come to Quinta do Lago in Portugal next year- I will only have room for about 5 new teams. The weather looks great for our trip this week.

Maxitours at Brilliant Vale Royal

A damp start at Vale Royal in the heart of Cheshire gave way to glorious sunshine and ideal golfing conditions for my Maxitours competitors today. The golf course was presented to its usual incredibly high standard. This is now a terrific golf venue.
Thanks to Manager Ian Embury and all his highly trained staff for their attention and hospitality throughout the day.

‘Those greens and fairways were excellent. We had a truly great day!’ Said Martin Higgins.
‘I love this place.’ Announced old romantic Rob Kenyon.

No need to beware of the injured golfer today. If International tennis superstar Andrew Murray thought he had problems with a sore hip he could do with looking at hard man John Waddicor – he required the Vale Royal lift to get upstairs just to pick his scorecard up! His team finished last with 71 points.
The Vale Royal greens were immaculate but Martin Bramwell found them harder to read than a Russian newspaper and his team ended in an average 14th place.

The new golf rules seem to have speeded up play a little as most players were around in the four hour mark. Leaving the flag in helps pace of play and James Malkins group looked like something out of a Benny hill sketch as they all frantically tried to locate his ball within three minutes rather than the usual five.

On form Ryder Cup player Matt Kuchar won for the second time this season on the US tour last week but he proved to be an unpopular winner when it was revealed on Twitter that he had paid his local Mexican caddy just 3000 dollars when he won prizemoney in excess of 1.3 million dollars after his first victory last month. It is rumoured that he wouldn’t give a door a bang. His caddy should count himself lucky. As a junior I once caddied up and down 18 holes at Macclesfield Golf Club and was given a Mars bar. My father in law caddied for me when I won the 36 hole Rhyl Classic in 1998. I generously bought him a bacon butty before we went out each day and then I gave him a sleeve of Wilson Ultras as a bonus.

In today’s event Dave Sully and his team of Coppers should have been finding criminals, instead they managed to find some form on the course and took 4th place with 86 points.

Third place went to well-off Dave Sarsfield(18), wealthy Dave Rhodes(16), financial advisor Peter Dobson(9) and wealthiest of the lot, Michael Holmes(13). The Saddleworth quartet actually dropped shots on their final two holes but were delighted with 88 points and 3rd place.

Seventy something year old Joe Yates(14) Alan Forber(14) Gary Nilsson (6) and John Longworth(14) took 2nd place also on 88 points. They had an outstanding 46 points on the tougher back nine win the card play off.

Everyone likes Colin Roberts(20). He is a lovely man who plays in the first match out each week in the Summer months and plays every week off a nice tee in the Winter. In the last ten years he has had just 2 victories. Today Colin and his good pal Geoff Andrews(20) were two players short so I teamed them up with Styals’ Charles Herbert(19) and Northendens’ Ross Birch(8). They saw how golf should be played and took 1st place with a superb 89 points. Well played chaps great golf.

Thanks to all whom played today- what a fantastic day for golf! (Snow tomorrow. )
Yours in Golf, Tim

Nearest the pin 10th Doz AD333 Mike Wainwright
Nearest the pin 16th Doz AD333 Ian Gemmill

2’s sweep £137.50 5 pro V1s or 11 srixons per 2
Graham Kaye John Hilditch Paul Dalby Martin France James Malkins Dave Rhodes Roy Christin Dave Plant Ian Gemmill

Vale Royal 16-Jan-2018
Pos Team Players Score OoM Comment
1 Colin Roberts, Charles Herbert, Ross Birch, Geoff Andrews 89 12 Maxitours Merino Top
2 Joe Yates, Gary Nilsoon, John Longworth, Alan Forber 88 10 Cutter and Buck top
3 Peter Dobson, Dave Sarsfield, Dave Rhodes, Michael Holmes 88 8 Maxitours shirt each
4 Dave Sully, Graham Davenport, Steve Heywood, Richard Wakefield 86 6 Maxitours shirt each
5 Rob Kenyon, Dave Williams, Gary Whittaker, John Stockdale 85 4 Maxitours scorecard holder each
6 Roger Percival, Ed Wilkinson, Martin France, Peter Atherton 84 2
7= Brian Hopkins, Darren Whittaker, Steve Marsh, Neil Worthington 83
7= Bob Mottershead, John Dickenson, Roy Christian, Dave Plant 83
9= John Hildtch, Simon Walton, Paul Smith, Steve Boland 82
9= Chris Hammond, Ian Gemmill, Peter Roche, Bob Coley 82
11 Mike Masser, Pete Tomlinson, Ian Stanton, Bill Smith 81
12= Joe Kirwan, Gareth Bradley, Simon Hemsley, Ian King 79
12= Sam Leach, Bob Chesters, Jim Hodges, Chris Whalley 79
14= Jim Cox , Tony Walsh, Dave Collinson, Andy Sandham 78
14= Dave Wainwright, Brian Greenbank , Mike Wainwright, Guy Levers 78
14= Lewis Marland, Nick Ford, Phi Dickens, John Lafill 78
14= Phil Vokes, Barney Ross, Paul Dalby, Chris Cyprus 78
14= John Gleave, Ray Massey, Steve Tyrrell, Graham Kay 78
14= Martin Bramwell, Andy Vietch, Peter Veitch, Matt Nelstrop 78
20= Richard Wiliamson, Paul Woodbine, Phil Robinson, Dave Goodwin 76
20= Jim Caldwell, Richard Blackwell, Lee Charnley, Peter Griggs 76
22 Dave Blease, Alan Vaughan, Carl Marginson, Rob Whittle 75
23 Mick Mahon, Frank Hindle, Richard Palmer, John Farnsworth 73
24 Rob Weston, Steve Foxcroft, David Wilkinson, Trevor Webb 72
25 Ian Waddington, John Waddicor, Colin Buckley, Andrew Norman 71

Maxitours team of 4 Am Am at Warrington
Next Weds 23rd January
£25 Per head
1 Brian Hopkins x4
2a Simon Poucher x4
2b Richard Blackwell x4
3a Ian Hellens x4
5 Peter Maher x4
5b Dave Tongue x4
6 Gary Neiles x4 tbc
6b John Hilditch x4
7a Jim Caldwell x4
7b Simon Taylor x4
8a Brian Greenbank x4
8b John Gleave x4
9 Richard Williamson x4
10 Steve Lamont x4
11a Colin Roberts x4
11b Simon Hemsley x4
12 Dave Blood x4
13 Phil Vokes x4
14a Mick Mahon x4
14b Lewis Marland x4
15 Dave Sully x4
16 Paul Fell x4
17a Roy Ainsworth x4
17b Jim Clarke x4
18a Les Russon x4
18b Nigel Hallows x4